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A whole new life

As Irma held Azula's lamp she and everyone else could hear Ty Lee and Azula yelling at each other inside.

"Get your feet out of my face you stupid acrobat!" Azula cried.

"Oh shut up you moron!" Ty Lee yelled.

"Don't tell me to shut up you little pest!" Azula shouted back.

"Allow me," Yan Lin said, taking the lamp. Then she put on a baseball cap and started to wind up like a pitcher. "A few 10,000 years in the cave of wonders ought to chill her out!" Then the genie threw the lamp far away into the desert.

Irma gave a small laugh, but then she turned to Sokka who was looking at her. She sighed and walked over to the prince. "Sokka I'm sorry I lied to you about being a princess," Irma said.

"It's okay I can see why you did," Sokka said smoothing Irma's hair away from her face.

Tears started to appear in Irma's eyes. "I guess that this is goodbye then." Yan Lin, Hay Lin, and Chris looked on sympathetically.

Sokka's hands turned into fists. "I really hate that stupid law. It's so unfair! I love you Irma," Sokka said, hugging Irma tightly.

"You know Irma you still have one wish left," Yan Lin said. "Just say the word and you're a princess again!" The woman said handing her lamp to Irma.

"But what about your freedom Yan Lin?" Irma asked.

Yan Lin shrugged. "Hey it's only an eternity of servitude, but what's between you and Sokka is love. Irma you're never going to find a guy like him in a hundred years. Believe me I know, I've looked."

Hay Lin nodded. "It's true, she has."

Irma sighed as she came to a decision. She looked sadly up at Sokka. "Sokka I do love you, but I can't pretend to be something I'm not."

Sokka nodded with a sad smile. "I understand."

He and Irma hugged for the last time before Irma turned to Yan Lin with a small smile. "Yan Lin, I wish for your freedom!"

"One princess wish coming up-" Yan Lin started, then she stopped realizing what Irma had just said. "What?!" She asked.

Irma smiled wider as she held out the lamp. "Yan Lin, you're free!"

The lamp then levitated into the air and the magical wristbands on Yan Lin's wrists that bound her to the lamp broke away. Then the lamp uselessly fell back to the ground. Yan Lin picked the lamp up in a daze.

"I'm free? I'm free!" The woman smiled. Then she turned to Irma excitedly. "Okay wish for something outrageous. Say 'I wish for Ba Sing Se!' Come on say it!" Yan Lin cried.

Irma chuckled a bit, amused by the woman's happiness. "I wish for Ba Sing Se," She said.

"NO WAY!!" Yan Lin shouted. Then she started laughing hysterically. Then she bounced around the palace like a pinball game with everyone's eyes trying to follow her. "Oh that's feels' good! OH I'M FREE! I'M FREE AT LAST!!" Yan Lin shouted in joy.

Hay Lin was cheering excitedly happy for her grandmother. Then she hugged Irma. "Thank you Irma," She said with happy tears in her eyes.

Yan Lin snapped her fingers and suitcase appeared out of thin air. Then Yan Lin started packing various things. "I outta here. I'm off to see the world! I'll go the Hawaii, England, and then I'm going to Disney Land!"

The genie stopped talking when she saw Irma, Chris, and Hay Lin who looked rather sad. She went over to the three of them and hugged them.

"We're going to miss you grandma!" Hay Lin said giving her grandmother a tight hug.

"I'll miss you all too," Yan Lin said. Then she turned to Irma. "Irma no matter what anybody says, you'll always be a princess to me."

Hakoda who had been silent until now, spoke up. "That's right. You have certainly proven yourself worthy. It's that law that's the problem."

"Dad?" Katara and Sokka asked.

Hakoda smirked. "Well am I king or am I king? It's time for a change. From this day on the prince shall marry whoever he deems worthy!"

Sokka smiled widely. "All right!" Sokka yelled. Then he ran over to Irma, scooped her up, and twirled her in the air, while she giggled hysterically. I choose you, Irma," Sokka said after putting her down.

Irma smiled widely. Then Chris walked over to them and Sokka ruffled his hair. "Welcome to the family little man."

Chris smiled. "You know what, you're okay crazy man!"

Hakoda turned to Hay Lin. "And you are more than welcome to stay here with us too."

Hay Lin smiled widely and hugged Hakoda happily.

Irma and Sokka were about to kiss when Yan Lin suddenly appeared between them wearing a Goofy hat, Hawaiian shirt, and a hula skirt. "Come here all of you!" Yan Lin said gathering everyone into her arms. "Big group hug time!" Then she kissed Chris on the top of his head. "Take care of your sister little man!" Then she released everyone. "Well I can't do more damage around this popsicle stand. I'M OUTTA HERE!!" Yan Lin cried taking off into the air.

"Bye Yan Lin!" Sokka and Irma cried.

"Bye, bye you two crazy lovebirds!" Yan Lin called to them. "Yo, Hay Lin, ciao! I'm history! No I'm mythology! Oh it doesn't what I am because I'M FREE-HEE!!!" Yan Lin shouted as she disappeared from view.

Later that night Irma, wearing royal clothing, was sitting next to Sokka on Hay Lin's back as they flew through the air. Sokka kissed her forehead gently his arms wrapped tightly around her. Then he started singing the last song.

Sokka: A whole new world

Irma: A whole new life

Both: For you and me!

The couple kissed once more and then took off into the night sky. Suddenly the moon turned around laughing hysterically. Then Yan Lin 'grabbed the film off the projector' with a huge grin on her face as she looked at you readers.

"Made you look!" She laughed, dropping the film back to normal. And now, all weirdness aside, the story of Irma the street rat ends


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