Pairings: Yullen

Pairings: Yullen

Rating: M

Disclaimer: d.gray-man belongs to Hoshino Katsura.

Summary: Kanda's life force is reduced to the last 5 petals and the search for a remedy for the curse in on. Allen Walker stumbles upon a method to reverse the effects of the curse but would he be able to carry out his plan and save Kanda?


--Allen's POV--

Mana and I were walking in one of the streets in England, like always I would be walking behind him, staring at the strong back as we walk. Seeing Mana's back – it always gave me courage and strength to continue walking because I know no matter where I was, I would never me alone. Mana would be with me.

Suddenly everything happened so fast, I hardly had time to react. A young child had stumbled onto the streets and the horse carriage, in an attempt to avoid hitting the child steered abruptly left. Instead of hitting the child, the carriage hit Mana.

I couldn't do anything but stare as Mana fell to the ground with a dull thud. I walked to his side, waiting for him to get up. But he didn't... and I waited...


"Allen. Listen Allen... No matter what… Don't ever… stop"

"No Mana. Please, don't die."

"Keep on walking – no matter where to"

This was the mantra that Mana always chanted to me. Even in his last moments – these were the only words that he could say to me. I wanted more – these were not the words I wanted to hear.

"Don't leave me all alone."

I wanted Mana to tell me that he would be alright and he would be with me… Together, we would keep walking, but Mana continued to lie on the cold streets, his right hand gently gripping my left... I couldn't do anything but see him barely able to keep his head up to look at me while he talked…

"Keep on walking. Allen! Until... the day… you die…"

Slowly, I could feel Mana's fingers loosening on my left and his head falling to the ground once again.

"M-Mana…? No... You can't be dead! Don't die! I don't want you to die!"


With a jerk, I was back in reality, staring at the grey ceiling of my hotel room. I slowly sat up, trying to slow down my breathing and ease the panic in my heart. Mana…

Despite all these years – it still hurts to relive these moment in his dreams. It was always the same - waking up in tears, body tangled between the sheets, heart pounding and the ache in his heart, contracting his chest, threatening to cut off his air.

At least it wasn't the other dream… I would be able to fall back to sleep later tonight.

It was in these dreams that I was always so vulnerable. Time traveling back to when, my world was crumbling and I was all alone. Mana, who had adopted me and loved me, had left. There would be no one to love me anymore. No one.

It was embarrassing to know he was still a crybaby despite being a general. What Kanda would think of him?