Sorry if you have been waiting! But there is no doubt that Christmas is the best time for a sexy epilogue for this fic because it's Allen's birthday!! I guess Kanda was a little too OCC in my last chapter… My apologies because I was kind of lazy when I wrote that bit of lemon. Couldn't think of a more Kanda-ish way for the lemon to take place. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway Merry Christmas everyone~!

Winter is finally here and on this snowless night – you could clearly see acres and acres of land blanketed by a thick layer of snow. In Allen language – it was like everything was coated with tonnes of sugar icing. And Allen being Allen, would surely drool in this little fantasy of his. Yummy he could say.

The night sky today was so blue, it was almost black. But because of the darkness, it enhanced the brightness of the twinkling stars and the perfectly round moon. The moon was so bright too! You could almost see as clearly as day.

Snowy white against midnight blue – the right hues that complemented each other. Under the moonlight, some of the snowflakes sparked like stars that had fallen from the skies. In those long lonely hours, this was perhaps the way Snow was keeping Night company - they were communicating through these twinkling 'stars'.

Somewhere in this vast English country sat a little cottage; the only disturbance in the smooth snowy landscape. In the cottage housed, a pair of exhausted exorcists enjoying the silent company of each other. After nearly 3 months, their latest mission ended just in time for them to enjoy Christmas together. On Christmas Eve night, the pair was finally clean, fed and warm under the covers – enjoying a rare moment of couple romance.

The success of their recent mission held more importance than others before because this was the British exorcist's first mission since his recovery. He pushed himself hard to recover after returning to the Order. Finally after many months of tough training and buckets full of tears; the young man was deemed fit enough for missions. Komui had never questioned how he had ended up almost half paralysised and he had no idea what Kanda wrote in the report. But everyone was probably more interested in what was conspiring between their two best exorcists. Nobody missed the blushes, the hickeys and the longing gazes at each other.

The mission was also a success because his lover was always watching his back in battles. But Kanda being the bastard that he was insulted him at every opportunity! Nevertheless, the white haired young man endured it all because he knew the swordsman cared for him; his strides were smaller than usual and he constantly looked back to check on him. Plus, there was actually a reason why Kanda always insisted on walking in front. By stepping on the prints that Kanda made - Allen found that it was easier to walk in the snow.

Eventually, their mission was accomplished in England – Allen's homeland. Truth be told; Komui had arranged it so that they were nowhere near the Order till after the New Year. The thought of his pure and precious Lenalee being corrupted by Allen's endless pleasured-filled screams and the Order being smothered by the smell of sex was enough to push him to build a separate love nest in the forest for them. The couple never wondered why there was a fully stocked cottage with a big fluffy bed in the middle of nowhere. High chance it was the doings of Komui and they were not complaining.

Lying on the fluffy, king-sized bed with the fireplace burning brightly, a naked Allen lay contented in the arms of his equally naked lover. The possessive arms he felt around him, the firm chest he could lay his head on. Those hands, that held him close, held him tight. It felt so right. It felt so… unbelievable. Shifting slightly on his arm pillow, the little Brit let his eyes travel over his lover's body lazily. The flawless skin made golden by the glow of the fireplace; every curve of those taut muscles on his lover's tight torso enhanced by the shadows. The best thing was that every inch of that sinful body belonged to him. Kanda was his lover now. Turning away from the sexy body, Allen sighed in contentment as strong arms were wrapped around his naked body, curled around his chest and stomach. He could hear the deep, regular breathing, hot air blowing down his hair and neck with every exhale. For now, the younger male had to be satisfied with spooning with his boyfriend. The fun could start after a good night's rest.

However, Allen didn't stay in slumber land for long - not when there was someone molesting every inch of his body.

"Ngh… K-kanda" He stuttered; still not fully awake, only aware of the sensation of hands and lips roaming over his body and touching all the right places.

"Hmmm Moyashi… Finally awake now are you?" Kanda mumbled huskily into his neck, and laid more gentle kisses over the beautiful pale skin before nimbly tweaking a beautifully erect pink nub between his fingers. He was rewarded with a hitched breath.

"W-what… Now? Mm… Aren't you tired…" Allen tried to rid the last bits of sleep from his mind.

"Shh…don't talk, not now…"

Gently tilting the small head back, Kanda plundered those lovely lips with a passionate kiss; their tongues touched each other; sucking and curling as they tasted each other sweetly. The bashful male moaned in pleasure and surrendered his body to the melting heat of Kanda's passion. Allen arched his neck to give the samurai better access, and almost whimpered when teeth clamped down upon his skin by his pulse point. Said samurai was taking his time, giving little kisses and bites on the boy's ivory neck and forcing tiny sounds to come from Allen's parted lips.

Pulling Allen to lie across his chest as he shifted to lean against the headboard, those skinny legs spread outside of Kanda's thighs, leaving the poor boy completed exposed. The moonlight that slipped in through the window caused the pale boy to glow a pale blue - the lightly panting, sensual body was a heart-stopping sight. The naked boy flushed red in mortification as he was maneuvered into such a vulnerable position. Like hell he was going to submit himself to such humiliation.

"K-kanda! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! This is embarrassing. I-I…"

As Allen attempted to roll off, he was kept firmly spread out by the hands on his thighs. "Are you going to reject my birthday present?"


"Can't you feel what you are doing to me? I am going to give someone a lot of loving tonight." Kanda breathed low into his ear, giving a little jerk of his hips to emphasis his point. Feeling his lover's pulsing member beneath him and those long stroking fingers sliding teasingly up the inside of his thighs made him twitch in excitement. His embarrassment increased tenfold at his body's slutty reactions. He was never going to admit that it was a turn-on for him. Now completely exposed, Kanda's large hands were free to roam and explore the territory between those slim legs, occasionally brushing against his puckered entrance. As those nimble fingers expertly massage his sacs, the panting boy could no longer hold back the long moan of pleasure.

"haa haa"

"Ngh.. K-kanda."

"Yuuu-ugh… More…"

The power of Kanda's hands was all that was needed to make those little hips jerked and grind against the owner's will as the body craved for more contact. Allen arched his back, half-enjoying the fondling, half-anticipating more. All along, the larger male had been careful not to touch his erection and it was now throbbing for attention. The panting boy unconsciously shifted his legs a little farther apart, and Kanda could barely control himself at the sight of the shivering, flushed boy on top of him.

The wanton expression on Allen's delicate features, the flushed cheeks, half-closed eyelids, eyebrows creased in concentration. His pale skin was covered in a faint sheen of sweat, just barely coating his lithe, sensual body making every movement of muscle visible. It took a great deal of control for Kanda to not take him now. The whole point of his birthday present was to pleasure

While sucking passionately on one sensitive nipple, Kanda rubbed his fingers over the sensitive tip, smearing the first few drops of pre-cum. But upon contact, the boy inhaled sharply as his body jerked in response.

"Hmm… so responsive tonight… Were you waiting for me to touch you" the samurai's voice raspy from need.

"Shut up"

The panting boy quickly turned his face away to hide his beautiful face painted with the dark flush of desire. Playing with the tiny slit while gently tugged at the pulsing, hot erection, Kanda skillfully coax more pre-cum to weep from the tip… This was sweet torture for the trembling boy. If felt good but it was so slow, too slow. He wanted to feel more - wanted to feel Kanda's hand wrapped around him and feel of Kanda buried deep within him. With a trembling hand, Allen stopped Kanda's movement. He couldn't stop the quivering in his voice, as he pleaded with his lover.

"Please Kanda, stop teasing me already. I am already this hard… It hurts."

"Then Allen, tell me what you want."

"I want you.'"

"What do you want me to do then?"

"I-I want… to feel you wrapped around me, I want to feel you inside me."

How could he deny his sweet love when he was pleading so shamelessly for him. In a heartbeat, Kanda was hovering over him, ravishing the willing mouth with a deep kiss as he pumped his lover firmly, setting a quick pace. Just before tipping the trembling boy over the edge, the samurai pulled back and the sight before him, took his breath away. The view of his flushed lover jerking his hip upwards wantonly to seduce him into helping him come; whimpering at the loss of contact. He could never get tired of this view.

Quickly, one slick finger entered the small puckered entrance, gradually working deeper before another swiftly followed. No matter how many times they had made love, it always felt like it was Allen's first time because he was always so damn tight. As those long fingers digger deeper and stroke the sensitive gland deep within the lithe body, it sent raw darts of pleasure curling through his stomach and jolting straight to his groin. He gritted his teeth in a delighted but agonized grimace a third finger was added. Damn – it still hurts after all these times.

Kanda heard Allen whimper softly through his teeth and knew he wasn't quite wet enough. Promptly lying Allen down in bed, Kanda walked towards the window and threw them open. Allen was too lost with desire to try to figure out why Kanda was letting the cold in. But the samurai on the other hand, was up to no good. Reaching down, he plucked a thick icicle from under the window sill and swiftly closed the windows. What…

The young general's breath was stuck in his chest when he realized where the icicle was going to end up. It quickly plucked Allen from his sexed up stupor and attempted to escape. "Nnoo! Kanda - you stupid pervert!! This is insane! Oh my god! There is no way, that thing is going up my ass!!!"

But given Kanda's speed, Allen didn't stand a chance and possessive arms were once again wrapped around his waist even before his feet could touch the ground. "Stop being such a sissy! I bet you are going to enjoy it anyway." Without warming, the struggling boy was pushed onto the bed and Kanda's full body weight trapping him.

"Oh shit – I am trapped."

With the icicle in hand, Kanda started drawing a path across the boy's torso, making the cursed boy whimper from the cold sensations. Starting from the shoulder, the ice hovered for a while on his chest, before heading straight for his navel, and across his sensitive hip. When Allen though the ice was going to travel further south, it made a detour and settled on his nipples. Allen had to bit his lips hard to hold back the moans as the ice made his nipples freeze painfully. And when the cold went away, in its wake was a throbbing heat.

"Stop torturing me, you pervert."

"Okay love, I am going to make you feel good really, really soon…" Kanda's voice was husky and low as he whispered quietly, and his every breath was coarse and rough. He was painfully aware of his neglected member but that could wait.

The next thing Allen knew, he was screaming as the ice made contact with his sensitive tip and his hand flew to grip Kanda's hand, trying to push the ice away from it. His whole body tensed up and jerked, trying hard to deal with the clash of pain and pleasure.

"Ngh aaahh!! Ah AHHH!!"

As if it wasn't enough, Kanda brought the tip of the icicle to the slit and rubbed against it – covering it in pre-cum. It was quite mind-blowing actually - the extremities in temperature. And the cold did nothing to drowse the flame in his nether region. - instead it fueled it. The struggling body was finally allowed relief when Kanda's hand pulled away. Breathing heavily – Allen went limp as he tried to recover. He could only stare as he watched Kanda lick the icicle like the best tasting candy on earth. What a turn-on.

"Kanda – you really are a bastard. Don't ever pull that stunt again."

The samurai chuckled darkly - "Sorry but I don't think I heard that."

Without any warning, the icicle slipped easily past the opening and entered the heated depths of his body. The sensations it created was enough to force an orgasm from the petite boy as Allen arched painfully. It was the first time that it happened to him – coming from just being entered. And by an icicle no less.

"Oh my god – KANDA!! Take it out! Take it out now!! Haa haa GAAH!!"

Because of the ice melting within his body, the intruding object slid easily within his body. Even after such a unbelievable orgasm, he remained hard because Kanda refused to pull the icicle out as he continued to thrust it into the convulsing body. Allen squirmed and trembled on the bed, trying to catch his breath in between breathy moans. He wasn't sure how much more of this stimulation he could take.

"Hah...! Nh! KANDA!!"

The British boy arched his back painfully and screamed like never before when the ice cold tip struck his sweet spot head on. He screamed even more as an ice-cold hand wrapped itself around his shaft, pumping in time with the thrusts. The ice thrusting into his body was freezing him from the inside out. But the boiling heat that was coiling in his stomach was threatening to engulf his entire being as well. His mind was overwhelmed – barely able to do anything but feel. He never once thought something could ever feel so good even if it was rather painful at the same time. Allen's mind did the only thing thinkable – scream. Scream out these feelings of pleasurable torture; screaming himself hoarse. His hands crawling at whatever he could get his hands on. The boy tossed his head about; totally drowning in the sea of sexual pleasure. Somewhere at the back of his mind – Allen wondered if it was possible to die from an overdose of sexual pleasure. It felt so good it brought tears to his eyes.

"Kanda... please." the boy croaked. He was in heaven, but he couldn't take much more.

Never before in his life did Kanda think he would get to see his beloved beg like this. Thrashing around so wantonly, yelling and screaming unintelligible words, pleasure flooding every fiber of his being. But Kanda could no longer ignore the throbbing between his legs. Withdrawing the rod of ice from between quivering legs, the samurai permitted his lover a moment of rest, and also allowing himself a chance to plan how he was going to take his moyashi tonight. Through his half-lid eyes, the little bean could sense the intense gaze from those pair of hawk eyes and it aroused him even more. His member twitched in anticipating – oh dear, he was being such a whore today.

Lowering himself, Kanda kissing those trembling shoulders tenderly, whispering naughty words. The older exorcist cupped the round, inviting curve of Allen's butt, one cheek in each hand before teasing his lover with the hard, blunt tip of his arousal. The cursed boy shudder deliciously against him before he took Allen slowly; wanting his young lover to feel every inch of his heat enter him. For a second time that night, Allen came upon being entered.


Soaking up every single ripple of pleasure that washed across his lover's features, his arms curled around Allen's waist, pressing the boy's flushed, naked body against him as he rode out his climax. For Allen, it was a sensory roller coaster and it ripped any rational thought forcefully out of his brain. Just when he thought he was done freezing his insides, the searing heat from Kanda's thick shaft invading him, threatened to melt and burn him.

He held onto Kanda tightly, fingers digging hard into his arms, breath rasping rapidly against those strong shoulders as the swordsman continued to thrust in slowly, embedding himself a few incredible inches at a time. The pleasurable fire seared his body in unrelenting waves while his own flesh pressing and rubbing against the other's taut stomach... it was too much. He whimpered in his throat at the unstoppably building tension in his groin for the third time that night.

"Ah….nghhhh…" He felt like he was going to pass out from the bliss.

He sucked his breath in sharply as his burning member was engulfed in freezing depths. Oh God... Kanda moaned with every push, as he plunged deeper into the soft flesh – his lover's body swallowing and gripping him so tightly he had to struggle to control his desire to bury himself with one thrust. With a soft groan, the Japanese sped up his thrusts, diving deeper into the body to claim the boy to the hilt, making the exorcist's body jerk with the intense pleasure. Hips slammed together urgently, mindlessly thrusting in their desperation to feel every bit of delicious friction that the other had to offer. Too lost in the feel of muscles contracting around him, Kanda could barely concentrate on stroking his lover.

All these proved to be too much of a stimulation as Allen climaxed hard a third time that night. Hot sticky fluid splattering across his lover's chest but the deep thrusts between his legs continued, his organ stroked firmly to milk him of every ounce of pleasure. Eventually, the wildly convulsed muscles around his sensitive flesh and the hoarse cries of pleasure pushed the Japanese over the edge. He too was overwhelmed by a blinding wave of pleasure, his hot cum shot deep inside the boy.

Together, they collapsed on top of the tangled sheets, still trembling from the aftermath of their powerful orgasm. While Kanda remained deeply embedded in his lover's body, enjoying the connection as he recovered, Allen was still drunk from his sexual high. He felt deeply sated and he sighed in contentment. Wow... a faint look of awe mingled with his contentment. Tonight was incredible – the best present that he had ever received. With that thought in mind, he let his exhausted body drag him away from consciousness.

The older male gently slipped his now-flaccid cock out as he sense his young lover fall asleep. He wasn't surprised if the throbbing entrance was torn in some places and even oozing some blood. Easing the unconscious boy comfortably into his arms, the blanket was drawn up to cover their flushed body, skin radiant from the afterglow. Looking lovingly at the boy in the arms as he brushed a few locks of dampened snow white hair aside. He buried his nose into the mob of hair; breathing in Allen's scent, his arms tight around his lover. His lover. His lover. Allen belonged in his arms. Making sure Allen was well covered, he eventually let himself drift off into an exhausted sleep.

"Happy birthday Moyashi" whispered a certain BaKanda.

As you can guess my Christmas present to everyone is – massive nosebleeds! Haha. I nearly died writing this lemon idea. Initially I wanted to pace myself over a couple of days but I ended up being sexual frustrated when I constantly have a half-written lemon swimming in my mind. So I gave it my all and this is definitely a wonderful ending to a wonderful story. Cheers!