'What is it lady Marian?' Much said as he watched Robin hug Marian

'The Sherriff and Guy have disappeared after they found a tunnel .'

'Marian how exactly is this bad news.'

'They disappeared where Emma, April Will and Allan where last seen and I found this in the tunnel entrance.'

Marian held up a dagger engraved with the letter B-R-O-T-H-E-R on the handle and Wills cloak.

'We have to go into that tunnel!' Robin said running out of camp grabbing his bow and Marians hand.


'Oh..OH…look at his ass.' Emma gasped.

April laughed, leaning back on Allan and yawning, she smiled as she felt his arms go around her and his head rest in the crook of her neck.

'Emma, tell your boyfriend to hurry up!' April whined getting tired and in need of Lucozade.

'But we need more stuff'

'OK we will meet you back at the flat I'm shattered.'

'Umm, yes, yeah flat, I'll get dad to fix the glass.' Emma replied gawping at Will.

April let out a girlish giggle and gently rested her weight on to Allan. She closed her eyes and quickly opened them as a scream ripped through the shop.


Much grabbed hold of Deans hand and pulled her into a bone crunching hug. As the light surrounded them. She smiled at him and reached up placing a small kiss on his lips. Much's eyes flew open as he felt deans lips leave his and an intense ray of heat.

Djaq looked around from where she landed on Robins leg, she smiled guilty at him and took Samizade's extended hand.

Robin smiled at Marian as she pushed herself up, dusting of her dress and flicking her hair out of her eyes.

'Robin!' Emma and April shouted hugging him.

'What are you doing here?'

'We went into a tunnel after You, Guy and the Sherriff.'

'So the Sherriff is here?'

'Yep, That means trouble!' Robin replied.


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