To Think of You as a Dad

To Think of You as a Dad

Well, Mustang, I'll have to say,

This is pretty hard to write in ink,

But this is really the only way,

I can tell you what I really think.

You act as if you're the higher man,

With that stupid smirk you wear,

And pretend that you don't give a damn,

But I really know you care.

You've always helped me through those times,

When I felt defeat would suffice,

And lectured me and gave me signs,

Of hope and of advice.

I never had someone like you,

To help me when I was young,

But you showed me the right things to do

Like I was your real son.

And even now as I'm on my quest,

To recover what I have lost,

You still try to help me at your best,

And support us at all cost.

I wonder if you would consider me,

To be sort of like your son,

And for you to be my dad you see,

Since I've never really had one.

That stupid a-hole left us,

But you're still sitting there,

And I know when I return I can trust,

For you to still be in that chair.

You also protect my brother and I,

Even when the danger is gone,

And when things get hard and I start to cry,

I'll know I have a shoulder to cry on.

Don't think that this changes anything though,

'Cause being a pain in my ass you've mastered,

But inside I want you to know,

That you're my favorite fatherly bastard.


Author's Note: My BFF, Danielle, wrote this poem. She can't get a account so she asked me to put this poem up. I think this poem is brilliant! Shes such a great poem-writer!