To think of you as a Son

To think of You as a Son

You were too proud to say the truth to my face huh Fullmetal?

But nonetheless you told me what you wanted to tell,

So then I guess I'll have to settle,

To write down how I feel as well.

You're incredibly stubborn, and quick with a fit,

And ignore orders you're reluctant to do,

And I can't say I'm happy about that in the very least bit,

But aside from that I'm very proud of you.

You're dedicated as hell when it comes to your goal,

And you'll reach for it whatever it takes,

And no matter how much crap you've been through to unite Al's body with soul,

You just move on and learn from your mistakes.

And to answer your question, it would be 'yes',

I do think of you as my son,

I wouldn't think of you any less,

And I wish you were my real one.

There have been a lot of things you went through,

And you've had a hard life so far,

But I want you to know that I'll always help and protect you,

No matter where you are.

I worry about you when you fight,

And the thought of you hurt I cannot bear,

Yet I can't show this when you're in sight,

But I'm glad you know I care.

And when, not if, we have succeeded,

And have our goals accomplished and done,

Maybe we can hang out for a day, probably needed,

A day for just father and son.

I would have said this sooner however,

It was hidden behind my mask,

And I put it on so I can make a good endeavor,

To try to achieve my personal task.

I'm glad you can trust me so much,

If you're ever on a limp,

And with your confession I really am touched,

That you think of me as a father, shrimp.


Author's Note: Well, heres Roy's POV. I think my friend did an excellent job on this one too. HOPE YOU LIKEY AND PLEASE REVIEW! It'll make her so happy!