Author's Note – Hi! My first one shot … I know it's really short, but I like it that way. The story just popped up one fine day and kept clinging to me ever since, so I thought I'd put I down. It's very poetic without any dialogues at all, 'cause I didn't feel a need for dialogues to portray what the story. The lyrics at the beginning are from Sia's "I go to sleep". Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Solitary Grievances

By Nymph of the Night

"I was wrong,

I will cry,

I'll love you till the day I die … "

Feather light clouds drifted slowly across the summer blue sky, vibrantly plumaged birds soared high and the fresh sea breeze embraced her sun kissed skin. The smell of the sea filled the air as she flung a smooth pebble into the tranquil waters and watched as the ripples spread out and out on the glistening surface of the sea - before they slowly vanished and disappeared into the blue. The dewy green grass and the bright, blossoming bluebells brushed across her thin, slender waist as she gazed at the wild foam's dance and the bubbles playing on the water surface. Bees drank in rapture, the nectar from the delicate, pink blossoms of the cherry tree, as flower after flower dropped incessantly to the ground.

To another soul, the vista of the seashore would have meant undying solace, tranquillity and serenity; to Minerva McGonagall the scene was pure torture; the blue summer skies, the tranquil blue waters of the sea and the azure of the bluebells against her pale skin only served to her as a remainder of what she had lost, what she would never get back, what had vanished … just as the ripples on the sea surface had. The only man she had ever cared for, the only man she had ever loved - she shut her eyes tightly and lay on the grassy shore as tears trickled down her cold, pale face, trying to envisage his warm breath and his loving arms around her waist, then she opened her eyes just as suddenly – the mere memories seemed to wound the hurt in her heart that she had been trying so hard to heal. And as she opened her eyes to the sight before her, the overwhelming blue engulfed her; reminding her of her lost hero, the one man she had loved – the cerulean blue eyes of Albus Dumbledore.

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Nymph of the Night aka Lee.