The Scorpia Ludovica : A Dying Breed


I do not claim to have created or to have owned Katekyo Hitman Reborn either in anime or in manga.

I do, however, claim to have created this fangirlfiction marysueish story.


It was as if the world suddenly moved slowly. He could see Reborn standing in front of him, pointing his gun at him. No emotion on Reborn's face could be traced. He had pulled the trigger, Atsuki realized and a long bang went off. The gun spat out a bullet and he could see it coming towards him. Every inch of his being is telling him to duck but it was useless, cause try as he might his body was numb - he could not move at all.

Atsuki swore he could hear his kneecaps crack as it slammed against the floor. His sight blurring to white and he seemed to focused on Tsuna, whose eyes were big as his own. He could feel the pain as his heart pound hard behind his ribs. He could hear it slow down – the slower the beat, the louder it became – it was agonizingly deafening. This is it, he thought and he surprised himself at how calm he was as his body finally came in contact with the floor. He could hear nothing but the slow rhythm of his failing heart. He saw Tsuna's lips move, but he can't seem to figure out what he was trying to say. He could see his face contort into anger. Ah but it's too late, Atsuki thought. This is it.

He knew for he could see nothing but white, soft fuzz and with one last loud breath, he became silent.

Tsuna could not believe it. How could Reborn have done the most atrocious thing of all? He knew he should not have been surprised but he couldn't help it. Tsuna tried to speak, but nothing could come out of his mouth. He was left there standing, gapping to Reborn, like fish out of water. He felt like a fish out of water, he found it hard to breath.

A comforting hand lay on his shoulder. Tsuna turned to see Dino looking down on him with small smile. Dino then quietly signaled his men to pick up Atsuki and Amari. His men left as swiftly as they came.

"Tsuna," Dino started, his hand still on Tsuna's shoulder. "Look, I know it is not easy now but you're gonna have to get used to it. This will be the norm."

"If this is the norm, then I don't wanna be a mafia!" Tsuna replied firmly, fighting back hot tears.

Gokudera almost let out an audible gasped.

Dino gave a pat before giving Reborn a sympathetic nod.

"Everything's going to be fine," Dino assured quietly. "You should know that by now."

"What's going to happen to them now?" Ryohei asked quietly.

"Dino's men will take care of them," Reborn replied. "I'll have the rest send you boys back to Tsuna's place".

"And make sure they go straight there," Dino instructed his men who had begun to round them out.

"Don't get side-tracked," Reborn said. "And tell Bianchi to give them some tea."

The walk home was agonizingly quiet. No one said anything to each other, eye contact was avoided. They were all trying to deal with the things that were going on in their mind. Bianchi was outside when they reached Tsuna's house. Bianchi looked at them wide eyed at their lackluster aura. But before Bianchi could ask, Dino's men immediately told her what she needed to know and what was instructed for her to do.

Bianchi, known for not taking orders from anyone, decided it was best to do what needs to be done so far. The instructions were from Reborn after all, she thought.

"Uhm," Takeshi voiced out. "If it is okay, I'm just gonna head straight home. Not feeling too well, see." He laughed lightly.

"Yamamoto", Bianchi replied. There was something in her tone of voice that was soothing, somewhat motherly. "I understand the need to go home right now but let me fix you some tea." She looked at the boys intently. "It has been a rough day and I don't mean to say that lightly; a cup of tea may not fix everything but it will help you settle."

She waited for a response from the boys but none came. There was neither protest nor any spoken word. She sighed softly, before she called out to Dino's men. "I'll take it from here."

The boys ushered themselves quietly inside Tsuna's house and into his room. Gokudera decided best to lean against a wall. Takeshi sat on Tsuna's bed and Ryohei joined Tsuna, legs crossed on the floor. Silence followed them like a lovesick pet but it was not long before Bianchi brought up cups of tea which she then set it up on Tsuna's table.

Each of them took one and stared at the rising steam as they cupped it in their hands.

"Drink up," Bianchi nudged, waiting by the door until they each took a sip.

And Bianchi was right, Tsuna realized. As the warm liquid streamed down his throat, he felt a warm, calming feeling engulf him. He sipped some more and enjoyed its effect. He could hear, Ryohei let out a content sigh.

Soon enough the four boys went into deep slumber.

"Well, that went pretty well," Bianchi said quietly, as she tucked them in with the sleeping mats and pillows she had brought earlier.

Already in his pajamas, Reborn sipped his cup of warm milk.

"Heh. You should see Tsuna's face when it all went down." Reborn replied. "I swear that boy has got a long way to go".

"You seem to have faith in him though," Bianchi pointed out.

"For now…"

"Guess you need your rest too, Reborn," Bianchi said, picking herself up and gave Reborn a kiss on his little forehead.

"Good night," and soon he was in his own little world, snoring mildly.

He woke up with a flight feeling coursing through him. He raised his eyelids carefully, and a migraine hit him instantaneously. He groaned audibly as he propped himself up. He was in bed and the sky was dark, he realized as he looked all around him. He got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water – his throat felt really dry. He looked around with a puzzled look across his face – it was clean. Everything was spick and span, and in the right place. But a little bit too prim and proper.

Then, there it was. It hit him hard in the gut. He had flash backs of them - the girl, the schoolmates, the men in suits, the toddler, the gun! He pressed himself against the wall, eyes wide and tried hard to breathe. He raised his hands to feel his chest then his head. A cold sweat crept behind his back, he is alive. He is still alive! He let out a loud cry of relief and steadied himself. Was it all a dream, he wondered. The intensity, the drama, the gun… it all felt so real. He shuddered at the mere thought of him dying.

He grabbed a glass of water and propped himself by an open window. The sky was clear, the moon shined bright and the stars twinkled merrily at him.

"It was just a bad dream," he reassured himself out loud, the bad feelings washed away with every sip of cool water. "Just a bad dream…"


I caught up with my life. It ran ahead a fair mile but I chased it back. Now I am trying to chase this back. This is one short chapter from me.