A/N: First time writing for D. Gray Man, so I might not have the characters down as well as I'd like them. But this idea hit me like an anvil last night and it wouldn't leave me alone until I decided to write it. So here it is.

Summary: It's September and the new year is just now starting when Yuu gets a phone call from Lavi late at night. He did something wrong, and needs his help. But what did he do, and is the damage irreversible?

Warning(s): AU, Violence, language, alcohol/drug usage, implied lemon/lime, and of course shounen-ai

Inspired by: Just like a Pill by Cascada –was listening to it on repeat while writing this-


"Please tell me you know what you're doing." I hissed, my footsteps echoing of the linoleum tiles as I tried my best to keep my voice down. "I do not want to have to pay off another one of your…debts…again."

"Right, right, whatever you say, Yuu," the voice on the other line ground out, "Just hurry up and get over here. I don't think I can handle this myself." He sounded like he was in pain, or at least he was struggling against something. But I didn't know what that something was.

"And what exactly," I sharply turned a corner, my pace quickening, "is this, Lavi? Care to explain that one little detail you decided to leave out?" I'd let him get by just this once. Just this once with using my first name. That wasn't an important factor right now. Especially when he was off being an idiot again.

There was a bit of choked laughter on the other side before he finally answered, "Aww don't tell me little Yuu-chan doesn't know how to use his head this late at night!" I had to wonder, in a less-than-humorous manner, if he hadn't just gotten drunk and needed a ride home. "Ya gotta give me some credit here!"


He was silent for a moment, all I heard was static and for a horrifying moment I thought he had hung up on me. But he answered, his voice barely above a whisper, "Give me some credit, man. I did what I could and that was damn hell of a lot!" It took me back by how angry he suddenly sounded. Lavi and 'angry' hardly ever went in the same sentence together. Not unless it was something about his friends. He was such a friend fanatic.

"Fine you did a lot," I repeated, knowing full well he was avoiding answering exactly what the hell had happened, "But what the hell did you do a lot for?" I turned down another hallway, "And which room was it again?"

"Room A two-fifteen." His voice sounded hazier, "Just get here would ya?" he pulled the phone away from his mouth and muttered something under his breath, "how closer are you?"

I glanced to the side. The room I had just passed was room two-ten. "Five rooms away." I stared down the hallway, which wasn't well lit despite the fact that it should have been. It was a public building outside, "And how did you get in the room again?"

"Through the window."

I bit back a laugh, "Always through non-conventional means."

"So says the one managed to squeeze himself through a hole in the wall rather than find the key," Lavi shot back, "Sure I'm the average non-conformist."

I stopped in front of the doorway to the room, "I'm coming in." and surprisingly enough the door opened. It actually opened, "And the reason you didn't just open the door and walk out is because?" I asked as I watched the door swing open. I didn't care that he could probably hear me just fine through the door--that I was just running down the already most-likely-dead battery on my cell phone.

But I didn't even need to hear his response anyway, over the phone or face to face. I got the answer just from what was right in front of me. I didn't even feel myself let go of my phone. I only heard it crash against the floor. Not broken—the floor in the room was actually carpet—but still.

"Yuu! That was quick!" He was trying. I had to give him credit for that. The smile on his face wasn't nearly as strong as it usually was. And he was shaking. He didn't even seem to notice he still had the phone up to his ear.

"What…?" It was the only word that would come out of my mouth, "did you do?" I wasn't blind. I could see the overturned chairs, the desks that looked like they might as well be broken, the torn pages out of books, and the nonsensical words scribbled on the white board in red and black marker. And the broken window.

"I tried." Came the feeble reply, "I…really…tried." I noticed for the first time that he had his headband pulled so that it was hiding one of his eyes, and his body was turned so that I couldn't see his left hand. "Didn't turn out as well as…I would've liked…but I get brownie points, don't I?" It was like he was begging for praise for something he did that I knew absolutely nothing about.

But he had gotten hurt. It was obvious now, "Your eye-patch." I muttered, looking around the trashed room, "You lost it?" I knew he wouldn't let me anywhere near him if he didn't have the eye-patch. The idiot.

"N-Nah…just…it's somewhere," he was shaking and trying to get up at the same time. He winced a few times, still hiding his left hand, before he successfully stood up. He turned his face so that he could see me better as he shoved his phone into his pocket. "I'll get a new one when we get back."

He took a shaky step forward but I stopped him with a hand on his shoulder, "You expect me to just come and get you and not ask any questions." For a moment he seemed to consider what I said, but it didn't look like he even heard me, "Lavi." His expression turned into a pained one as my grip tightened on his shoulder.

"Kan-da," he breathed out, trying to loosen my grip on him without moving, "I'll tell you when we get back. Please!" He suddenly sounded desperate. He was hardly ever desperate. Or he never showed it. I got a glimpse of his left hand then and that made me let him go immediately.

"You're bleeding." It was the only intelligent thing I could think of.

"Way to point out the obvious." His reply was sarcastic and not meant to be anything other than that. "Please tell me you brought your car."

I nodded my head, "Of course I did. It's almost midnight why wouldn't I bring my car?" I gave him a weary glance, he didn't even look like he could walk that far. His hand was bleeding. Badly. I couldn't even see the wound, but I knew it was deep. I slowly picked up my phone as he leaned against the doorframe. I pretended not to notice the way his breathing suddenly became that much more noticeable.

In the back of my mind I knew he'd probably need stitches for that wound. We'd have to go the hospital. But I didn't say a word. He wouldn't want to go. Not tonight.

I slowly slid the cell-phone back into my pocket before speaking, "I parked close. It won't be far. But honestly, the second floor? How did you get up here—through the window?"

He laughed, but it sounded forced, "If there's a will there's a way."

"For an idiot." I hissed back, "Now let's get out of here. I'm surprised there haven't been any guards…" I trailed off immediately when I noticed the expression on his face. The moonlight was shining clearly into the room now, and his face looked pale. Too pale to be normal. He looked like he was going to throw up. Or like he'd seen someone die.

And he was looking at me. His one green eye shining, "Y'know," he remarked offhandedly, "you're glowing."

I tensed and immediately stepped out of the moonlight, "Am not." I replied curtly, "Let's get going." I didn't wait for him to follow me, I knew he'd catch up eventually. He knew his way out of this place just as well as I did. We did used to go to school here, just a few months ago and we had graduated.

Never thought I'd find him alone in a nearly-destroyed class room hurt and not willing to talk about anything that had to do with it.

I made my way down the lone flight of stairs and quickly past the lobby. I turned to look behind me and saw that he was following me. Slowly, gripping his arm in obvious pain, but still following me.

There still weren't any guards to be seen. It should have made me nervous, and in a small portion of my brain it was setting off alarms, but I couldn't worry about that at all. It seemed like a bit of Lavi's 'irrational thinking' had rubbed off on me. Maybe he was a bad roommate after all.

I slapped myself mentally and hurried through the glass doors at the entrance. I held one of them open for Lavi to get through and he grinned. "Y'know," he remarked again, "a little birdie once told me that if you wanna sneak out going through the front door isn't a good idea."

I rolled my eyes at that, "Right."

"It's why they guard it so much!" He sounded happier now, and he was actually keeping up with me. "Don't tell me Yuu-chan's never tried to sneak out before!"

I hurried my pace until I reached my car, parked in one of the many vacant parking spaces at the front of the school's parking lot, "It's only guarded if they don't think you'll go through another exit." I stopped abruptly and waved my hand at the front of the school, "See? No guards at the front. They expect you to sneak in and out through the back."

Lavi blinked for a moment, looking slightly surprised, before strangely he smiled. It was a relaxed sort of smile as he stared at me. And for a moment that's all he did. Just stared at me. Then he spoke, slowly, "Heh, yeah I guess you're right. Now let's get outta here before they realize they've been duped!" his smile didn't change though, as I unlocked the car and he slipped in on the passenger's side.

I was aware that he was still staring at me as I started the engine and backed out. He didn't look away until we left the parking lot. When we did and made it to the traffic of the central city I vaguely remember hearing him mutter something under his breath. But when I glanced at him he shook his head and turned to look out the window.


(-One Hour Later-)

"You can't get a wound like that just from going through the window." I knew I was practically shouting, but it was all I could do so that he could actually hear me over the loud sound of running water.

He didn't respond, just like I thought he wouldn't, and I let out another annoyed sigh. "Why do I even try to help you…?" I asked myself, shaking my head as I heard the water being turned off. The loud squeal of hot water running through the pipes immediately stopped and suddenly it felt too loud.

I quickly walked over to the large window that made up one of the walls to the one-room studio-like apartment. The curtains were drawn, but I pulled one aside, staring out at the twinkling lights of the never-sleeping city.

I could see his reflection before he even opened my mouth and I turned to him. He was wearing only his sweatpants now, and he was drying his hair off with a towel. He had an eye-patch on now.

He tried to grin at me when he saw me staring and he threw the towel over on one of the leather couches, "Is Yuu-chan worried?" he asked, though I could still hear pain in his voice. His hand was bleeding as badly, but he was still trying to hide it. Thankfully I had already set out the first-aid set. Not that it would do much good, especially not for the blood loss.

I let out a sigh and walked over to the couch he had thrown the towel on. I picked it up and tossed it onto the glass coffee table before sitting down, "Sit." I ordered and he sat down next to me. I grabbed the necessary items—gauze, bandages, ointment, bandage tape—and turned to him.

"Your arm." He flinched and for a moment I thought I'd have to force him to show me his wound. But he relented, and held out his arm.

I suddenly wished I hadn't seen it. I had no qualms against blood. I saw enough of it with how many gore and horror movies I had been dragged to over the years. But that was fake blood, fake wounds. It was all make up or special effects. Yes I had seen it for a few minutes, when we walked through the door because he had been bleeding so much. But up close it was so much worse.

He grimaced at my reaction and muttered a quiet apology. I let out another sigh and slowly began cleaning the wound. He didn't so much as gasp in discomfort, like he would sometimes for the smaller cuts he just seemed to get. I finished cleaning the wound, thankfully it wasn't as big as it had looked when I first saw it—it was mostly just the blood that made it look huge, and I managed to get the gauze and bandage in place without much trouble. I pinned the bandage in place then tapped it with the bandaging tape for good measure.

Finally when I was done I leaned back against the leather cushions. "You know," he shifted a bit; "you're a danger magnet." He made a sound in the back of his throat but I ignored it, "And yet you seem to never get off too badly."

He smiled again, but just like before, when we were about to get in the car, it was strange. "I guess I'm just lucky that way." He muttered, leaning back against the couch as well, "But damn am I tired. What time is it?"

I looked over at the DVD/VCR player across the room. The neon lights flashed the number one with two zeros, "One in the morning." I answered, though I wasn't really that tired, "we should be getting to bed."

Neither of us made a move to get up off the couch, though. When I turned to look over at Lavi, I got my answer. Or at least I got why he didn't decide to get up. He was already half-asleep. That yawn had just been one that he had obviously held in. He noticed me staring and tried to smile again, "I guess I'll jus' go on to bed now…" he yawned again halfway through the sentence as he stood up.

He raised his hand in a casual half-wave before stalking off behind one of the walls that had been built in to separate the 'bedrooms' from the main rooms. I waited for a while until I heard the creak of his mattress as he laid down.

I looked back at the clock. Now one of the zeroes was replaced by a one. I knew I should be getting to bed too. But I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. Especially not after almost successfully falling asleep before and being woken up by a call from a half-dead sounding roommate.

And then getting there and seeing that trashed room. I almost felt sorry for whoever teacher had that room. But it wasn't like she'd make any connection to us. She probably didn't even know who we were, or even that we went to that school.

I let out a groan as I forced myself up off the couch. I stared down at the first-aid kit, wondering for a moment if I should put it up, before turning away and walking across the cold wood flooring to my room separated by a wall, just like Lavi's.

I quickly changed into my nightwear—the only difference being black sweatpants—before crawling into bed and closing the curtains halfway, for privacy. I pulled out my hair tie and let the dark blue strands fall around my shoulders. I ran my fingers through them once, before letting my hand fall to my side.

I normally would have braided my hair, and I probably should have, but it was late. I should already be asleep by now. But I wasn't, and I doubted I'd get to sleep anytime soon. I let out a sigh and fell back against my pillow, my bed already being half-way unmade since I had to literally jump out of it earlier. I didn't bother pulling over all the covers, though. I doubted I needed them. It was still summer, after all.


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