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-------(T Y K I 'S P O V)-------

This was not the kind of phone call I had wanted to get. With the gorgeous boy shifting farther away from me—taking the initiative to, with the distraction—simply put, it hadn't been timed correctly. It really hadn't.

And why hadn't I been surprised by the scathing look? I more than deserved it, though it was a little more than interesting that he had reacted so strongly—I hadn't even done anything to him yet. Not really. All I had said was about Lavi, and maybe the man would be happy to know I told him? Or maybe he would be angry?

But I hadn't worried about it then.

Maybe I should have now, at the little slip up. I wanted to keep him after all, didn't I?

But oh no, that didn't matter now.

Now when I was standing in front of two tired out teenage heaps, and a very flustered Sheryl, pacing back and forth and back and forth—"Brother, would you stop?" I droned, but it did no good. He just continued to pace and bite his nails, and stare daggers at the two half-dead teens lounging on his couch.

"You very well know, I shouldn't allow either of you into my home again!" He spat, "with such reckless behavior—"

"We weren't the reckless ones." Devit moaned, shifting a little, letting Jasdero's head flop on his lap.

"Of course you weren't—but you lied! Lied!" He pointed an accusing finger at the both of them, "I wouldn't be surprised if that was where she picked up such a bad habit!"

"You mean like where she picked up that she needed to date the enemy just to get your panties in a bunch?" I resisted the urge to laugh at that, at the smug, but tired look on Devit's face—and the livid one on Sheryl's.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?!" He hissed out, lowly, eyes glaring poison-tipped needles at the two boys.

Neither so much as flinched.

"It's just a phase!" he continued, writing off his lack of intimidation like it was nothing, "She'll snap out of it once she realizes the full extent of who they are!" Then his eyes turned to me, and he looked near desperate—"And Tyki! Why on earth did you—you—not rush here immediately after—"

"Because I was still helping with the project, brother." I cut him off, shifting my weight on numbing feet, "In case you forgot, it was also a part of it," I glanced at the two teens and sighed, "I hadn't expected a call from you."

"Well you should!"

"Not when I'm expecting one from the Earl, brother."

He visibly flinched at that, and a part of me smirked at the thought. One-upping brother dearest hardly ever happened, and when it did it had to be relished because it was more than likely that he would one-up you…or…two-up, three-up, or just own you and—I tried to keep the grimace off my face.

"But you will look for her, won't you?" Like it didn't matter that it was our boss that had—"You have to! You have the—the duty! She's your niece!"

"And I'm her Uncle," Which was saying pretty much the same thing, "But I suppose I can, before the Earl calls, anyway. If not then, sorry, but Road will have to wait." After all he knew how serious it was to defy the Earl, and after he so graciously took us in all those years ago…we were bound to him.

That realization seemed to hit then, albeit late, but he stopped and turned fully now—taking as many grand steps as needed, and then he was in front of me, "That's fine…just please."

"Do you have any idea where she went, though?" I was almost surprised he hadn't told me yet, but then he probably didn't know.

"Unfortunately I don't, but," He turned a scathing look to the two lounging on the couch, "But these two, however, said it was near where I picked them up."

"I memorized the numba on the mail box!" Jasdero groaned out tiredly, waving his hand, "I can tell ya—if we dun have to go or if we do we can sleep in da—oww!" Devit kicked him, harshly, in the stomach.

"Shut up," He droned, "And it wasn't you who memorized it—it was me, so Sheryl could actually come and find us." They shot glares at each other, that died just as quickly, but it was almost too childish that—

If they asked. I'd say no. Even if they knew where she was.

"And the reason you didn't attempt to look for Road while you were out?" I wondered, earning a scowl from Sheryl.

"It was a lapse in judgment! And they didn't tell me she was—was—I thought they were being lazy and that she had gone home already!"

'Of course,' But I didn't say that out loud. Instead I sighed, "Right. So she's near where you picked these two," I stared at the two teens, who were now shoving each other like children, "up?"

Sheryl nodded his head, "And I have a very important business call I must take! I'm sure you understand!"

And I was pretty sure, well, no. If he didn't have such an important job, the likelihood of him searching for Road was extremely high.

"She doesn't have her cell phone on?"

"I tried calling her."

Another sigh. Great. Just great, "I really shouldn't," I reminded him yet again, "But I will…try."

His eyes lit up at that, pure and unadulterated joy, and for a moment I thought he would try and—and—


At least it was just a hug.

"Aww!" And it got the two to stop quarreling on the couch. It even made them giggle, "Brotherly love is so much fun, isn't it?~"

I really hated the fact he was taller than me, "Mmhm~" And that he was nuzzling into my hair. And agreeing with them.



I elbowed him none too gently in the ribs, "Off now," it wouldn't be too long before his hands would start moving again (regrettably, unfortunately), "and you two," both twins didn't seem particularly threatened. I'd have to change that, "Since you memorized the number," I pointed to Jasdero, "You're coming with me."

They both looked oddly horrified at that. It was almost funny.

"Bu-bu-but…" he pointed lamely at Devit.

"It was me."

"Do I look like I care which one of you it was?" They both tensed, and straightened up. Ah, much better. At least they'd take the chance to listen to me now, "Because I don't. Now get up—we're going."

"But—" Thankfully Devit had enough common sense in him to shut Jasdero up.

And for the umpteenth time that day I wondered about my sanity levels. Wondered about them, and how frail they would be—when the two didn't stop arguing, even as we headed out to the car. Even as we got in the car. Even as we backed out and—

"Would you two shut up?!" And maybe I was glad, just a little bit, of the very apparent threat hanging in the air.

Oh they knew alright. They knew what would happen if they didn't shut their mouths, and simply do what they said they would. Simply navigate towards wherever Road had decided to scamper off to.

An image of that boy with white hair that I had met so long ago at the Cross Diner (well, it wasn't too long ago was it? I was certain of that) flashed through my mind, and I sighed, too quietly for the two in the back to hear.

She was probably going to go visit him. Hadn't she been trying to before? Not that it really mattered, of course, But if she is then, she might not want to leave.

It took fast thinking and many shouts of complaints from the two in the back, as I swerved around one of the corners they had pointed to, but eventually—eventually they started screaming things other than 'Slow the fuck down!' and 'Oh my God I'm gonna die!' –in fact it was the address to the place they had wound up in front of by no chance of theirs, and too much of Road's.

So, I slammed the door shut (not even bothering to look back to see if the twins were following me) and made my way around the very traditional looking home, through the trees and—Oh? They don't have a fence?—to the back, where suddenly a fit of very familiar giggles reached my ear.

It sounds like Road…? So maybe the twins had been right and weren't just…making things up. Well. At least they were useful. I let out a sigh and maneuvered closer, until I could see Road—leaning flush up against Allen—ah yes, it clicked in my mind, of course, it almost made me feel silly that—He's the boy who stayed over that one night—and he was currently laughing along with something she said. And she was still clinging. Still clinging. Pressing a kiss to his cheek and—

'Oh dear,' she tried to plant one on his lips, but he turned his head away in time for it to land on his cheek again.

Now Road was pouting, and I knew then I should probably move forward, say Oh yes, I'm here—because watching the…awkward display of affection was, well, just that. Awkward.

Sheryl would not be pleased.

So I took that first step forward. Then another, holding up my hand in greeting when silver eyes—Ooh silver—immediately focused on me, followed by familiar blue.

"Tyki!" She immediately unlatched herself from the boy's arm, and stood up—rushing over to me with a shocked—but happy (I hoped)—look on her face, "What're you doing here?"

"Sheryl called." She cringed, "You know I don't like running errands for him, especially when I have more important calls to be waiting for." It almost felt like my phone was burning a hole in my pocket—because, after all, the Earl could call at any moment for details and if—if—

"I know," But she was making a pouting face now, that said quite honestly that she didn't—"But I haven't seen All-en—you remember him right? He spent the night at your place. Got hurt." I nodded my head, faintly remembering the frantic frenzy to find an icepack when Kanda (dark eyes, beautiful—shuddering—no stop don't think about that right now) had slammed the door open and whacked the poor boy in the face--"In forever," I almost chose to ignore her words when the boy cringed, and he sat back down again, looking oddly tired, and—was that a cat? Yes it was—a cat curled up in his lap and yawned, nipping at his fingers, ears twitching, eyes slipping shut.

"So yeah. I needed to visit him. What kind of girlfriend would I be," Allen's fingers twitched at that, and his smile looked a little more strained, "If I couldn't even visit my boyfriend?" He flinched again.

"A very bad one," I supposed, agreed, as she dragged me a few steps forward, before I was walking on my own—until she sat back on the elevated porch, and I stood, a few feet in front of them, staring up at the oddly shaped roof, and the paneled sliding doors—

"Um," I glanced down when the boy shifted, "Er…really—Road—" she hummed and nuzzled against his arm again, "I—sorry," he looked at me when he said that, "She surprised me too, I mean…she just—popped up out of nowhere—"

"Just like Ty-ki!" She leaned against him again, he didn't look like he liked it, and I was almost tempted to open my mouth, but I kept it tactfully shut when she moved anyway, swinging her legs back and forth.

"—y-yeah like you just did. If your father is worried enough," He focused his attention back on Road, "To call your—um—" He paused for a moment, as if he couldn't quite remember what relation I had to her. I couldn't quite blame him for it either (if he really had been as sick as Road had stated).

"Younger brother." I supplied for him, in any case, and he smiled embarrassedly and somewhat gratefully as he started back up his previous sentence.

"Uncle—out to get you, when he has…other things…to do, then," He paused again, "you should go back. I mean—" He looked hesitant and Road frowned. For a moment I thought she was going to say No and start pouting again but—oddly—

She smiled. It was small and just a little sad (certainly nothing like the big ones she would give when she was…excited) but at the same time it was—calming. Almost, "I guess Lenalee would bother you about that?" Allen flinched at the name—Lenalee? It rang a bell, somewhere—She's mentioned her before? Was she a rival?—"I know she'd be worried, I mean I know I am, and I want to stay. I want to." She stopped her legs from swinging and pulled them up to her chest, "Eh—I guess I can…go back though." And suddenly she turned—turned and—

I smirked as the boy flailed for a moment—held in a violent lip lock that Road had to have planned—before resigning his fate to being veryvery thoroughly kissed.

'Should I even be watching this?' Not that it mattered much when they parted like rabbits—the poor boy's face was beet red—when the backdoor slid open and a man—dressed in a very fancy robe—stepped out.

"Now what, might I ask, is going on here?" The man turned to him, "And who're you?"

"Tyki." I answered immediately, "Tyki Mikk—"

"My Uncle!" Road cut off, smiling widely, but—oh—was she blushing too?—

"And you're here because…?" The man's eyes narrowed, as he looked past me—towards the trees and sighed, "I never thought I had to put a fence up, but I might have to now, if people keep barging in unannounced."

"I was just planning on leaving."

"No you weren't."

"Yes I was." She frowned, "And yes—with you. Your father's worried."

"Oh, you're taking the girlfriend away?" The man smiled, holding up a billowy sleeve to his lips and chuckling, "Well then go on—shoo—shoo, and you," Allen cringed, "Should have been back in bed thirty minutes ago. You've stayed outside too long—what will I tell Cloud when she comes to check on you?"

"That his girlfriend was visiting?"

"Does she know you have one?"

Road glared, but the man ignored it—"Stop ignoring me!"

"Who?" He cocked his head to the side, cupping his ear with a well manicured hand, "Who's me?"

I felt my lips twitch, "I believe you mean my niece. Don't worry, I'll be taking her now." And I did—reaching forward, to wrap my arms easily around her waist—making her squawk, and making the poor boy's grey eyes widen in shock—and maybe his cheeks weren't just flushed in embarrassment.

Before I knew it my hand was patting him on his head—running through those snow-white locks and causing his eyes to widen even more, "And you get some sleep. You really don't look well, boy." Just as quickly I pulled my hand away—why had I done that? Why?—but the boy's hair had been soft, was that his natural hair color? Or?

Or—or—why was I thinking these things?

"Let's get you back." I muttered once we were a fair distance away, Road huffing over my shoulder, but stopping her squirming, "Jasdero and Devit are in the car—and so help me if the Earl calls I will tell him you three are the reason I'm late."

"And Papa?"

"Him too." She let out a giggle, "It isn't funny."

"But it is!" She snorted again, "I mean—neh, Tyki?"

I could see the car now, as we rounded the house—Jasdero and Devit were arguing over something—with how much they kept pushing at each other in the back seat and—They'd better not ruin my car—"What?"

"D'ya know? His name's Allen Walker," She sounded almost wistful, "An' I think I might love him."

It wasn't for a while—not until I dumped her into the passenger side seat—and the two in the back had shut up at least a little—that I said, lowly, "Really? Congratulations."

"And it means you can't have him."

I nearly ran a red light.


(L A V I's POV)

"Honestly, you two don't even have a proper dining room set!" It was actually really, really funny watching her go back and forth, from the pot on the stove (checking to make sure the rice didn't burn) to the bar, to the cabinets to get out plates—"I mean really? You couldn't go out to buy a set?"

And Kanda was fuming. Sitting on the bar stool watching her go back and forth in his kitchen (technically it was) messing around with his stuff and—

"I dunno, Yuu-chan would ya like ta go silverware shopping with me tomorrow?"

"Fuck no,"

Lenalee swivled around to look at him, "Well you need some decent—"

"No. We. Don't."


He glowered at her. She glared back. Uh-oh—not good, "Lena—check on the rice again?" and she whipped back around to the stove.

"Why is she here again?" Yuu-chan ground out, glaring at me and—

"I already told ya, Yuu-chan!"

"Well I don't want her here."

"Then you be the one ta tell 'er to leave!" And maybe I said that a bit too loudly when Lenalee glanced over her shoulder at us and frowned, just a little. Well—but—it was true, wasn't it? If Yuu wanted her to leave then he was the one who was going to—

"Like that'll go over well baka," he hissed back once Lenalee turned away again, sighing heavily, "What about Komui?"

I blinked, 'Oh', then laughed, "Eh, actually—hey Lena?" She turned her head again, "What about Komui?"

She let out a sigh, then a giggle, "Didn't I already tell you? I'll just call him later."

"But I dun' think he'll let you stay."

And then, she smiled, just a little, "Oh don't worry—didn't I say I already handled that too?"

I turned to look at Yuu, who glared—daggers—at her backside—

"I'm the one cooking your meal, I can make it disgusting just as easily as I can make it really, really good." She snapped, and immediately the gaze dropped—it was almost funny, almost except the somber tone afterward, as she turned around to us and said—"And besides—I haven't seen you two in so long! We need to talk."

Need to talk.

I glanced at Yuu, he glanced back, and scowled, "About what?" Her eyes darkened, just a bit and I couldn't help but swallow thickly at that—she was going to—

"Oh you know. I haven't really talked to either of you since that time you practically ran out." She was completely ignoring the rice now, and it wasn't like she really had to watch it right now, so—so—"I. Want. To. Know. Okay?"


"We're friends aren't we? Do you honestly expect me—"

"To not ask. No. But Lena," I cut her off, "Dinner first, talk later, neh? We're in such a good mood right now." Except maybe not so much anymore. Not that it really mattered but Yuu didn't want to—so we wouldn't—"Please don't ruin it, ya know?"

And she did, with a hesitant nod, turning back to the stove to stir what looked like…a very thrown together stir-fry, before turning back, and with one last look at the both of us, she sighed and said, "You two really do need to go out shopping more often though. I barely had enough to make anything decent that wasn't premade and frozen." She looked at me especially and scowled, "I thought at least you would be better at that, with how much you 'love' food!"

I let out a laugh, "Neh, neh don't confuse me with the Moyashi! And," I looked at Yuu who scoffed, "I guess that's jus' college life for ya! At least we haven't gained weight or anythin!" I reached out and squeezed the side of Yuu's very—very toned stomach, snickering when he scowled and swatted my hand away, "Though y'know she's right. We need va-ri-e-ty. Let's go shoppin' soon! Make a date of it!"

"Che, no." Kanda ground out, sharp and pointed—but nowhere near as harsh as he probably wanted it to be.

Well, if that wasn't a yes, then I was certainly taking it as one.

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