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A Monday morning sun raised up giving sun rays through the window making the peaceful looking girl get blind from the brightness. The sleepy sixteen-year-old groaned and slightly opened her eyes. She glanced over the clock, which read 6:30 a.m.

"Ugh!" she complained. "School again…"

Tenten got up from her queen-sized waterbed and rubbed her eyes to wake her up a little bit more. Then, she raised her arms to stretch out the sleepy muscles in her. After she was done doing her short stretch, she made her bed and made it as neat as possible. Even if she wasn't a morning person, Tenten was still having a small smile on her face.

"Well, I hope it will be a great day," she hoped as she went to the closet to pick out some clothes. This young girl is not picky when it comes to clothes. While other girls love to wear girly type of outfits, Tenten doesn't really care as long as she's not naked at all. Randomly picking something to wear, she simply grabbed a dark teal tee top that says 'Not Listening' in white letters and a pair of blue jeans. She yawned a little bit and went straight into the shower to have a relaxing time for her. She set down her clothes on a rack, turned on the shower and waited for about a couple of minutes until she can feel the heat from the shower stall. She then stripped off her pajamas and went inside the hot water.

After fifteen minutes inside the heating water, Tenten turned off the shower, got out of the stall, grabbed a towel and started to dry herself. After that, she put on her clothes and went back into her room.


In another place, the room was extremely dark yet the sunrays seemed to get through the blinds.

A couple lying in bed together, naked. A dark bluish haired girl was snuggled up looking comfortable like a baby, wrapped in blankets covering her slim body. Her skinny looking arm was wrapped around the man's chest. Now, these two are not married at all. Since they're both only seventeen years of age. The person was the first one to wake up from the rays of the sun. He groaned and looked at the girl besides him. He didn't even smile when he saw her, he simply gave no emotion at all.

The girl groaned and opened one of her dark violet eyes and asked.

"Neji," she sighed. "What time is it?"

"Good morning to you too, Himkeo." He said in a husky voice, giving the sleepy one a gentle kiss in the forehead, then giving slight wet kisses on her neck to her collarbone, Himeko moaned a little from the seductive touch as Neji tried to pull down the covers to get better access on her body for the second time.

But before he could pull away the whole cover, a knock interrupted them.

"Yo Neji!" a loud voice called out. "You awake?"

Neji groaned and got pretty mad because his friend, Naruto practically ruined the "moment"

"What do you want?" He said, trying not get angry.

"Just letting you know that Shikamaru, Sasuke, and I will be leaving now without you so that you can be alone with that slu-I mean Himeko," Naruto replied through the door.

"Whatever," Neji said. "Just go,"

"All right," the hyperactive blonde-haired teen said and left them alone.

After Naruto left, Neji smirked at the girl beneath him. Then, he continued on what he was doing before their interruption.

"Shall we continue?" he asked.

Himeko rose up and gave Neji a full kiss on his mouth as if she was saying yes.

Before Neji could continue making more pleasure to Himeko, Naruto came back shouting,

"Oh before I forget," he said. "We'll be taking your car so you don't have a ride now to our new school, HA!"

Neji's eyes became wide at the fact of his car being with his three friends. Even if they lived together in a two-story house, they practically drive each other crazy.

Well, mostly Naruto though.

"SHIT!" he cussed. Since he has no way of getting to the new school now, he is doomed and Neji can be dramatic when it comes to his car. I mean dramatic. If someone scratches it, he freaks out like a mother seeing her child doing something that would make her heart attack.

Naruto snickered. He was practically only joking. Yet, Neji never knew.

"THEY BETTER NOT SCRATCH MY BABY!" he yelled. Neji is a seventeen-year-old male with lavender eyes and coffee brown hair. However, there is more story behind this person. Neji is actually an international actor and teen model that every girl practically adores all over the world. Well to make it more specific, most girls wants a piece of him. For someone who is famous, he sure is overprotective of his car.

Neji panicked and got up saying,

"Himeko, you get dressed now and get the hell out of here," he said with no emotion. "I'm done with you."

"What?" Himeko gasped. "We've only been together for a week and we slept together and now you dump me?"

"Yeah, why not?" Neji said glaring at her. "Now get out you dumb slut"

Himeko tried to hold back her tears.

"You son of a bitch," she growled. "You really love to use women don't you?"

Neji did not bother replying, he was too busy putting on new clothes and getting ready to go to his new school. Neji is also a playboy. He gets together with girls and gives them pleasure. About a week later, he would dump them with no emotion at all. Sometimes, Neji sleeps with a girl for a month then dumps her Many girls were hurt because of it. Himeko, just like other girls is just a victim.


Tenten exited her small apartment and locked the door. Putting the small key in the pocket of her school bag, she shouted to no one,

"Great Day here we come!"

Then, the brown haired, energetic girl sprinted out of the building, with her everyday smile planted on her face. Tenten is one of a kind. Her mom died due to leukemia and she only has her dad to support her. They own a weapon shop but they don't really sell real weapons. Most of them are fake. If she has a bad day or any of her friends, they try to forget that event by simply having fun.

As Tenten was just turning around the corner of the street, a car unexpectedly came speeding by.

"Oh shit!" Tenten said and froze.

"Oh man!" the driver said trying to step on the breaks.

"I'm gonna die!" Tenten yelled and closed her eyes.

However, nothing happened.

"That was close," Sasuke said who was actually the driver.

Naruto was almost having a heart attack and grabbed Sasuke's collar,

"Sasuke you're so stupid," he said, his words spitting straight at his face. "WE COULD HAVE WENT TO JAIL BY NOW!"

"Shut up you idiot," Sasuke yelled back. "I didn't even hit her!"

"Will you two ever grow up?" Shikamaru asked, yawning and rubbing his eyes. "What a drag,"

Meanwhile, Tenten's eyes were still closed. It took her about ten seconds until she realized what happened.

"What the?" Tenten said slowly opening her eyes. In front of her was the car that almost ended her life forever. Her blood began to boil in anger, then she raised her foot up.

"Oh man, she wouldn't dare would she?" Naruto asked.

"Foolish driver!" she screeched, kicking the front rear of the car. The three had their jaws dropped when they saw the angry girl damaging Neji's car. "Next time you better watch were your going or I'll swear that I'll sue this death contraption of yours!"

Tenten stomped away angrily leaving three very scared boys.

"Man," Naruto gasped. "For a girl, she sure is scary! How much damage did she do?"

"We better check the car," Sasuke said. "You know how Neji can be when his car is damaged."

Sasuke and Naruto opened the car door and went to the front. The damage that Tenten made was minor, yet it was still a huge damage for a reason. There was a slight dent on the right corner.

"Oh dang!" Naruto said looking at the damaged car. "Do you think Neji will notice that dent?"

"Heck yeah he'll notice," Sasuke twitched. "We are so dead!"

"What do you mean we?" Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You're the one who was driving!"

"Shut the hell up!" The two glared with lightning sparks appear in front of them.

"Hey you two," Shikamaru called out. "We better get going or we'll be late."

"All right," They both said, and went back inside. Sasuke started driving again towards the school.

To be continued