Just a little short chapter~

Usual Warnings: Grammar and Spelling lol


"Now leave," Neji rudely demanded as he grabbed the satin fabric away from yet another girl he slept with. "You're getting on my last nerves."

"What?!" the light brown haired girl shrieked while trying to fight for the covers. "I just gave myself to you because you told me you wanna be with me! And now you say that? What the hell?"

"Pathetic," Neji scoffed and smirked. "You honestly think I want to spend my life with you? You're just someone I need at that time. Now that you have satisfied me, get the hell out of here."

Steamed, the girl gave the emotionless playboy a glare and wished that he would burn in hell.

But before the girl could say anything, a knock interrupted them.

"Neji," Daichi called out from the other side of the door. "You awake yet?"

The girl sighed, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed.

"What?" Neji responded and started getting dressed as well.

"Just letting you know that the photo shoot is going to be-"

Daichi's face met the door. Thanks to the angered girl. She gave Daichi a glare as well before stomping away.

"Hey ouch!" Daichi groaned as he grabbed his broken nose. Neji smirked a bit at the incident.

"Not funny!"

"I wasn't even laughing. Now what do you want?"

"The guy who is making the weapons for your next shoot will have the delivery sometime next week. In the mean time, who will be your partner? I can schedule an audit-"

"Don't," Neji interrupted. "I've already got the perfect one."

"Let me guess," Daichi wondered. "That bun haired girl that practically destroyed your car about a week ago? Dude i don't know. I've heard from Naruto that she totally rejected you in front of the entire school!"

"That dumb Naruto," Neji rolled his eyes.

"Plus I don't even think she has experience. We need a professional one." he suggested.

"Don't worry about it," Neji insisted. "I'm sure something will convince her. I gotta get to school."

"Well, whatever you say."

"He visited you at your house?" Ino almost yelled. "Tenten how lucky are you?"

"What do you mean lucky?" Tenten rolled her eyes and took a sip of her frappe. "He just went their for business."

"What sort of business?" Sakura said as she gave a suspicious look.

"He just needed some weapons from my dad for some photo shoot something like that."

"A photo shoot with weapons?" Ino raised an eyebrow. "That sound..interesting"

"Not really" Sakura mumbled.

"I agree"

"Look, the weapons are just props anyway. Nothing more" Tenten assumed. "Probably for some history stuff or something."

"I think Neji will ask Tenten to be his partner." Hinata predicted.

"What do you mean partner?"

"He might ask you to model."

"What?!" Sakura and Ino screeched.

"You're kidding right?" Tenten laughed. "I am so not gonna do it. He's nuts for even thinking about asking me."

"But Tenten it's a great opportunity!" Sakura convinced.

"An opportunity for what?"

"To well you know be his partner!"

Tenten scoffed before getting up from the bench.

"Come on, we're gonna be late for class." Tenten grabbed her bag and went on ahead.

"So how'd it go with that girl you brought last night?" Naruto asked Neji while walking through the hallways. Of course, every girl in the school they pass by have hearts in their eyes."

"What do you think Naruto?" Neji said, annoyed.

"Are you really gonna dump every girl that you invite into your room?" Sasuke asked sarcastically.

"Come to think of it," Naruto remembered. "Not EVERY girl dumped you."

"You're talking about Tenten?" Shikamaru assumed. The spiky blonde head shook his head in disagreement.

"You mean-" Sasuke was about to say something when Neji slammed his locker door, snapping out of their conversation.

"Can we not mention her?"

"Guess he's not over her" Shikamaru told Sasuke and Naruto who nodded their head in agreement.

"Who wouldn't be over that?" Naruto mumbled as he watched Neji walked away to class.

Class was almost as normal as it could possibly be. Poor Neji though has to sit in the very back seat in order to avoid less attractions. Their teacher, Shizune was giving them some Algebra lesson.

"Man," Naruto groaned. "Why do we need to learn this?"

Hinata giggled but Naruto didn't really hear her.

"No Algee I don't know, " Naruto joked. "Stop asking us to find your X. And I absolutely don't know Y either."

"Naruto!" Shizune scolded. "I suggest you pay attention!"

"Y-yes ma'am!" Naruto got up and saluted as if he was in the army. The whole class laughed out loud at his little stunt.

"Sit down" Shizune sighed and resumed teaching the class.

Neji was also not paying attention to the lesson since he was constantly staring at Tenten and the ribbon he always keeps in his pocket. Ino, who was only sitting near the window, four chairs down from Neji. She noticed the situation and silently smirked to herself.

Good thing she didn't really notice the ribbon.

About 45 minutes later the class was finally over and everyone rushed out of the door in order to get their things for whatever next class they have. Tenten was still adjusting her stuff in her bag when she was approached by yet again by the famous teen model.

"What do you want?" Tenten asked.

"Could you give this to your dad?" Neji said, handing her a piece of paper. "It's the list of the weapons we need to use for the shoot this upcoming Saturday."

"And you can't do it yourself because?" Tenten asked in a sarcasm manner as she started to walk out the room.

"I'm busy" Neji replied.

"With what?" Tenten scoffed. "Finding another victim to you're so called heaven on earth?"

"Come on this is important," Neji insisted. "This list needs to get to your father as soon as possible."

Tenten sighed.

"Fine," she said and retrieved the note from Neji.

"Thank you"

"Uh-huh whatever." Tenten said in a monotone. When Neji was about to leave when Tenten saw something white coming out of Neji's pocket.

"Wait hold on a second," Tenten approached and was about to grab the object out of Neji's pocket when he moved away from her.

"What are you doing?" Neji wondered. Tenten was staring at the white, satin ribbon for quite a long time. The pale eyed noticed this and shoved the ribbon back to his pocket. The bun-haired girl snapped out of her thoughts and got a confused momentarily.

"Something the matter?"

Tenten stared at Neji for a brief moment before she replied,

"Nothing," she sighed. "Nothing at all."

The bell ring telling the students to go to their next class. Tenten started to walk, leaving Neji standing alone. He watched her rush to class as he took out the ribbon to give it a look before going to class as well.

Tenten stopped to looked back at the Hyuuga and whispered,

"That cannot be the same person."