The Forgotten Prophecy

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"Blah" - jutsu being performed

"BLAH" - really angry yelling

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Chapter 8: New Dangers Emerge

"I'm sorry, but could repeat that? Because, I could have sworn that I heard you say that I'm not in the Elemental Nations anymore." said Naruto, his face remaining placid despite the encroaching panic that was threatening to take over.

Turaga Dume just shook his head, having anticipated such a reaction from the shinobi. "I'm afraid you've heard correctly, young man. You are currently in a realm that you shinobi haven't set foot in for several years."

Naruto's eyes widened with shock and confusion. "Wait, you mean to tell me that this…this…"

"Metru Nui?" asked Takanuva, helpfully.

"Right, Metru Nui, isn't any part of the Elemental Nations? So what are you saying? That I'm in some distant city that's miles away from the Nations? Or some sort of island?" continued Naruto, his unease beginning to increase.

Turaga Dume just looked at him with an apologetic expression. "More like an alternate dimension that is somewhat similar to your own world, and yet completely different at the same time. In other words, the Elemental Nations do not exist here." It took the senior Turaga all of his restraint not to flinch at the sight of the young man's panicked expression. He had seen the same look on several young Toa when they were on their first missions abroad during the war. The time they'd spent away from home and what they saw in the battles they fought often had negative effects on their mental health; it made them liabilities to their brothers and sisters in arms, as well as themselves. Just like those unfortunate few, the young man before him started exhibiting the same symptoms that those few Toa displayed, and simply waited for the upcoming emotional explosion. Yet, to his surprise, the young boy in front of him did not completely lose himself to his panic. In fact, he appeared to slowly get his emotions and his breathing under control.

"Okay," said Naruto with a deep sigh, "So I'm in some dimension that's in no way whatsoever near my home world? Like, some sort of alternate dimension?"

"Well,…that's one way of describing your current predicament, yes." said Dume, after a brief pause, waiting for the boy to continue.

"Wait on a minute! If I'm in an alternate dimension, then how do you know about the Elemental Nations? And more importantly, how were you and these…Toa and Turaga…a part of the Shinobi World Wars?"

Turaga Dume just gave a small chuckle. "You would be quite surprised, young one." he stated, before he began to get the shinobi caught up with the history that his generation never knew of.


With Turaga Vakama's group

"Are you serious, Vakama?" exclaimed Nokama, disbelief evident in her voice.

"It does seem a bit far-fetched, even for me, fire-spitter." added Matau.

"Oh, please! This is complete nonsense!" snorted Onewa. "Doesn't it seem suspicious that Dume would just reveal all of this information the moment that this newcomer appears?"

"Yeah, you would know allabout withholding important intelligence, wouldn't you?" sneered Jaller.

"Jaller!" exclaimed Hahli, shocked at the sudden change in the Toa Inika of fire. "What has gotten into you?"

"What? I'm just saying that certain Turaga know a lot about keeping valuable information to themselves. On might say that they're experts on that particular skill."

The youngest fire Toa got a stern glare from Onewa for his comment. "Now look here, you young fool! Do you actually think that sharing every little secret that we know will make the populace feel more secure about their way of life? Because if you do, then you truly are naïve! If the Matoran were told everything we kept from them, mass hysteria and chaos would ensue!"

"Yeah, that's nice and all, but have you forgotten that in keeping your dirty little secrets, you could actually do more harm than good by keeping the masses ignorant of potential danger? How can we better prepare ourselves for the future if you don't tell us what it is we're supposed to look out for?"

'Will you two stow it already?' shouted Kongu telepathically into the minds of the two bickering individuals. 'You two have been at each others throats ever since we found out that Mata Nui was on the verge of dying! And it has only gotten worse with this newcomer! It's late, everybody is tired, and this argument is only making every one even more frustrated! If you two want to butt heads like two adolescent Kane-Ra's*, then do it somewhere else!'

The Toa and Turaga looked at Kongu with shocked expressions. In the entire time that the two had gotten to know Kongu, they had come to realize that it wasn't a good idea to make the usually friendly Le-Matoran-turned-Toa Inika angry, especially since Kongu rarely ever got mad at anyone or anything. Not wanting to test their luck, they decided to hold off on their argument until a later date. Preferably when Kongu wasn't around.

"Back to what I was saying earlier," said Vakama, bringing everybody's eyes onto him, "despite how absurd all this seems, I can assure you without a doubt that everything that Turaga Dume has shared with me is the truth.

"But we have been misled before, Vakama." said Whenua, stepping forward out of the group. "During the events that occurred prior to the Great Cataclysm, we all thought Turaga Dume had betrayed us, when it was actually Makuta Teridax disguised as him. And now, this stranger arrives from the sky, and Dume starts acting secretive and reclusive yet again. Can you not see how history is repeating itself?"

Vakama just looked towards the former Toa Metru of earth with a dead serious look in his glowing red eyes. "You weren't there when Turaga Dume revealed everything, Whenua. The look that I saw in his eyes, it was like I was seeing an entirely different side to him."

"What do you mean?" asked Nokama. Everyone else's attention shifted back towards Vakama, their curiosity returning to them.

"When Takanuva and I were with Dume in his personal chambers, I saw him not as the stern isolationist that we've all come to know. No, I saw a Toa that was part of a long and arduous war; a veteran combatant that witnessed many unspeakable horrors that he wishes that he could forget, yet knows that he cannot. It was like seeing Dume when he had just retired from his role as a Toa."

"You really saw all of that, Turaga?" asked Pohatu curiously.

Turaga Onewa, on the other hand, merely snorted in disbelief.


Back with Naruto

Naruto was completely shell shocked. Everything that knew about the First Shinobi World War had been completely wrong! Then again, he wasn't really an expert on the Leaf Village's history, but the revelation was still mind blowing. Yet, there was something that gnawed at the back of his mind.

"You say that you fought alongside Leaf shinobi during the First Shinobi World War, more specifically Hiruzen Sarutobi's team, is that right?" At the Dume's nod, Naruto continued on. "If that's the case, then could you please show me some proof that you were aligned with our village? Anyone can say that they worked with the Leaf Village, but someone that's not part of the village's shinobi forces would need some sort of proof that they are in an alliance with said village, especially during a war."

Naruto watched with sharp eyes at what Dume's reaction would be, as it would determine what his next course of action would be. As the Turaga reached behind his back for something, Naruto tensed and prepared himself for the worst possible scenario, thinking that Dume was reaching for a concealed weapon. But before he could spring into action, Dume withdrew a very battered Leaf forehead protector, catching the boy completely by surprise.

"I see that you were expecting something else. Perhaps, a weapon of some sort?" chuckled Dume. "Although you were smart enough to demand proof in order to validate my claims, you having to fear from me, young one. This headband was given to my team and me as a sign of good faith, as well as a way to show other shinobi villages which Toa were aligned with which village. It is actually one of my most treasured possessions." With that, Dume placed the item back from where he withdrew it.

"So, you've really fought alongside Old Man Hokage?" asked Naruto.

"HA! Old Man Hokage? That foolish monkey boy actually succeeded his mentor, Tobirama, has he? Well, it looks like I've lost our bet. So, how is Hiruzen doing these days? I'd imagine that he would be enjoying retirement by now." said Dume.

The mentioning of the Third Hokage brought a frown to Naruto's face; the memory of how his surrogate grandfather died came flooding back to him. "I'm afraid that he's no longer with us. Nearly three years ago, three years in my world more specifically, our Third Lord Hokage died after he saved our village from a joint invasion by the Sand and Sound Villages." Naruto said solemnly.

Takanuva's expression turned grim, feeling sympathetic for the ninja who had experienced the pain of losing someone to him important in the line of duty. Dume, on the other hand, looked both saddened and confused. "I don't understand. Given the amount of time that has transpired since I last saw Hiruzen, he should have been well into his retirement. Why didn't his successor handle the situation?"

Naruto had to fight the flinch that was coming at the mentioning of the Fourth Hokage. It was still a sore subject for him, considering that the Fourth's final act before his death was sealing the fox demon into him when he was a baby. That, and he wasn't sure telling the natives of Metru Nui that he contained a demon that could destroy everything in its path would be a good idea.

"The Fourth Lord Hokage died about fifteen years ago, after he gave his life to defeat the Nine-Tailed-Fox Demon that threatened our village. Since then, the Third Hokage had no choice but to come out of retirement. Then, thirteen years after the Fourth's death, our village was attacked during the final matches of the chunin exams."

"I…I unfortunate. I am truly sorry for your loss. Hiruzen was a fine shinobi, and a good person. He always placed the needs of others over his own. And the Fourth Hokage sounded like he was an honorable leader, if he were willing to sacrifice his own life to save his entire village." said Dume solemnly. "Did your village suffer greatly during the invasion? I know from experience that Sand shinobi are quite tenacious, but these Sound shinobi are quite new to me."

"Yeah, we lost a lot of good soldiers, but we managed to drive off the invading forces in the end. The Sand Village was our ally that was experiencing financial troubles since their Wind Daimyo had been assigning the majority of the missions that required shinobi to other villages. This allowed the newly created Sound Village to manipulate Sand into joining their plan to attack and destroy the Leaf, as a show of force to the other Elemental Nations."

"So the Kazekage was willing to risk everything on a gamble that could have very well resulted in another world war? I would have thought that the Sand village would have chosen someone more level-headed to be their leader."

"Well, that's where it gets complicated. The Kazekage was assassinated before the actual invasion, and was then later impersonated by the mastermind behind the entire plan, Orochimaru. He…" suddenly, something snapped in his mind. The one responsible for the death of the Third Hokage and Sasuke's defection had traveled through the portal to Metru Nui with him. And now he was running loose somewhere in the city. "OROCHIMARU!"

The sudden outburst startled the Toa and Turaga. "What? What is it?" asked Takanuva.

"Crap! I can't believe I nearly forgot about that bastard! Damn it!" shouted Naruto. As he began to look around wildly, as if to find something that was floating in the sky before his eyes settled onto Dume and Takanuva. "Quick! Did any of you guys find another person laying around the area where I landed?"

"Well, no. You were the only one that I found. That is, you were the only person that crash-landed in the coliseum." replied Takanuva.

"Was there anything else that you saw before I landed? Anything at all?"

"Yes! Yes, there was, and I nearly forgotten about it! Right before you appeared, the was a bright flash in the sky that was followed by the appearance of a shooting star. But the strange thing is that it split in two separate ones, one of which turned out to be you."

"The Inter-Dimensional Portal Jutsu! That's the only explanation to what you saw." said Naruto, before his eyes widened in shock. "Where did the other shooting star land?"

"We…don't know. We kind of lost sight of the other one when you crashed down."

"Shit! This is bad! This is really bad!" declared Naruto. He began to pace around frantically, clutching at his hair frantically.

"Why is that bad? What's the matter?" asked Dume.

"Because that shooting star happens to be Konoha's most despised traitor, that's why!" Naruto practically hollered.

"Hey! Calm down, will you?" interrupted Takanuva, placing himself in front of Dume.

"Calm down? Calm down!" howled Naruto. "I don't have time to calm down! And neither do any of you! Don't you understand that this entire city is in grave danger?"

"And don't you know that shouting your head off and pacing around like a maniac isn't helping? Look, whatever the problem is. We can't help you unless you calm down and tell us exactly what is wrong." lectured Takanuva, unaware that his mask was glowing while he was talking. Dume, on the other hand, noticed this small action but decided against alerting the Toa of it. Instead he took to watching the Leaf nin's reaction to the mask. He could see the whisker-marked blonde was still stressed out about the second shooting star, if the heavy breathing was any indication. Yet, he watched as Naruto's breathing slowed to a more relaxed pace.

"Okay. Okay, I'm sorry for reacting like that." apologized Naruto. "But Orochimaru is not someone you want to have around in your city."

"Is he truly that dangerous?" asked Takanuva.

"He is." replied Naruto. He was one of the Third Hokage's students, which later became known as the Sanin, or the Legendary Ninja. From what I've learned, Orochimaru was Old Man Hokage's favorite out of his team. He was known to be a prodigy and was once a candidate to succeed the Third Hokage."

"I take it that someone else was chosen over him?" asked Dume. He was getting both intrigued and feared about learning more about one of Hiruzen's students.

"Yes." replied Naruto. "When it came time to choose a successor, the Old Man chose Minato Namikaze over Orochimaru as the Fourth Hokage. After first, I thought that was why Orochimaru turned traitor, but I later found out that his true reason for committing treason was more…sinister than just jealousy over being denied a promotion."

Naruto paused to see how his audience was digesting what he had told them so far. Seeing that they didn't look like they were going to question him about what he had just said, he continued. "After losing the title of Hokage to the Fourth, Orochimaru had begun to act weird. People around the village had started to disappear as well, ranging from civilians and genin to chunin and ANBU black operatives. At first, the Old Man didn't know who was responsible for these abductions, but after receiving several reports from his top agents, they had finally gotten a lead as to where the kidnapper was hiding. Gathering his two best ANBU agents, the Old Man went to investigate the supposed hideout. But when they finally got to the location, they were in for the nastiest shock of their lives. Sure, they found both the missing people and the abductor at the same time, but not the way that would have liked to. The missing people were all dead; dissected and dismembered as if they were lab animals. And the kidnapper, who was caught dissecting another body, was none other than Orochimaru."

"What?" exclaimed Takanuva, unable to believe that someone could do such a horrid crime. Dume stumbled back a bit, his hand placed over his heart stone, trying to recover from the shock.

"Are…are you sure that he wasn't being influenced by some outside force? To willingly commit such atrocities, especially one of Hiruzen's students,it doesn't seem possible!" the Turaga exclaimed.

"That's was probably what the Old Man thought as well. But, it was Orochimaru, make no mistake about that."

"But why would he do something so horrendous?" asked Takanuva.

"Well, according to him, the bastard was studying the development of ninjutsu. See, when the Sanin were still genin, Orochimaru was considered a prodigy with ninjutsu being his strong point. But somehow, something changed him to become extremely obsessed with learning every ninjutsu that the world had to offer. Even the ones that weren't created yet. He believed that by learning every jutsu that existed, that he would become the ultimate being, or some crazy crap like that. The only problem with the plan was that time wasn't in his favor, which was why he began abducting people to experiment on. He was researching the Immortality Jutsu; a forbidden ninja art transfers the caster's soul into another person's body, allowing the caster to cheat death. It is considered to be THE most heinous crime against nature that anyone can commit." Naruto finished with a growl.

The Toa flinched at the thought of someone being able to take over and live in another person's body. It just seemed so wrong and unnatural to possibly exist. Dume was becoming more and more distressed and disgusted that someone under his old comrades instruction had fallen so far. "From the way you haven spoken about this man, I assume that it's safe to guess that Orochimaru managed to escape execution, correct?" asked the Turaga.

Naruto just nodded. "Even though he knew that Orochimaru had committed those inhumane acts, the Old Man couldn't bring himself to kill one of his own students. After he had escaped the village, Orochimaru went into hiding for several years, and wasn't heard or seen of until the chunin exams were held in Leaf thirteen years after I was born. I know that I've already said that he was the one behind that Sand and Sound invasion, but what I didn't tell was that it was Orochimaru who killed the Third Hokage." Naruto finished with a growl.

"Is that so?" said Dume coolly, his grip on his staff tightening to the point that his knuckles began to hurt from the strain.

"Yes, it is. But I'm afraid that there that's not the worst news." said Naruto glumly. "During his time under the radar, Orochimaru had finally found a way to successfully use the Immortality Jutsu, and had begun abducting people to use as vessels. He was in one of his recently obtained vessels while in the invasion."

"Then how did Hiruzen recognize Orochimaru if he was inhabiting another person's body?" asked Takanuva, not believing that he was discussing the methods of a ninja technique that takes over someone's body.

"Orochimaru was always a bit on the vain side. With his skills as a master of disguise and snake-style ninjutsu, he would have no problem altering the body's physical appearance. So it wouldn't matter if he possessed a male or female body, he can always make it appear as if he was still in his old body."

"That monster!" shouted Takanuva, rage surging through his entire being.

"Indeed." said Dume, in a reserved tone of voice, hiding his inner conflict well. "It is saddening to hear that one of Hiruzen's students would fall from grace in such a manner. But, that doesn't explain how you ended up in our realm."

Naruto just sighed. "The invasion wasn't just a plan to destroy our village; Orochimaru was looking for a way to discover and learn more jutsu at a faster rate. Earlier in the exam, that bastard branded one of my teammates, Sasuke Uchiha, with some sort of curse mark jutsu that corrupted the mind and body in exchange for giving him access to power that seemed just too unnatural. And even though it increases a person's strength, speed, and agility, the mark erodes the user's personality away until ther is nothing left. It wasn't until the invasion and Sasuke's subsequent defection form the Leaf that I learned that Orochimaru wanted to use Sasuke as his next vessel in order to make use of his Sharingan kekkei genkai's ability to copy ninjutsu from other shinobi."

"I see. To be honest, I never did like the Uchiha clan; they always preferred to flaunt their abilities to anyone, and would gladly steal techniques from their comrades on the principle that they are able to. The Uchiha clan must be so proud of him."

"Actually, the Uchiha clan is no more. Almost the entire Uchiha clan was slaughtered by Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, about seven years ago." said Naruto, solemnly.

"What, one Uchiha killing the majority of his family? That's completely absurd! Sure, the Uchiha clan always thought highly of themselves to the point that they would make enemies within the village as well as outside, but I would have never imagined that the entire clan would be destroyed by one of their own. And what do you mean almost the entire clan? Did anyone else besides this Sasuke escape the carnage?"

"Unfortunately, no. Sasuke was the only survivor of the massacre, and had since been obsessed with avenging his clan. Orochimaru's curse mark was the driving force that convinced him to abandon everything that he had in Leaf for the power that the traitor offered. I tried to stop him from leaving when I was thirteen, but I couldn't stop him; he was dead serious about leaving and the only I could have succeeded was to kill him, something that I just couldn't bring myself to do. Two years later, my team and I tried to bring Sasuke back on a second attempt. At first, we thought that we were going to succeed, but then Orochimaru appeared and ruined everything. He managed to overwhelm us all, and was about to escape with Sasuke via the Inter-Dimensional Portal Jutsu. In the last moment, I... managed to get Sasuke away from the snake, but I couldn't get away from the portal in time." explained Naruto, hoping that Dume didn't notice his near slip about how he really stopped Orochimaru from abducting Sasuke. "After that, everything else was like a blur until I blacked out. When I came to, I wound up face-to-face with one of the Toa, before a Turaga knocked me out with a hammer. When I woke up again, I was cuffed to the ground with all of the Toa and Turaga flocking all around me."

"I see." said Dume. "I apologize for the discomfort that you've experienced from the Toa and my fellow Turaga. But, in their defense, they have never seen an outsider such as yourself before."

"Don't worry about it. I would have reacted the same way." said Naruto. "But none of that is important right now. Right now I need to know where did the first shooting star land? Where is Orochimaru?"

"Do not worry, young Naruto. We will find this Orochimaru, and put an end to his evil. But for now, I'm afraid that there is very little that we can do at this moment." explained Dume.

"But you don't understand! Orochimaru never stops plotting for an instant. The more time that you leave him to his schemes, the worst it'll be-"

"I understand the severity of the situation, but you must see that at this time, we are at a disadvantage. Our Toa are currently still recovering from preventing a catastrophe that would have meant the end for all of us. The struggle has exhausted them both mentally and physically, and to send them out searching for someone as slippery as Orochimaru would only be counter-productive and dangerous in the long run." explained the eldest Turaga.

That gave Naruto pause. He had to admit, he did sound a bit crazed, and hadn't given any thought as to what had happened to Metru Nui or its inhabitants prior to his and Orochimaru's abrupt arrival. With a deep sigh, the blonde resigned that the search for the serpentine outlaw would have to wait.

"Okay then, what do we do now?" sighed Naruto.

"For now, we rest for the night, and address this problem in the morning, when we are at our finest. But first, I believe that an introduction to the other Turaga and Toa is long overdue. That way, there won't be any room for further...misunderstandings." said Dume.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Turaga? My last encounter with them wasn't exactly good for first impressions, if that hammer-wielding Turaga's actions were anything to go by." said Naruto.

"You have nothing to fear, shinobi. I had left Turaga Vakama to explain your origin and your current situation to the others whilst we were talking, so they won't see you as much as a threat as they did before. Although there are probably a few that will unfortunately still distrust you at some degree, I will personally see to it that no harm shall fall onto you. Now, come along, there's no point in delaying the inevitable." said Dume, before he started towards the group of Toa and Turaga.

Naruto just sighed. "Why does sound like those are going to be the last words that I ever hear?" he muttered, while he followed the Turaga nonetheless.

"Don't worry about it so much." said a voice from his right, which turned out to be Takanuva. "Most of the Toa and Turaga won't give you much trouble. But you would do well to watch yourself around Tahu, Kopaka, and Onewa; those three have a tendency to be a bit hard on others, and it'll take time before they fully trust newcomers like you."

"Great. Just, great. That's all I need now; two Toa and a Turaga watching me as if I'm gonna snap and go on a killing spree like some homicidal maniac." muttered Naruto dryly. As the trio got closer to the group, he could see each of the Toa and Turaga train their sights on him, making him feel agitated in no time at all. Immediately, he noticed three figures that seemed to be staring at him harder then the others.

Dume stopped a few feet from the main group, his bright eyes slowly surveying the gathered group. "I take it that Turaga Vakama has explained everything whilst I was away?" he asked.

It was the blue Turaga that answered. "Yes, Turaga Dume." she said. "Forgive me for saying this, but a revelation of this nature seems almost too surreal to be true, and some of us still have trouble accepting all of this." At that point, the light brown hammer-wielding Turaga gave a snort of skepticism, before he nudged by by a diminutive gray Turaga that wielding a drill staff.

Turaga Dume made no physical reaction that he noticed the little exchange between the two Turaga, and continued on. "I realize that all of this is a lot to accept, and that my word does not hold as much credibility as it once did. I apologize for keeping this a secret for so long, but it was done with the intention of keeping the inhabitants of two worlds from destroying the balance that maintained order and life as we and our guest know it." he said, while gesturing to Naruto with his free hand, drawing everyone's attention to the boy. Naruto had to fight back the cringe at feeling so many pairs of eyes focused on him. "But, as we have all come to learn, things sometimes do not go as we planned." continued Dume. "Coincidentally, this young shinobi has been unintentionally transported here through a severely unfortunate event that has occurred on his home world. For now, he will be staying with us in Metru Nui as my guest, and as such, I expect each and everyone of you to be courteous to him for as long as he is here." finished Dume, with a serious look on his visage.

It was the red and silver armored Toa that stepped forward. "Of course we will, Turaga Dume, on the grounds that your guest abides by our laws, and does not do anything to jeopardize the lives of the Matoran." he said, while staring directly at Naruto, as if waiting for him to snap into action. Naruto just stood in his place, and stared back at the Toa, not backing down from its hardened gaze.

"I assure you all, that my guest will be on his best behavior." replied Dume, be fore he turned to face Naruto with a solemn glance. "You will be sure that you follow our customs and obey our city's rules, correct?"

Naruto's face grew dead serious as he faced the Dume, the inquiring red and silver Toa, and the rest of the gathered group. "I give you my word that I will abide to your laws. I will not attack any of you, or the Matoran. But, I reserve the right to defend myself, should I be attacked by anyone." he said in a dead serious tone. The Toa didn't vocally respond, but instead chose to stare intensely at the shinobi, who stared back at the guardian with an equally intense gaze.

"Thank you, young one. That is all that we ask." said Dume briskly, wanting to stomp out any physical confrontations before they began. The red Toa, however, looked as if he wanted to argue with Dume on the matter, but decided against it.


Abandoned Sector of Metru Nui.

The battered, blooded man continued on, regardless of how much his body protested it, with seemingly no specific destination in mind. His haggard panting was the only sounds that could be heard, if anyone or anything was even there to hear it. He was in excruciating pain: his right leg barely had the strength to support his weight, and he was pretty sure that he had a few cracked ribs, to say nothing of the arm that was broken in at least three different places. Blood was seeping through the numerous cuts that covered his body. Every step that he took sent fresh waves of pain through his entire body. But Orochimaru refused to give in and stop to regain his strength. He had suffered through worst injuries, and he refused to be beaten by such petty ones as these. Things were not going as he had planned: he was without his new vessel, he had numerous injuries, and was without Kabuto's medical expertise to help heal them. If his enemies were to find him now, he knew that he wouldn't stand a chance. And all it took for all of his plans to go up in smoke was that blasted fox demon jinchuriki; that boy always seemed to find away to change things out of his favor.

"I swear by my life that I will kill that boy in the most excruciatingly painful way imaginable, the next time that I see him. But none of that matters now. Everything will soon be in my favor, now that I'm in the promised land." muttered Orochimaru. "The land mere men became living legends. The land were the impossible is made possible. The utopia that all men strive to find!" he finished with near hysterical laughter. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and he started to cough uncontrollably, deep hacks accompanying them. It wasn't long until the loud commotion was ended by a large hack, with his mouth opening at a large width that was most common amongst snakes. Two hands shot out of the traitorous sanin's throat and quickly clasped onto the mouth, before it tensed up as if they were pulling something up. Slowly but surely, two arms emerged from Orochimaru's body, followed by a pale head of long black hair, then by a torso, until finally an exact copy of the traitor emerged. After casting an emotionless glace to his discarded "skin", and then examining his newly healed body, Orochimaru made his way towards a nearly collapsed building. There was huge gaping hole in front of it, with a dark tunnel that burrowed deep into the ground, showing no hint to were it went. This didn't give the ex-Leaf nin any pause, as he began the long trek into the darkness below, his eagerness and determination out-weighing any deterrents that would have given beings of saner minds a warning to stay away.

"Yeessssss. Very soon, I will have everything that I could have ever wanted. I'll be able to finally become an equal alongside my greatest idol!" cackled Orochimaru, before he erupted with a fit of maniacal laughter, which gradually decreased in intensity as the snake continued down towards the unknown.

To Be Continued...



1) Kane-Ra: a bull-like rahi found in Metru Nui and Mata Nui.

Well, that's that. I know that it is kind of dry, but hey, at least it's better than nothing. Though, it does leave a few questions: Who is' Orochimaru's idol? Will the Toa and Turaga accept Naruto? Can they catch Orochimaru before it's too late? Find out next time.

I can not express how sorry I am with the lack of updates. But, what with traveling around Spain, and then a computer virus converting the file folders of my USB flash drive into program shortcuts, things can be quite difficult in updating stories. Seriously, it had gotten to the point where I wanted to toss my computer of the top of Gibraltar's hill, and throw my flash drive over Sevilla's electric tram tracks. Still, I'm looking for DA artists that specialize in Naruto and Bionicle(possibly good humanized Bionicle) art styles. If you know anyone that fits in this description, please let me now Please R&R!