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'Waking up to see that everything is okay,
The first time in my life and now it's so great,
Slowing down, I look around and I am so amazed,
I think about the little things that make life great,
I wouldn't change a thing about it,
This is the best feeling.'

Not for the first time since he had walked into the abandoned warehouse, Sam thought it might have been a better idea to wait for Dean.

The uneasy feelings he was getting from the warehouse were making his stomach turn, and since Jessica, he had learned to trust his feelings. Then again with his recent possession and week from hell, he hadn't trusted himself as much as he used to, no matter how much Dean tried to convince him to.

His brother hadn't been too happy with his idea to go it alone either, and Sam wondered if maybe he should have listened to both of their instincts.

Too late now, I'm already here.

When he had come upon the warehouse on his way back from researching in the library, he had thought it would be worth checking out, and had called Dean to let him know he would be running a few minutes late.

It wasn't that Sam had a death wish, or that he just didn't care to listen to Dean's orders; Sam just didn't want his brother to think he needed to do everything when it came to hunts. His brother had always helped people when they needed it, and he had been there for Sam all his life, and Sam just wanted to give Dean a little bit back.

Since the whole angel fiasco, and Sam's own drunken stupor; the youngest Winchester hadn't felt very useful either, and he figured going after the djinn alone might have been his own way to throw his hat back in the proverbial "hunting" ring.

He had thought it would just be a routine look around to make sure the djinn wasn't hiding right in plain sight. Then he had seen the dropped book bag, and the drag marks that had been leading away from the bag, and he had been pretty sure that maybe he was a little too 'right on' than he wanted.

Shrugging a hand through his hair, Sam scrunched it in his fist for a moment, before resuming his search for the djinn. He wasn't completely sure he had the right place, but he couldn't leave without thoroughly searching it, it just wasn't in his nature. It was also morally ingrained that if someone was in trouble, Sam wasn't just going to leave them there to fend for themselves.

His eyes swept over the crates stacked against the wall hall, not expecting, but ready for something if it were to jump out at him. He hadn't heard much about djinn's, but he figured they had to be sneaky creatures, for so many to fall for their tricks, and Sam didn't want to be one of those caught off guard.

He held his knife out in front of him in caution as he wandered deeper into the abandoned building, hoping it would be enough to take care of the monster. He wasn't a big believer in under stocking his weapons though, and a 9mm tucked into the back of his jeans, along with a flask of holy water in the inside jacket of his coat proved that fact.

Hearing a whimper coming from somewhere ahead of him, Sam tensed and held the knife tighter, his eyes continuously sweeping the area in front of him as he made his way toward the fear filled sound.

He cautiously pushed a slightly ajar door, opening it wide enough for him to sneak through, thanking whatever was holy that it hadn't creaked. Taking a deep breath, Sam flattened himself against the wall. Knife held to his side in constant vigilance, Sam eased himself through the opening.

The sight of the room made him want to vomit.

Bodies in various states of decay hung from chains tossed over the support beams. Most were dead or nearly so, and the smell was overwhelming in its intensity. Rotting flesh, urine, and feces made up the combined odor in the room, and Sam coughed, drawing his Carhartt covered wrist to cover his mouth and nose.

His eyes watered as he took in the room, keeping close to the wall as he searched for sign of the djinn. Another whimper made its way through a young girl's parted lips and Sam turned, intent to help the girl.

He made it no more than three steps before a creature, looking disturbingly like a man covered in tattoos, grabbed him. Sam was turned and slammed into wooden supports, hard enough for the air to leave his lungs and his head to crack against the wood.

His vision blackened as a hand gripped his wrist, and the other flexed its way around his neck. Sam gasped as the hand tightened harshly, squeezing what little air was left from him.

Instinctively, he grabbed the hand around his throat with his free hand, and tugged, wheezing as the djinn only tightened its hold. He lashed out with a knee, slamming it as hard as he could into the thing's stomach.

The hold around his wrist and neck broke, and the creature doubled over. Sam wasted no time in lunging for the djinn, his arm swinging the knife towards its side. He was caught mid-lunge, and thrown toward the stairs. Landing heavily on his side, his grip on the knife opened, and the weapon slid across the floor, out of reach and useless.

His head spinning, and pain streaking through his side, Sam turned and started to raise himself on his elbows, his head hanging limply between his arms. Before he had a chance to clear his head, a strong arm gripped him by the back of the neck and threw him at the stairs he had previously landed at the bottom of.

Once again his breath left him, and he coughed. Before he could move, the djinn was straddling his waist, a hand once more gripped his throat and another one crackling with what looked like blue electricity was lowering itself to his head.

Oh god, I should have waited for Dean. Panic gripped him, swirling around his mind and through his thoughts; his instincts screaming at him to get away from the creature towering over him. Fear trumped his flight instincts, and he wondered when he had decided to go against the teaching his father and Dean had beat into him all his life.

Always make sure you have backup, it could save your butt on the simplest hunt.

Sam's free hand rose to clamp around the sparking appendage, and he struggled with all his might to keep the hand from his head. He didn't know exactly how djinn's granted wishes, and if he had his way, he never would.

The muscles in his arm bulged and strained, and an aching burn forced its way through his forearm the longer he fought off the creature, but Sam didn't care. All he cared about was keeping that hand from his head. To keep himself from becoming one of the victims hanging around him.

Thoughts swam their way into his head as the crackling energy got closer. Memories, thoughts, voices, feelings- they all forced their way into his consciousness as the creature above him struggled to make him surrender.

His mother burning on the ceiling as his father yelled, and he watched with infant eyes.

Dean bundling him into his arms and running from the burning house that had once been their home.

Jess screaming…Burning!

Dean pulling him from the apartment as he cried out for his girlfriend.

The closer the hand pushed to his head, the more vivid the images became- the harder his memories beat at him.

Sweat ran from his forehead and Sam's fingers cramped as he held the hand bearing down on him, away. When his fingers spasmed, and the djinn slipped from his grasp, Sam knew he was in trouble. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop the monster from entering his mind. He only hoped that Dean would figure out something was wrong, and come for him, sooner rather than later.

White lances of pain seared their way through the side of his head as the djinn's hand fastened itself to the spot, and Sam's teeth ground down against each other in reaction. His eyes flew wide open, and he hissed through his clenched teeth as he felt the djinn's consciousness search through his own for remnants of his wishes, his dreams.

Maybe that was how it worked. It kept its victims occupied with what they thought was their wishes come true, while it sucked the life from them. It projected their deepest desires to them, while it drained them. It didn't grant wishes, it only made the victims think it did, while they slowly died.

As Sam's vision was darkening, and his conscious fading, he vaguely wondered what would happen when he woke. Where exactly he would wake, but as his would dissolved, all thoughts floated from his grasp, and the world fell away.


Sam woke with a gasp and shot up from the bed he had been lying on.

Wait a minute…Bed?

He had been lying on the stairs when the creature had gotten to him, not on a bed.

He looked around the room, trying to get a feel for where he was, but not recognizing anything in his surroundings. He had never been in a room that even remotely modeled this one, and as he studied his surroundings more, everything became even more confusing.

Since when do I like baseball? He asked himself as he looked over the trophies lining the wall, and the pictures of his father, Dean, and himself in baseball uniforms.

The door opening tore him from his thoughts, and he looked over to see who it was. As he took in the sight of the blond standing before him in her Smurf pajamas, his breath caught and his eyes widened.



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