Roscoso's Treasure Planet

Saying Goodbye

We find ourselve's in the Blackness of space, when suddenly a portal appeared out of nowhere, and Alyssa and the Legacy just made it out, and where heading for Toontressor Spaceport,

"Wahoo! Yeah!" Alyssa cheered, as she landed on the ship she high fived Ross,

"Haha! Didn't I say she had greatness in her!" Ross said, even the tied up pirate's cheered, Tails and Erin then hugged each other and then smiled at each other, and Alyssa landed on the ship,

"A little unsual, but very effective, I think I think I'll recommend you for the Interstellar academy, they could use someone like you!" Erin said with a smile,

"Just wait till your mom hear's about this, of couse we will leave out the very dangerous thing's!" Tails said,

"Alyssa that was UNFORGETTABLE, I know you don't like touching, but get ready for hug girl!" Gamma said before giving Alyssa a hug to his surprise She hugged him back,

"Hey you hugged me back, Ah I said i wouldn't cry!" Gamma said before starting to cry, Alyssa noticed that Ross and Morph where gone, their where in the longboat Hanger,

"Morphy we gotta make track's!" Ross said,

"You never quit do you," She said,

"Ah Alyssa, just uh making sure our last longboat was secure," Ross said making a very weak knot, Alyssa then walked over and made a much better knot,

"That outta do it," Alyssa said, as Ross chuckled,

"I taught you to well!" Ross said, with a slight smile, while Alyssa was smiling in the inside,

"Now uh, isn't a really good time for me to go to the slammer, if you won't let me go, do it for Morphie, he's a free spirited Pokemon, but being in a cage would break the little guys heart," Ross said, as Alyssa stared at them she noticed Morph giving her the Puppy Dog's eye's before smiling, and pressing the hatch opening Button, and Untieing the Rope,

"Hey why don't you come with us?" Ross said, as Morph transformed into a Pirate Hat and Landed On Alyssa's head, "You and me, Ross and Alyssa, full of ourselves and no tie's to anyone!"

"Heh, you know when I first got on this boat I would have taken that offer up in a second," Alyssa said while she took Morph off her head, "But, I met this Pokemorph, and he told me to chart my own course. that's what I'll do!" with that Ross smiled,

"So what do you see off that Bow of your's?" Ross asked, Alyssa smiled,

"A future," She said, as Ross chuckled,

"Look at you, glowing like a Moltres in it's prime!" Ross said as both Him and Alyssa started to tear up, "Your gonna rattle the stars you are Alyssa!" With that the two friend's hugged for probably the last time, when they stopped Morph started to cry, turning into a puddle,

"Hey Morphie, don't worry I'll see you around!" Alyssa said, Morph then Licked her cheek before hopping on Ross's shoulder's, Ross then faced his friend,

"Morph, I have a job for you," Ross said, "I need you to keep an eye on this young pup," Alyssa then smiled,

"Will you do that for me?" Ross asked, with that Morph Saluted Ross and then hopped on Alyssa's Shoulder's, as Ross on the longboat, started to leave the ship,

"Oh yeah catch!" Ross shouted as he tossed to Alyssa, the last of Whisker's treasure, "It's for your mom, so you can fix that Inn," Ross said winking,

"So long, Pirate," Alyssa said with a smile,

"Why Alyssa when have I never," Ross said, laughing as he took off, while Ross disapeared Alyssa and Morph looked on.

A few hour's later the Legacy had lanced on toontressor spaceport, while a crowd where already their so was Shenzi, looking for Alyssa, when Alyssa found her and they Hugged, Meanwhile Morph was sitting On Alyssa head again, a few day's later the Toon Inn, was as good as new, where everyone was celebreating, Erin, Tails, Gamma and Shenzi and a huge amount of People, when suddenly the front door's opened revealing Scracth and Grounder who showed to everyone Alyssa...wearing an Naval Officer's suit, as everyone cheered, Alyssa shook hand's with Scratch as Grounder Saluted, with that everyone Began to party, Everyone was Cheering, Laughing, Dancing and many more, As Alyssa smiled at the happiness, that her mom was showing, she stared out of the window, where the cloud's seemed to form the Person that had Help change her, Ross D Heuchan.