Chapter 9

In a parallel dimension, an omnipotent being sat, looking down at the scene below him. His body was nothing but a mass of swirling energy. He could have taken on a humanoid form like C'eridyall, H'ronmeer or L'Zoril. He just chose not to, seeing no need for it right now. Perhaps in the future He might be persuaded to take on a more pleasing form but for now this one would do.

Now though, now he had more pressing matters. He reviewed over everything that had happened. Knowing that C'eridyall and L'Zoril would no doubt inform Him of the situation, but He preferred to see with His own eyes (metaphorically speaking of course). C'eridyall hadn't lied to Him perse but she hadn't told the complete truth.

H'ronmeer had nearly killed an innocent. He had known something was wrong the second He'd felt J'onn's energy spike. The only time a Martian's energy spiked that high was if they were in terrible danger, or in Heat. And seeing how He couldn't pick up any negative emotions from J'onn, He figured it to be the second.

At first He had been enraged that H'ronmeer would dare to put His only Child's life in such danger, and over such petty reasons too. In fact, He had been mulling over a suitable punishment for the foolish God when He decided to observe how J'onn was doing.

And that was when He had come to the conclusion that while reckless, H'ronmeer did have a point.

It had been years since He'd felt such emotions rising from J'onn. For so long He had felt nothing but apathy, and while being in the League helped him come out of his shell, He could still see that J'onn was missing something.

Now though, now He could since several things rising from His Child.

Fear, humor, regret, lust, contentment, sadness, anger, and while not all the feelings were positive things, J'onn was still showing more emotion than he had since making Earth his new home.

Of course, the whole 'killing an innocent' thing would have gotten H'ronmeer stripped of his powers until he could redeem himself, if L'Zoril hadn't stepped forward with his plan. His Child wasn't too pleased, and for a second He actually thought J'onn's mate was going to die, and was even pondering making an appearance, when J'onn's mate spoke up.

Heard what the human had to say, and relaxed, pleased with J'onn's choice. Yes, the human would do.

Now, everything was fine. The human wasn't dying and J'onn was happy. For the most part. And He hadn't even needed to make an appearance--

This time.

However, even though things had turned out okay, He still needed to have a word with H'ronmeer. Someone was going to have to tell the Earth Gods what was going on and it wasn't going to be him...

After all, he was an omnipotent being. Not stupid.


I am currently working on the sequel. I have a few chapters written. What I don't a suitable name. So far I'm calling it 'Mates 2'. Hardly original, yeah? xD soooo...suggestions?