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Dante felt his heart race with excitement as he watched Nero disappear up the stairs, his clothes on the floor behind him. He ran following him, jumping over any furniture that got in his way. He hopped up the stairs on one leg while trying to get the cowboy-like boot off the other; he had never felt so flustered and anxious before, his mind swimming with possibilities. Nero popped his head out, looking down the stairs at him. Dante stared up at a nearly-naked Nero, dressed only in a pair of black boxer-briefs and a smile.

"What's wrong with you? Getting slow in your old age?" Nero smirked, leaning against the wall.

Dante gave a low animal like growl before he pounced his way up the stairs and onto Nero, pressing him against the wall with great force, some picture frames that hung there came crashing to the floor. He could feel the heat of Nero's bare skin against him; even through his own clothes he could feel the comforting warmness as he kissed him deeply.

Nero was still smiling to himself, feeling giddy and ready to take what was his. He broke their kiss and spoke in a laugh; "You don't need Viagra do you?"

Dante pressed his knee to the wall between Nero's thighs, taking the younger man's hand and placing it on his own throbbing cock. "Does it feel like I need it, kid?"

Nero moaned lightly as Dante kissed his neck. He decided now was the time to start getting Dante as scantily-clad as he was.

Dante kept kissing him, and was amused by Nero's grunts of effort to get him undressed. "What's wrong?"

"I'm having trouble un-doing all your Goddamn belts!" Nero said, annoyed. "How the fuck am I supposed to get into these pants anyway? I'm not a locksmith!"

"Ha!" Dante was amused, he always did find Nero's outlook on things, as sarcastic as they were, rather humorous. "You're too cute. Here." Dante stepped back, un-doing all the clasps of his shirt and pants. "How's that, think you can manage now?"

"Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for two seconds?" Nero snarled.

"Oh, fucking feisty are we? Well, I don't know about me shutting the fuck up, but I've got something that'll fucking shut you up, kid."

"Oh yeah? I bet you do." Nero said in a low sexy whisper, sinking to his knees. "Why don't you give it to me?" He spoke, looking up at Dante, his icy blue eyes glimmering in the soft light of the hallway.

Dante gave a low groaning sound of approval. "I'm only half-human, so I can't resist that, can I?" He smiled lightly, feeling Nero unzip his pants.

Nero was taking him in then, in that moment; feeling his body as he slid Dante's pants down, getting a good grip on his firm ass, feeling the heat of him in his hands.

Dante felt the cool air on him as soon as Nero had his pants and boxers (a pair similar to Nero's which amused him) moving downward. His cock springing out of the confinement they were in, his erection throbbing and protruding him forward, the head poking Nero on the lips as soon as it was free.

Nero felt a slight knot of panic in his stomach at the sight of Dante, the size of it shocked him, although he couldn't say why, he knew it was going to be big, he just hadn't prepared himself enough. What he was afraid of he couldn't say for sure.

"You don't have to do that if you think you can't handle it." Dante said, running his fingers through Nero's hair.

"You fucker." Nero said, insulted. In that moment he didn't feel afraid anymore, once again his pride rose to the top of his emotions and he felt he had something to prove. "You'd like that wouldn't you, for me to say that The Great Dante's cock is too much for a poor boy like me to handle."

"Poor kid." Dante shot back, with his famous perverted smirk.

"You got me all wrong, asshole." He said, then shocked Dante into an intake of breath when he spit on his cock. A huge gob of hot spit landing on his shaft.

Dante was alarmed at the harsh action, the sudden feel of wet warmth on his eager swollenness. "Sweet fuck." He whispered lightly.

"Oh, that got your attention did it? You're with me now?"

"Shut the fuck up, kid. It's about time you used that dirty mouth for something other than talking."

Nero felt a tinge of excitement at that, the surge of foulness coming from Dante. The sharp sting of his words making him even more turned on.

He didn't reply, didn't need to. He felt the smooth head of Dante's cock on his lips then, pushing into his mouth, Dante's hands still in his hair, pushing, no, gently forcing his head downward.

Dante grunted again, feeling the hot, wet, silky smooth sliding of his cock going into Nero's mouth. He hot coating of spit covering and lubricating him. He could feel the wet muscle that was Nero's tongue massaging the underside of his shaft.

Nero was aware that there was no way in hell he was getting Dante completely inside his mouth, but Dante didn't seem to mind. The pleasure-based moans coming from him let Nero know he was doing his job.

He could feel Dante throbbing on his tongue, on the sides of his mouth. He could taste the saltiness of his skin and light traces of pre-cum, enjoying it, relishing in it, like it was something he'd wanted for so long, he supposed that it was, even if he was just realizing it now. Then, he felt Dante force his head a little more, and a little more, until he was, quite literally, fucking his mouth, slow yet forceful and strong.

Nero moaned and Dante could feel the vibration all the way through him, making his cock tingle and pulsate. He knew this couldn't go on much longer, if it did he would lose it completely, and too soon. He pushed a little harder, then without realizing how far he had pushed himself inside Nero's mouth, he felt himself stop. He could push no further, he felt the head of his cock bring up on the back of Nero's throat. The solid wall of muscle pressed against his head. He felt the younger man gag, his throat made a light seizure. It was too much; the spasm and squeezing feeling of Nero's throat clinging and squeezing him, the sight of the long gobs and strings of spit running out of Nero's mouth and unto his chest was overwhelming. He had to get out.

In a swift brutal movement he pushed Nero off of him and sprawling on his ass on to the floor. Nero took a sharp intake of breath right way, glad to be breathing again, but aroused more than ever before.

Dante lost his balance and fell against the wall, thank God it was there, he thought, or he would have gone done on his ass as well. He was gasping. "Oh my sweet FUCK!" Dante cursed again, rubbing a hand over his face.

Nero collected himself and got to his feet, walking over to him. He was more than enticed at the sight of Dante's now raging hard cock, the strain of it visible, the red-purple color of it, the tight skin all over it, swollen balls and posture of a cock so hard it was curved up. He dropped his boxers-briefs and let his own hardness come to light, walking over to Dante, slipping his arms around him, kissing his chest and neck.

"You ready to fuck me now, or what? I can't wait all day. I realize that you old people are slow and all, but I have needs."

"You smartass fuck, I should have gagged you with my cock while I had the chance!"

"Yeah, yeah, you were like putty in my hands, or should I say mouth?"

"You dirty boy." Dante laughed. The sight of his smile made Nero feel good. Like he was doing a good job that was appreciated. "I love it."

Dante pulled Nero closer, so their erections touched while kissing. He could feel Nero was ready go and he was more than willing to take him.

A simple understanding is what they had, an unspoken one. Dante was always in control. From the moment they met Dante was in control. They both knew it, both accepted it. Nero would never say it out loud of course, but it was there in the air nonetheless.

At the end of the day, Dante could bend Nero until he broke if he wanted to; if he were the type. Their fighting had all along been a symbolic gesture for how they're fucking would go down. Nero putting up one hell of a fight, and Dante humoring him all the while, because he knew that's what Nero wanted and craved. He knew when to make him fell like he was winning, and then make him fall in defeat. He knew that it was what Nero wanted, that the feeling of losing was the most arousing thing. That sometimes you just needed someone to teach your ass a lesson, and take you down. Get you to shut up, eat your words, and swallow your pride. Dante once had someone do that for him. He once had someone unimpressed with his cocky attitude and had him taken down a few pegs. He difference being Dante was a different kind of person. He was warm and loving, and all in all, he would never hurt Nero, never think of hurting him just because he could.

Nero only wanted someone to care enough about him to do that, someone to take a look at how alone he felt, someone to care enough to take the time to teach him a lesson. Dante was more than glad to do that, and make Nero feel wanted and like a man at the same time, make him feel like he was something special, that he mattered. Nero has promise, he's fiery and emotional, and he's all the best parts of Dante when Dante was his age; hostel on the outside, yet sweet and warm inside. Dante was glad that he hadn't been scarred, had a natural sweetness (no matter how badass he tried to come off), and didn't have anyone to take that away from him and hurt him.

When they first met, Dante could remember Nero tightly locking his legs around him, intertwining their bodies, and Dante placing the long barrel of Ivory into the side of Nero's mouth, firing it off. Not really giving him anything he didn't want, but loving the way Nero acted like he didn't want it, when he could see so plainly in his eyes that he did. What could be a more fitting demonstration of everything they stood for now? What could be more perfect? It was complete. Dante would always be in control, always have the handle, and Nero would gladly be handled as well. Dante needs him and Nero needs him just as much, perhaps more. Dante may be Nero's brother figure, his protector, the one who always saves him, but in a way, Nero has saved him too; protecting is what he does, it's his purpose for living. He thanks him for breathing some fire back into his lonely life again, for lighting a spark in the darkness, for filling the void, the void of a brother lost to him in the very same darkness that Dante was able to resist. Dante himself was bent, bent and broken once, a long time ago. Love can break you, love can break you when you're willing to die to protect someone that does not what your protection, now it was time to be repaired. Nero makes him feel whole again, and for that, he will protect him, he'll play the games he wants to play, do what it take for Nero, for one simple and pure reason; love.

Dante led Nero to the bed in his room, pushing him down and covering over him, their naked bodies touching, the both of them smelling, feeling, and taking each other in, creating a comfortable silence. It was so rare for either of them to be silent. Nero ran his hands up Dante's back, and shifted himself underneath him, once again wrapping his legs around Dante's midsection.

"Fuck me." He panted, pulling Dante's ear to his mouth.

"Oh, I'm getting there. Don't be impatient, ki--." He stopped. "Nero." He reached over him for a brief second, to the nightstand next to the bed.

"What the hell are you doing?" Nero whined, impatient.

"Hang on, damn it. I'm getting a rubber."

"No." Nero protested, catching Dante's arm with is wildly glowing Devil Bringer. "I don't want that."

"Too bad! Damn, you're a horny mother fucker! It'll only take two seconds to whip it on, stay cool, baby."


"Fuck, why not?" Dante looked at him with an amused expression.

"Because I want you bare inside me." Nero moaned, in his sexy way.

In that moment Dante almost said yes, could barely refuse him, hated refusing him, but he came to his senses. "I can't fall for that again. I have two perfectly good reasons for using this thing; one, this is probably going to hurt you a bit, you'll be praying for all the lube your ass can get when this thing starts, and I will not hurt you anymore than necessary. A certain amount of hurt you'll like, but I will NOT damage you or make this unpleasant for you, which it will be if I try and dry fuck you. Number two…"

"I think you sold me on the first reason, thanks." Nero interrupted.

"Good, but nonetheless, there is a number two; the reason that is most important to me. I'm not like you, Nero. I'm not a whole human, there's demonic blood pumping through me, and I don't know if that can infect you in some way or not."

Nero nodded. "I got it. Sorry."

"Ha, don't pick now to start apologizing, believe me, if it weren't for those pesky reasons, I'd have you on me as close as you could get. Just remember that it's not you, not that I don't want to." Dante stopped, taking Nero's face in his hands and looking him dead in the eye. "I'll make it good for you, I promise. I'll make you cum for me." Dante retrieved the condom, quickly unwrapping it and rolling it gently over his hardness. "Are you ready for me?"

"Stop asking me so many questions and just fuck me already. Fuck me, Dante."

Dante did not answer; he merely kissed him deeply for a moment, then positioned himself. He forced Nero's legs open wider on either side of him, then pressed the smooth head of his cock against Nero's tight opening. "Take a deep breath." He said in a barely there whisper, and began to push forward.

Nero gasped when the head of Dante's cock started pushing against him; he felt the hard pressure even though Dante was taking it very slowly. He felt himself start to open as the hotness slipped inside. The head slipped in and Dante kept pushing, slowly and steadily. Nero felt pain, a pain that was like nothing he'd ever felt. An intrusion inside him, a hot, thick, throbbing intrusion, making him dig his nails into Dante's back and grind his teeth. Dante stopped and started, stopped and started, Nero felt like he wanted to scream it hurt so much, scream in pain and in pleasure, hurting him so badly in such a good way.

Suddenly, he felt himself open, relax more, and the incredible pain that he felt was replaced by incredible pleasure. He could feel the head of Dante's cock deep inside him, pressing against him, and as if pressing a button, unleashed him, made him give in. He could feel the tingling nerve endings of his opening, the hard pushing of Dante against his prostate, his fucking g-spot, he thought. He wanted it, wanted it so bad he could taste it.

"Are you ok?" Dante panted.

"Yes, yes, fuck yes. You feel so fucking good."

"Kid, you should be on my end." Dante was feeling light headed, so much pleasure he was beginning to feel dizzy. Nero had his cock clamped tight, the tightest spot he had ever felt, squeezing him. He could feel the muscles contracting and spasm around him. He began to speed up his pace.

"Yeah." Nero breathed. "Just like that."

"You like that?" Dante teased, figuring talking would help him keep his composure.


"Yes what?"

"I like it. I want it. Fuck me harder, please."

"Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you little minx. You're so Goddamn sexy."

"Give it me, c'mon, show me, fuck me."

Dante's head was spinning, Nero's words like a drum in his ears, driving him mad.

"Ah, fuck. You're so fucking tight. So. Fucking. Tight."


Nero' ass had completely conformed to fit Dante's big throbbing cock. He was snug and fitting and fucking him so good.

After a few minutes of this, Dante's nailing him and making him moan and pant, he spoke; "Nero, get on top of me."

Nero did not reply, he just felt Dante slide out of him, a feeling that was mind-blowing, and quickly moved to shift their positions, he was hungry for more, and couldn't wait to feel Dante slide into him again.

"Backwards." Dante demanded, but softly. "Sit on my cock backwards." Dante positioned Nero where he wanted, his back facing his chest. Nero propped himself up with is muscular legs on the bed as Dante lay underneath him, holding him up by the hips.

"Oh, shit!" Nero yelped suddenly, as he felt Dante shove his cock back inside him. "Fuck me!" Nero moaned again.

"You want it, you'll get it." Dante held Nero still by the hips. "Stay still, don't bounce on me, let me do it."

"Yes." Nero obeyed. Then his yells became a long jumpy moan, as Dante started to pound up into him, fucking him hard and fast in a jackhammer motion, moving so fast, his cock going in and out, pounding so hard, his balls slapping against Nero. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Nero yelped again.

"You like that big cock inside you?" Dante panted, more out of control than ever.

"Uh-uh…yeah." Nero whimpered, unable to mouth a real coherent response, sounding more submissive than ever. "Oh fuck me, I'm gonna cum. Stop, please stop."

Dante complied, not wanting to take it from him if he wasn't ready to give it up.

"I want to face you." Nero said in a rush of breath.

"Alright, whatever you want, baby."

Nero quickly turned around, still on top, but this time lowering himself onto Dante, facing him.

"Let me see it." Dante said, trying not to fill the rubber and Nero's ass while he did so. "Cum for me." Dante sat up, wrapping his arms around Nero and Nero hugging him tightly as well. He was closer to him in that moment then he had ever been to anyone in his life. He felt Nero arch his back, heard him scream his name so loud in his ear he thought it would numb his eardrum, and felt a hot burst of cum fire off between them, it shot out of the head of Nero's cock with such force it exploded on their chests and hit Dante on the bottom of his chin and lower lip.

Nero kissed him, while he was still giving little involuntary jumps on Dante's cock, tasting himself on Dante's lips.

"Get off me, Nero. I'm about to lose it here."

"Oh, shit, sorry." Nero said, in all his passion and pleasure he forgot that Dante must me ready to burst himself. He admired his stamina but felt a little bad he made him wait so long and tortured him so much.

Dante lifted Nero of him slowly, then quickly, got out from under him, practically ripping off his rubber constraint.

"I've got something special planned for you." Nero said. Dante stood, Nero once again going to his knees in front of him. Dante was shocked by Nero again when he felt the strong, very hot grip of the Devil Bringer wrap around his cock.

"Oh, fuck yeah! It's about time you put that thing to some use!"

Nero smiled a sly smile of accomplishment, and without hesitation, began to fist Dante's cock with his special appendage. "Give it to me."

Dante didn't yell like Nero did, instead he made another low growl, and some very heavy breathing. Nero saw the cum rising out of the head of his cock and knew he was ready. In a sudden jerking spasm Dante's cock seemed to get even bigger for a brief moment, right before Nero felt a massive hot shot of cum hit his face and squirt all over the speedily fisting Devil Bringer.

When Nero let go, Dante felt his knees buckle, and finally, he collapsed back onto the bed relieved, his cock throbbing and aching. "Don't touch it! I think it might fall off if you touch it anymore." He pulled Nero up off the floor, reached for his whatever piece of clothing was lying there, and wiped Nero's face gently. Then he pulled him close and kissed him again.

"Would you think less of me if I told you're amazing?"

Nero leaned in, and whispered with an erotic tenderness; "Dante, shut up."

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Dante smoothed the side of Nero's face, looking at him thoughtfully. Not having to say it. Not having to say "I love you" or "I need you" or even "thank you", just being there was enough. A simple understanding is what they had, an unspoken one. That was something Dante was happy to take the blame for.