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Five years today.

Five years ago today Leslie died.

Five years ago today, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

I had been thirteen then, and she had been twelve. Just a year younger than me.

No, not even a whole year. Just a few, measly months. A few months longer, and she would have been thirteen too.

I wonder, sometimes, if she was still alive, would she still believe in Terabithia, like she had back then?

I didn't have an answer, because she wasn't alive. She had never reached thirteen, so thinking about her being seventeen was just too much for me.

I was eighteen, getting ready to graduate in a few weeks time. Then I would go to college, on an art scholarship. I wonder; would she be going to a college on a writing scholarship?

Again, it didn't matter.

No matter how much I wished she hadn't died…no matter how much I regret not taking her to the museum…it doesn't matter, because no matter what I do, she'll still be gone. Forever.

My older sisters were all gone. Two married and one in New York, a model. My younger sisters still believed in the magical world across the bridge. Of course they did. Hell, I still did.

My sketch books were filled mostly with drawings of the adventures Leslie and I had had on the other side of the creek. All of them made up, all of them nonsense. But they were all I had left, those memories.

Those and my dog. PT had met a girl dog before Leslie died, apparently, because three weeks after her parents left, I saw a box of puppies that looked like him.

So I convinced my father to let me get one. His name was PT junior.

But he only reminded me of times long past…he hadn't been there. My father used to tell me that Leslie wouldn't have wanted me to be so gloomy all the time.

And I knew that was true, but I couldn't help it.

Leslie had been like a comet. It blinds you with its brightness.

And like a comet, you were still blind after it went away. But, unlike a comet, the light from Leslie never faded enough for me to see any good in life.

Even at thirteen, I was almost sure that I had loved her. She made me happy, she challenged me, and she was everything good in my life.

And now, at eighteen, I was sure.

I had loved her, and I was almost sure she had loved me.

That was another thing I wondered about, late at night, when I should have been studying for finals or sleeping. I wondered if we could have fallen in love, for real if she was still alive.

But, like I said earlier, wondering about what could be didn't change what was.

I sigh again. God Leslie, I miss you.

"Jesse, stop sighing and go. You're going to be late!" My mom said. I blinked a few times and came out of my daze.

"Okay." I said, getting up to leave for school. But I wasn't going, and both my parents knew it.

Today was the day I went down to the creek, and sat on the bridge, wondering about Leslie.

Today was, after all, the five year anniversary of her death. So this was the one day I would let myself truly wonder what she would be like, sitting on the bridge next to me, smiling and pointing out the fish in the creek, or making up adventures in Terabithia.

Leslie, I miss you so much.

A/N okay, so obviously it was Jesse's POV on the five month anniversary of Leslie's death. Well, this was my first Terabithia one-shot. Sorry for the misspellings, im sure there were plenty of them. Well, R&R.