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A Good Night.

"Oh, this is great," Lina seethed. She'd only moved closer to Gourry because the fire was dying, the night air was getting chillier, and his bulk blocked the wind. And no sooner had she scooted over and laid close to his side did he roll over and drape one brawny arm across her stomach.

Lina started to gather a fireball, ready to blow him into next month, when the unconscious, slumbering swordsman pulled her in to him a little tighter. Lina froze as his loud snores tickled the top of her head, and the warmth from his long legs seeped into her own. The fireball fizzled and died in her hands as she contemplated the situation.

Gourry's hulking body was shielding her from the wind. And he was warm. And he smelled really good. And his arm wasn't invading anywhere too intimate. And the heavy snores meant that he was really and truly asleep. So…

So, Lina turned into his warmth and snuggled deeply into Gourry's chest, breathing in his scent and warming her cold hands on his nicely muscled chest. She could always throw a fireball at him in the morning, she thought lazily as she drifted off to sleep.

Gourry's heavy snores tapered off as Lina's breaths became slow and deep. Grinning slightly to himself, he opened his blue eyes and looked down at the top of Lina's fiery red head. Getting close to Lina was a gamble, and his only real chance at it was when she thought he was asleep. Naturally, he'd perfected his fake snoring and gave it a shot whenever the opportunity arose. More often than not, it earned him a fireball—or a dragon slave if he accidentally landed his hand somewhere inappropriate. All the fireballs she could throw at him were worth it, though, on nights like tonight.

Slowly, so as not to disturb her, Gourry planted a soft kiss on the top of Lina's small head. He smiled down at her sleeping body snuggled tightly into his own.

Yeah, tonight was definitely worth the fireball he was sure to get in the morning.