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A/N: This came up at random. We're reading Romeo and Juliet in English and it just came up. So yea. I am warning you that some of the things in here you'll need at least a very general knowledge of Romeo and Juliet and its characters.

Eat Your Heart Out, Juliet

By Mitsurufangirl009

"O Romeo, Romeo!
wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet."
- Juliet (Act II, scene ii)

It really seemed like we were Romeo and Juliet, but I wouldn't be like her. Oh no, and besides that, my Romeo wasn't like her Romeo. Just like my Paris wasn't like her Paris. Neither was my Capulet like her Capulet. Because my story had a happy ending after the tragic one, my story was better than hers any day.

My Paris was my best friend, he thinks of my Romeo like a brother. My Paris loves ramen, and he wasn't so stupid as to hold on to something, my heart, that was never his to begin with. Because Juliet belonged with her Romeo, and I belonged with my Romeo. My Paris is not European at all, he's Asian, specifically Japanese. My Paris is willing to fight for me, but not like her Paris. He knows killing my Romeo would break my heart, and he'd never want to do that. Because although yes, my Paris loves me, but not in the same as her Paris. My Paris isn't her Paris; in fact, he's no Paris at all. He's more of a Mercutio, anyways, except when he's being Tybalt-- when he's protecting me from my Romeo's harsh words.

My Capulet is different than her Capulet, who did actually biologically help create her. My Capulet doesn't pick fights with my Romeo's Montague, because my Romeo's Montague is dead, but even if he wasn't, my Capulet wouldn't do that nor would he make me marry my Paris, because my Paris already has another girl that could be his Juliet, and he could be her Romeo. But not my Romeo. My Capulet just wants his little girl to be happy, even though I'm no little girl, and I'm not his. He is one of my boys, though.

My Romeo isn't a romantic freak. He's cold, arrogant, and basically a human ice cube. My Romeo's family isn't in a feud with my family, because neither of us have any family anymore to feud against. My Romeo doesn't lavish me with Shakespearean words that, in all truth, don't make any sense to use now days. Doesn't compare me to roses, or anything even remotely romantic. He just smiles at me and lets me hold his hand when we're walking around. He doesn't stop me from using possessive pronouns in front of his name. He doesn't say anything when we're leaving the ramen shop and I'm out of money—just lays down extra cash, grabs my hand and leads me away before, he thinks, I notice. My Romeo is not her Romeo, matter-of-fact—he's no Romeo at all.

And I'm no Juliet.

I'm not fourteen, not twelve, I'm twenty-one, stronger than that little pipsqueak any day. I can fend for myself, own an apartment, buy my own groceries, and everything. I don't need any of Capulets, Romeos, or Parises to look after me, though they do it anyways. I'm not a fool like her, I would've been proud to call my Romeo my husband to my Capulet's face instead of talking to some idiotic Friar Lawrence who told some moronic Friar John, who couldn't even get the message to her Romeo. There was never any Rosaline for my Romeo to long after before me. Because my Paris isn't her Paris, my Capulet isn't her Capulet, and my Romeo is definitely not her Romeo.

I am in love with my Paris, just not like that. I love him like a brother, yet more than that. He's family, but closer than family. He'd never act like such an ass like her Paris. Because my Paris isn't her Paris, because he isn't a Paris at all. He's Uzumaki Naruto, my best friend and brother till forever and eternity that's going to be standing there in a tux, who's almost as nervous as I am, but not nearly as happy—just close.

I don't have to obey my Capulet, even if he does order me to marry her Paris—I don't have to do anything he says. Because my Capulet isn't really my father. My Capulet is my ex-sensei, who at first didn't even notice I was his student at all. My Capulet didn't start acting like a Capulet till I started needing a Capulet. Because my Capulet isn't her Capulet, because he isn't a Capulet at all. He's Hatake Kakashi, my ex-sensei and father figure that's going to walk me down the aisle.

I don't need my Romeo. I can live without him. I love him with all my heart and every fiber of my being with the passion of a thousand suns. But I'm not that desperate. I can live without him, but I'd rather not. Unlike her,who can't live without her Romeo. Because my Romeo isn't her Romeo, because he isn't a Romeo at all. He's Uchiha Sasuke, my fiancé, and my husband in three and a half hours.

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