Price of Happiness



As requested by TheSmallestGhost.

Warnings: Yaoi, AU

Rating: T

Characters: Shunsui, Ukitake

Word Count: 451

Time: 12 minutes

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.

Shunsui sat in the bed, sheets barely pooling over his knees as he stared down at the sleeping figure beside him. He had mistaken the fellow for a woman when he first had seen the long white locks and thin frame standing on the sidewalk, but the man hadn't been offended and Shunsui had still opened the car door for him.

It wasn't like him to pick up men like that. Of course, he'd had his share of prostitutes, but they had always been female and none had ever been as attractive as this man was. He'd also had his share of men, but women always seemed to inspire further lust. There was more to a woman than there was to a man. It was simple as that.

He wasn't complaining, of course. The man lying in the bed—Jyuushirou he'd been told—was surprisingly talented and Shunsui figured he'd been doing these little "favors" for a long time.

It was a shame seeing how painfully young he was.

He was barely out of his teenage years, probably not even old enough for alcohol, but he was standing on the streets waiting for his next paycheck like so many women were forced to do on this side of town. Shunsui never would have thought much about the boy again if he hadn't seen how glad Jyuushirou had been to make him happy.

His fingers pulled through the white locks slowly, fingering the soft roots and the silky stalks. What kind of child could be brought up content to do anything as long as it made one person happy? What kind of happiness was that?

He couldn't understand what the boy had meant when he said he couldn't stand to see people drown in their sorrows. Happiness was bought and sold like everything else.

Shunsui hadn't believed him and denied that happiness could be traded off so easily.

Jyuushirou had given a small, awkward smile and pointed out that Shunsui had just purchased him for a few hours of his own happiness and was there a difference?

There wasn't a difference and Shunsui knew it. He let the boy lead him to his own bed and he just watched as those brown eyes fluttered open and close with every movement they made.

He had been happy, Shunsui mused, dropping a small, tender kiss on the boy's lips. He was still happy if he had to admit, but thinking about this child made him shiver with trepidation.

He wondered how dead this boy was inside and wondered if he'd just killed him any more. Jyuu knew the price to happiness. For some it was money, but for him it had been his life.