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"Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu"

"Good Morning Kurosaki-kun!" a bustful young red head said the boy sitting in his desk.

"Oh, Morning Inoue," Ichigo looked up at Orihime as she settled in the seat next to him, joining the group

"Have you seen the teacher yet?" she asked. When Ichigo shook his head her eyes grew a little bit wider. "AAAHHH! I bet she was attacked by space eating monkeys and," as Orhime traveled off into her own world Ichigo gazed about the classroom. Inoue was right about one thing, it wasn't like the teacher to not be here so late.

"Classes," the loud speaker quieted the noisy classroom, "due to circumstances unknown, all teachers that taught the ninth grade and above are being replaced. Please make your new teacher feel welcome. If you don't I you will answer to me."

As the loudspeaker's voice dimmed ominous footsteps were heard outside the classroom. Classmates exchanged glances. 'Why were the old teachers being replaced?' 'Who were the new teachers?'

"What the hell?" Ichigo muttered so only his friends surrounding him could hear, "Something isn't right- due to unknown circumstanc-"

His sentence was interrupted when a large teal haired intimidating man, supposedly the owner of the ominous foot steps, stepped through the door.

"Alright shit for brains, this my classroom I don't like troublemakers, don't talk back and pay attention. I am Mr. Jaegerjaques, if you don't like it; deal." The man looked directly at Ichigo and smiled.

Ichigo jumped from his seat as his new "teacher" smiled at him.

"NO WAY!" he yelled. The class looked at the usual reticent boy with awe. Why was Ichigo acting this way?

"I think you just earned yourself a detention Mr," the new teacher feigned naivety as he glanced at the class roster, "Kur-o-sak-I." He said the name slowly his grin widening with each individual syllable.

"WHAT? You aren't my teacher! You can't give me a detention!" Ichigo was infuriated. His only haven was being invaded, not only that but now he would have to protect those in his class 

that couldn't defend themselves against people like Grimmjaw. And to add to his already troubled mind: if Grimmjaw was there, who else was? Was Aizen already here as well? He glanced at Chad and the others; if his school was being invaded he would need their help.

"Actually," Grimmjaw said with a small chuckle, "I am your new teacher, since you didn't, or refused to hear me before, and due to that fact I can give you a detention."

"Ha, whatever. Guys get ready," Ichigo dug his hand into his pocket for his Substitute due to the fact that Shiningami badge only to find that it was MIA.

"OH! Kurosaki, looking for this?" his teacher held the missing item and let it dangle almost teasingly in front of the class.

"Bastard, where did you get that?" Ichigo was on his feet with Rukia and Chad at his back.

"Tsk tsk. Is that any way to talk to your teacher Kur-o-sak-i?" Grimmjaw dragged out the syllables again just to infuriate the boy. "I don't think your behavior has been very good. Maybe a few days in ISS will help get rid of that bad attitude."

Ichigo couldn't fight the man in his human form and if he was sent to ISS or whatever Grimmjaw was inferring, he couldn't protect his fellow students. It was a lose/lose situation, but Ichigo wasn't going out without a fight.

"Tch, whatever. You can't make me do anything that I don't want to," the orange haired boy persisted. His classmates were astounded. Tatsuki looked at her childhood friend as if in a trance, since when had Ichigo last acted so strongly about something as small as a teacher change? Taksuki knew Ichigo didn't like the last teacher that much. If he had, he would have shown up to school more often.

"Okay Kurosaki, ISS for you," Grimmjaw announced with a grin only rival to a Cheshire, "with Mr. Aizen."

"WHAT?" Ichigo was now panicking as Grimmjaw closed in and grabbed his arm.

"Oh, you didn't know? Mr. Aizen has replaced the principal and is now in charge of disciplinary actions." The teacher pulled the unwilling student to the door. The others watched as Ichigo struggled in Mr. Jaegerjaques grip. Were teachers even allowed to pull students from the classroom? And why was Ichigo putting up such a fight?

"No noise until I get back chillin's, don't be bad!" Something was definitely wrong with their new teacher, Tatsuki thought. She knew something was wrong as she watched Ichigo try to pull away from the strange man. Ichigo knew something about this man. If it had something to do with Ichigo and she didn't know about it, it was probably part of his secret life that Rukia, Inoue, Chad, and that new student Renji or something shared. By the looks of it; things weren't as they appeared. Tatsuki was tired of not knowing what made Ichigo frown like he did, she was tired of seeing him run of to fight the monsters that she pretended not to see, and she was tired of being 

left behind like an incapable goof. Now it was her time. Ichigo was flung through the hallways by an over-enthusiastic blue haired Espada.

"You're in for it Shinigami," Grimmjaw gloated.

"What is going on? Why are you here?" Ichigo was in shock.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," Grimmjaw was ecstatic, he was practically radiating joy.

"Ha, I bet you don't know! Number six? Come on you have to be really bad to have such a high number," Ichigo was taunting him now- buying time and not having any other way to get back at the blue haired man.

"What'd you say you little shit? You don't understand, do you? We've won, Soul Society is gone. It's just you and your little friends against all of Hueco Mundo." Grimmjaw was easily infuriated.

Ichigo's eyes widened. Soul Society gone? When did this happen? How? So many questions ran through his head he didn't know what to ask. Then the more sensible part of him told him to take a deep breath, and to calm down. Who's to say that Grimmjaw is telling the truth? What gave him any reason to trust the Espada? Besides nothing would come of him being over excited and impulsive.

"And you don't stand a chance against Aizen, or even me for that matter you little weakling, whatever hope you held onto you can let it go now. You are swimming into the shark's mouth, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Fuck staying calm.

"What? Who do you think you are? I've beaten you before Grimmjaw," Ichigo said the man's name like it was poison, "or don't you remember?" Ichigo yanked his arm out of Grimmjaw's grip, glanced down at the once missing arm, and smirked up at Grimmjaw.

They had stopped walking a while ago and were now situated a few class rooms down from the ISS room. Ichigo took a few steps back to put distance between the sadist.

Grimmjaw rammed Ichigo up against the lockers and held him there saying, "You have no powers here now, Shinigami. I can tear you apart."

"Grimmjaw please be gentle with the boy, he is only in his human form."

Tatsuki was getting worried. Their new teacher and Ichigo had been gone for longer than she liked, and the raised voices from the hallway didn't help either.

Well, I guess it's time for me to follow up on my resolve. I can do this, I can help Ichigo, I can save him!

With her resolve strengthened she stood and walked to the door upon opening it she saw something she never wanted to see; Ichigo was standing next to the new teacher with a look on his face that just spelled horror. There was another man in the hallway, but he was new. In fact Tatsuki knew that she had never seen this man before. He was saying something to Ichigo, Ichigo tensed up and made to run, but suddenly, by a force unknown was forced to the ground. The new teacher picked up Ichigo's unconscious form, (he had hit his head when he fell) and walked into the ISS room with the new man following.

Tatsuki was in shock. What was going on? She took a step towards the ISS room when Mr. J. came out.

"Hey you! Get the hell back in the class room!"

Ichigo needed help, and it was Tatsuki's time to save him.

Renji sighed as he looked at the board. This was the most boring part of coming to the real world, school, and this new teacher wasn't helping the situation at all. He was probably the most boring man Renji had ever met. What with his old brown loafers, second century suit, and greased back hair this man was the very definition of dull.

Renji looked over at Rukia, she seemed to be drinking in the lesson. She was furiously copping notes- scratch that, she was just drawing. Renji turned his attention to his other counterpart, Ichigo. He was just sitting there, gazing with a blank look ahead. Renji had never seen Ichigo with such a blank look on his face, usually there was at least a scowl there, but not now.

"PSSSST, Ichigo, what's up?" Renji asked.

Ichigo slowly turned his head and just looked at Renji like he was the first thing he had ever seen.

"What?" Ichigo didn't even pretend to whisper. Renji anxiously looked at their new teacher.

"You look stupid, don't put that face on again!" Renji replied. Ichigo just turned his head back towards the board, but now he had a ridiculous smile on his face.

Fucking hormones Renji muttered under his breath.

Tatsuki returned to the classroom as per Mr. J's request. She looked around. Ichigo was in deep shit and she knew the only one's that could help him were the new kids. Tatsuki glanced at them sitting together. The red haired one was slouched in his chair scowling at the board while Rukia was drawing furiously on a sheet of paper.

"What?" Tatsuki was confused. When Ichigo was around these three acted like they had known each other all their lives, but now they looked like they could care less that he was in mortal danger.

"Well, if they're not going to help, then I guess it's up to me, but how am I going to do this if I don't know what I'm fighting?"

Ichigo opened his eyes groggily, "ugggnnnnnggg," he moaned. Then like the floor had done his head, it hit him, all the memories of what was going on. He shot out of his seat only to regret doing so immediately. His stomach lurched and Ichigo collapsed on the ground holding his head.

"I see you're awake Ichigo." Ichigo slowly turned his head to see the man that he feared most sitting at the teacher's desk acting like invading schools and knocking out students happened on a regular basis for him.

"Aizen! Yeah I'm awake! No thanks to you! You didn't have to knock me out you know! You could have just maybe restrained me, maybe pushed me in, now I'm pretty sure I have a concussion," Ichigo let his pride take over, he was scared, but there was always one part of him that would never shut up. The only downside being, he could say some pretty stupid things whilst his pride was in power.

"Oh but I did, it would have been far to time consuming to drag you all the way in here and besides, Grimmjaw had to get back to his class," Aizen smiled, he knew just how to get under the boys skin.

"Grimmjaw doesn't have a class because he's not a teacher you idiot! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Ichigo was not very surprised when Aizen increased his spirit pressure, he was surprised however when the man smiled and stood up.

"Your right, he is not a teacher. You want to know what's going on? Well I'll tell you. You see, Soul Society has fallen; you and your friends are the only ones that are still a threat to Hueco Mundo, and not a very big one. Being the last threat I decided to crush the problem at its source, so that's why we're here," Aizen had approached Ichigo and was now leering over him.

Not liking the fact that the older and intimidating man was over top of him Ichigo chanced standing again only to be pushed down by Aizen.

"There is no way you could launch and attack on Soul Society and not have us know, what about Renji and Rukia? Their phones would have gone off," Ichigo pushed the man's hand off and stood up despite the protests of legs, stomach, head, and well…body.

"Oh, it was a kind of spur of the moment kind of thing, now we have most of them under capture, but there were some, fatalities," Aizen still towered over Ichigo and Ichigo had a hard time keeping his stance under the man's unrelenting gaze.

Ichigo's eyes widened and he took a step back, "What do you mean fatalities? Who died? Who's captured?"

"All in good time, my dear boy but now I want to make a proposition." Aizen smiled and Ichigo took as an 'I'm really not going to like this' smile.

"Like hell I'd ever make a deal with you, Traitor," Ichigo's eye's flashed with defiance.

"You may want to reconsider, Ichigo," Aizen's spiritual pressure increased again, "taking into account I hold many of your friends captive, including Abarai, and Kuchiki now." His eyes were flashing with anger

"What do you want?" Ichigo hung his head.

Aizen looked at the defeated boy. Sure it had taken a lot of planning to get his far; making it so those fools at Soul Society and Urahara couldn't detect him and his Espada, setting an illusion on the principal of the school along with Kuchiki and Abarai, and tricking Ichigo but it was all worth it: his plan was finally coming together.

"What do you want?" Ichigo asked

"Nothing to strenuous I can assure you, only to join my ranks as an Arrancar, maybe even an Espada- depending on how the transformation goes," Aizen smiled at the look of horror on Ichigo's face. He had known the boy wouldn't like this.

"What the fuck?! First you try to kill me, now you want me to join you and your team of fruit loops? Well someone definitely has not done their research because I'm impulsive, reckless, and not too smart but I'm sure was hell not a traitor and never will be one you over egotistical asshole. And there's nothing that you can say or do to change that fact," Ichigo stood up and then as if in an after thought added, "bastard."

Aizen increased his spiritual pressure forcing the red head to the ground and making it so all Ichigo could do was the basic 'B's- blink and breath. "I don't think you have much of a choice if you want your friends to stay alive, Ichigo-kun. And just to let you know, I hate profanities always have always will; so if you could refrain from using them I'd appreciate it ever so much." He was not at all surprised by the boy's reaction in fact he'd been anticipating it. Aizen then lifted the weight on Ichigo and started walking toward the door.

"I won't do anything you say unless I have proof that my friends are in danger," Ichigo was now leaning on a desk bracing himself incase the older man decided Ichigo's head needed to meet the floor, again.

"I suppose your right, I wouldn't trade myself for something unless I had proof the other end of the deal was indeed going to be met," Aizen looked over his shoulder at Ichigo. He then picked up the phone on the desk and dialed a number. "Grimmjaw, please bring Kuchiki and Abarai to the ISS room, thank you."

Even from down the hallway you could hear the sound of the door being kicked open. It seemed that Grimmjaw didn't like to have his lesson interrupted.

Ichigo was frozen next to his savior the desk, just staring at the door. If this creep is telling the truth I don't know what I'm going to do! I can't let my friends die just because I couldn't swallow my pride… The door was slammed open and in walked Grimmjaw with Rukia and Renji in tow. They were like dolls, limp and eyes closed.

"What have you done to them you freak?!" Ichigo left the safety of the desk to leap at Grimmjaw when he realized that floor was constantly getting closer. He landed on the floor with a crash. Grimmjaw was able to save himself by throwing Ichigo's comrades on the floor and securing him self in the doorway.

"Now, now don't do anything rash Ichigo-kun, your friends, not you, will pay the price," Aizen scolded as he lessened his spiritual pressure.

"What have you done to them? If they're hurt-," Ichigo was cut off by a laugh from the door.

"You'll what exactly? Fall on us? Jesus, you're not that smart are you?" Grimmjaw was smirking, cockily in Ichigo's opinion.

"What'll it be Ichigo? Will you join us and save your friends or will you not join us and kill them?" Aizen was smirking now as well.

Ichigo was at a loss. What was he going to do?

Tatsuki was sitting in her seat quietly, as instructed by her new teacher to do so, when the phone rang.

"What?" her teacher answered irritably.

"Yeah I'll get 'em," The teacher hung up the phone and went to Ichigo's friend's seats who were still acting ridiculous. One was still drawing and the other was still glaring at the chalk board. Mr. J approached them and (much to everyone's surprise) judo chopped them. Rukia and Renji's faces fell on their desks as the slipped into unconsciousness. The other students were in to much awe to speak. They just watched in shock at Mr. J dragged the two students to the door and kicked it open as if the door was responsible for all that had gone wrong in his life.

Tatsuki stood up. If she was going to do something she needed to do it now while the murderous teacher couldn't catch her. She bolted towards the door ignoring the cries of her fellow students calling her back. She needed someone who could help, someone who would know what was going on. She'd need his help- but she wasn't sure she'd be able to get it.