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"Actually, Abarai, it is," Ichigo's voice was a mere shadow of what is had been a few moments ago. It was no long soft but harsh and laced with malice. Aizen was actually impressed. Here he'd thought that he would have to step in and do most of the talking but the boy was proving to be a talented actor.

"What? Ichigo what's going on?" Rukia had gotten a grip on herself and was now standing next to Renji. "What has he done to you?" her voice was, now, the same kind of profound whisper that Renji's had been. So soft, so low, yet so hurtful. Ichigo thought his heart might rip out of his chest due to the pain of his friends' hurt looks. Each soft whisper, each devastated expression seemed to pierce his heart a thousand times over. Ichigo needed to finish this fast, if he didn't he knew for sure that he would break.

"Aizen?" Ichigo asked incredulously. "Nothing, Aizen has done nothing to me. I've merely finally seen the truth in your so called justice- shinigami. You parade around spewing self righteous garbage! Have you realized that all of the so called monsters that we have fought have been by-products of Soul Society's research? The Bountos? The Quincy? Hell, they- heh, I mean- you even created Aizen! All of terrible monstrosities that oppose the Shinigami are those that the Shinigami have made! How much longer?" Ichigo decided get to his point. Most of the things he said had been things that he had stayed up at night thinking about. It was true- all of Soul Society's problems; they had caused them themselves. It was truly a self destructive, self righteous, self involved civilization.

"How much longer, what?" Renji looked up, his face was dark. It no longer held the hurt, betrayed look, no, now it only held anger. This Ichigo could deal with.

"How much longer do you think they were going to keep me alive? You know what I am! A fucking Vaizard! How much longer were they going to wait to come clean up this mess? I'm outside the norm! I'm an abomination!" Ichigo finished and took a breath as if to calm himself. "No, I will not be destroyed because I am different, because I can excel in ways that they couldn't even dream of. I will go where I can climb to the summit of my powers. Once there I will release an avalanche- a purple avalanche where it will destroy Soul Society and I will be undefeatable." Upon saying the words purple avalanche (1) Ichigo looked directly into Rukia's eyes making sure not to change his facial expression but, hopefully, getting his point across.

Rukia's eyes widened with comprehension. "Don't worry, we'll survive," her voice held no hurt- it was reassuring now, like she was trying to comfort Ichigo, "we'll fly over top of your avalanche like a green eagle and we will conquer you, you and Aizen."

Aizen watched this transaction between his new conquest and Rukia. Well, the boy does have strange metaphors… If Aizen had been a lesser man he would have gasped, but of course this is Aizen so he held his emotions in check. He grabbed Ichigo by his hair opened a gargantua and threw the boy through it then turned around to face the shinigami. He raised his reaistu so the two wouldn't be able to make any movements toward him or his portal.

"Well, well, very clever indeed. I must warn you though…he is mine- and will never come to your side again. I look forward to seeing you soon." Aizen smiled and turned to enter the gargantua and said over his shoulder, "If you follow us, please expect a quite painful death. My Espada have been restless recently."


Grimmjaw woke and realized that something was amiss. He looked around to find himself in a quaint tea room with the strange man who he had fought smiling pleasantly from across the room. In front of the man were two cups of tea.

"It's nice to see your awake! I'm sorry I had to resort to such crude means but I really thought we could both benefit from a conversation. Please- have a cup of tea," and with that the man began pouring the warm beverage into the cup nearest Grimmjaw.

Grimmjaw growled. He did not like this mans familiarity with him. It breeds contempt thought the Espada. But then he realized it didn't take a lot for him not to like someone. So Grimmjaw sat up and glared at the cup. It reminded him of Aizen. He back handed the cup and it smashed into the wall, destroying the china. Grimmjaw lifted his gaze then glared at the man.

"You don't like teaI suppose," Urahara tittered and took a sip of his own offensive drink.

"Enough! Just tell me what you want," Grimmjaw banged his fist on the table to emphasize his point.

"Ok, you don't like Aizen. I don't like Aizen. We have a common enemy."

"Yeah, so what about it?"

"We can work together to dethrone him."

"I'm not fighting battles I can't win. You don't know how powerful he is. How many spies he has inside of your secure Soul Society. I hate the guy, yeah. He's an ass. But he lets me fight. If that's all he asks I'm fine."

"Do you like being belittled? Being treated like a troublesome child? And who says that this is a battle you wouldn't be able to win? If we work together you will never have to work for someone again."

At that Grimmjaw started laughing. The Espada was soon paralyzed with it, almost falling over. Urahara's smile faltered.

"HAHAHAHA! You? Work with me? HAHAHAHAHA! That's a great one shinigami!" Grimmjaw's laughter died down and with one finger he wiped the invisible tear off his face. "You don't seem to be clued in here pal, so I'll help you out. Your mission in life is to kill hollows and my mission in life is to be a pain in the ass every step of the way," he chuckled again and leaned his back up against the wall. "I doubt your intentions are friendly. If I agreed then you'd probably just use me and as soon as I was done you'd get rid of me just quickly. No…I don't think so."

"My friend, have you realized that I'm not in Soul Society? That I'm not wearing the traditional robes of a shinigami? It's because I've realized how wrong and destructive that they can be. I'm a separate branch, if you will. I know that, for all your rough exterior, you are generally against Aizen and therefore, in my book, a good guy."


"What the hell Aizen? I was doing what you freaking told be to!" Ichigo yelled at the man entering the white halls. He was trying to play it off that he had no idea why Aizen was so infuriated when, in fact, he had a pretty good idea why.

"Don't try to feign naivety, Ichigo. I was once a member of Soul Society- or don't you remember?" Aizen snarled. Now that he was away from the enemy he could show who truly enraged he was. Ichigo opened his mouth and was about to reply when he was interrupted by Aizen.

"I know about the terms you are given when you become a shinigami. Code words- so that if something goes wrong you can use them to alert your companions without letting the enemy know. My safe word was green rope while my danger word was purple avalanche. It seems Soul Society merely recycles these terms- something to remember. But you don't seem to understand the seriousness of this situation, Ichigo. I'll just have to prove it to you." Aizen bent over Ichigo, who was still on the ground from being thrown through a portal, and mutter a few incomprehensible words. A blue ringlet, like hand cuffs, surrounded Ichigo's wrists and a glowing blue string was attached. The string was obviously meant for Aizen.

"Are you kidding me? A freaking leash?" Ichigo began to pull at the blue reaistu, trying to free himself.

"No. You have proven yourself fully unreliable so I'm afraid I simply must resort to these crude methods- I must shorten your leash. If you will." Aizen smirked at his own joke then stood up pulling the teenager with him.

"Now, let's go see who will pay for your impertinence."


"Don't you remember? The reason you agreed? Oh my boy your memory is truly lacking. I've captured Soul Society. I have your comrades, or should I say old comrades. I'll make them pay for your…mistake. The only question now it what to do?"

"No! Don't! Please, I'm sorry! I couldn't let Rukia and Renji think I'd betrayed them! I'm sorry! Don't hurt anyone!"

"It's too late for any of that Ichigo. You really should think about the consequences of your actions from now on since you won't be the one paying for them."

"What are you going to do to them?"

"Well, I'm no sadist so no torture," Ichigo mentally sighed in relief- that had been one of the worst scenarios he'd been thinking of, "how about an execution? That seems fair right? Who to choose? Why not Hitsugaya? He's been a thorn in my side for quite some time now."

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