A/N: Welcome to the A to Z 100 Word Drabble Series, where every story is approximately 100 words long, and is full of fluff and funniness, and the author's note is nearly as long as the stories themselves. This is a series of drabbles, based on different characters in Harry Potter, using prompts beginning with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I am posting them as oneshots, rather than one long chaptered fic because then I can put them in the correct categories, with the proper characters. The full series can be found in my profile. Enjoy!

I- In-between

"You're beautiful, Lily." James told her as they sat underneath the shade of the beech tree by the lake.

Lily smiled, "You're sweet." She told him, then added, "Did you know I used to hate the way that I looked?"

"No! Why?" James asked, surprised.

"Well, it's just I'm so… in-between." She said. When James continued to look at her questioningly, she elaborated, "My dad has blue eyes, and my mum has brown eyes- I ended up with green eyes. My dad has blond hair, my mum has brown hair- I have red hair. My dad's nose goes up, my mum's goes down- mine is straight. I know it's stupid, but I always felt like I was different. Petunia got the ordinary looks. Blue eyes, brown hair."

"Yes, but you got the extraordinary looks." He said, "I love your in-between-ness. I love your in-between looks, and I love you in between my arms, and in-between my le-"

Lily cut him off, "Ok! I get it! You love me. Even though I'm so… in-between." She paused, then smiled, "Thanks."