8.18 What's Eating Emily Gilmore

Season 8: Episode 8.18 follows a couple of weeks after 8.17. If you haven't done so, please read episodes 1-17 prior to reading 8.18.

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

(Scene from 8.15)

RORY: (Chuckles, then curiously looks at Nate) You seem very relaxed today.

NATE: (Nods) I'm feeling pretty good today.

RORY: Oh yeah?

NATE: Remember I told you the lease is up in May?

RORY: At the shelter? (Nods) Yeah…?

NATE: I talked with the landlord… more like shared my ideas out loud. (Sighs, then continues as if he's about to reveal something for the first time) I think I want to buy it.

RORY: (Surprised) Really?


EMILY: (To Rory) You need to start dating.

RORY: What?

EMILY: I know the perfect person for you.

RORY: (Whines) Grandma!

EMILY: (Smiles)… dinner at our place at 7 o'clock Sunday evening.


RORY: (Smiles nervously into the phone) Hey there. It's me, Rory.

Scene CUTS between Rory's Apartment and Trevor's office.

TREVOR: (Surprised, he leans back in his chair) Hey there. This is a nice little surprise.

RORY: (Smoothes her hair behind her ear) I… think… we prematurely ended what could've been a few great dates.

TREVOR: (Amused, he raises an eye) Really?


Rory enters the interview…

RORY: (Takes a seat in front of the panel) Thanks… I'm actually quite surprised to be here.

GUS: Oh, I know we were a bit vague on the phone. (Looks at his wrist watch) Actually we're waiting on someone else. (Looks at his colleagues) Maybe we should get started… (the colleagues nod) Okay… (Looks at Rory) As you may already be aware, I'm in charge of a small group of writers that will be going on a pretty exciting "collaborative" tour throughout Africa…

To Rory's surprise, Nate enters the room.

GUS: Rory, I feel I should be clear with you on this. Since you were highly recommended for this position by someone very close to the project, and after meeting with you on a professional basis, I think we are quite certain that the job is yours if you choose to accept it. I just wanted to verbally offer it to you, but also realize that you need time to think it over. So how about two weeks? Is that sufficient time?


RORY: ….it made me realize how unprofessional I have been. I'm so sorry for being such a pain about the whole thing. I completely see your point now. I just want you to know that.

NATE: (Nods, then a subtle smile appears on his face) As far as I know, it's behind us. (Rory is relieved. Nate gestures towards the room they had just exited) I should get back in there. (Stresses) Take the time to think about it, Rory.

Scene fades on Rory's face.


(Scene from 8.17)

GUS: …I heard from Rory today.

NATE: (Attentively) Oh yeah?

GUS: I think you will be happy to know that she accepted the offer.

NATE: (A subtle smile appears on his face) I see. That's good.


APRIL: (Adds) I hope I get to see Nate again. (Rory smiles at her step-sister)

EMILY: Nate? (Richard wonders as well)

RORY: Oh, Nate DiLuca… he runs the shelter. I thought I mentioned him before?


(Rory singing)

And when the snow falls you're found in St. Moritz
With the others of the jet-set
And you sip your Napoleon Brandy
But you never get your lips wet

No you don't…

But where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in your bed…

(Close up on Rory's face, as she looks out across the crowd - she focuses on something, or someone, in the audience and freezes in horror. Camera cuts to the back of the auditorium, where we see Nate casually leaning against the wall, arms crossed, watching her with a decidedly bemused expression on his face. Cut back to Rory who looks away quickly, flushes a deep shade of pink, and almost misses her cue for the next line. Panicking slightly, she stammers her way through, hoping desperately that her eyes were playing tricks on her…)

(Won't you) Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head

Yes I do…

(Emily notices Rory's eyes wander. As she glances over her shoulder to look for what momentarily distracted Rory, across the aisle her eyes land on Trevor who looks enthralled as Rory sings. Emily smiles and nods knowingly, but as she turns back, she spies Lorelai and Luke poking their heads out of the wings, and follows their gaze…..past Trevor, to the handsome stranger in the back of the theater…)


RICHARD: Bravo, my dear! Bravo!

Rory gets a text message. Camera zooms in on her cell phone, and we clearly see that it reads, "Congratulations. Welcome aboard. — Nate." Rory sighs and closes the phone, knowing very well what she must do.

RICHARD: (Casually looks at Rory) I hope it's nothing important.

RORY: (Swallows a bit before she abruptly blurts out) I've accepted a temporary project, so I'm leaving the Courant, and will be in Africa all summer.

Cuts to Richard and very wilted Emily as they suddenly wear a very similar shocked expression.

Scene fades.



Scene opens on Emily and a very pregnant Lorelai sitting at a table outside the bakery.

EMILY: (As she looks through the menu) There are some healthy selections in here.

LORELAI: (Sipping on her drink) Not really why I like the place. But yes, they do. I hear the Cajun Chicken Salad is good.

EMILY: (Nods and looks at the menu again) I see.

LORELAI: (Swallows her drink as she continues to look at her mother) So…

EMILY: (Still looking at the menu) Ah, there it is.


EMILY: (Looks up at her daughter) Yes, Lorelai?

LORELAI: Why did you want to meet for lunch today?

EMILY: (Shakes her head) Can't I have lunch with my daughter?

LORELAI: Sure, sure… of course you can. But the daughter you speak of is (points at herself) yours truly, and the two of us don't really do this sort of thing.

EMILY: Of course we do. (Lorelai raises an eye) Okay, maybe we don't… but who says we can't start now?

LORELAI: True. (But sighs curiously) There's nothing going on?

EMILY: (Sighs as well, then sets the menu aside) Okay, since you asked… there has been something of a concern brewing the past couple of weeks. (Adds) Since the pantomime.

LORELAI: (Lowers her brows curiously) Oh?

EMILY: It's about Rory and this temporary job…

LORELAI: Ah… what about it?

EMILY: Doesn't it concern you?

LORELAI: That she's going to be in a foreign land for an entire summer? Yes, of course I'm a bit concerned – but she isn't sixteen anymore, mom. She'll be fine.

EMILY: (Sits up straight) It's not just that.

LORELAI: (Takes another sip from her drink) What else is it?

EMILY: This Nate person she's going with.

LORELAI: Psh… she's not going to Africa with Nate. She'll be there with a lot of other journalists, and whoever else is going on this trip.

EMILY: (Ignores it) I'm just saying, Lorelai. Your daughter may be taking this job for the wrong reasons.

LORELAI: (Sighs) I'm perfectly confident that she's doing this for the right reasons, mom. Now, can we please drop this? (Looks over at the waiter approaching them) I'm hungry.

WAITER: (With a pen and pad of paper) Are you ladies ready to order?

LORELAI: (Grins) I will have the Walleye Sandwich.

WAITER: (Writes it down) One Walleye Sandwich… (looks at Emily).

EMILY: (Shoots a glance at her daughter) Walleye Sandwich while you're pregnant? Doesn't seafood make you sick in your condition? (The waiter has a tentative look on his face)

LORELAI: (Nods) Seafood, yes. But that sandwich looks really good right now.

EMILY: Well then… (As she hands him the menu) And I'll have the Cajun Chicken Salad, please. Please go easy on the tomatoes.

WAITER: (Picks up the menus and nods) Great, it will be a few minutes. I will bring you ladies a basket of our bread to start off…

LORELAI: Thanks.

EMILY: (Unable to drop the topic) As I was saying, we don't know much about this Nate…

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) I thought we dropped this?

EMILY: (Continues on) What do you even know about him?

LORELAI: He seems like a nice guy.

EMILY: Have you met him?

LORELAI: (Nods) Yes, briefly – a couple of times. And can we please drop this?

EMILY: I'm just saying… knowing him alone doesn't help. We need to know everything about him. About his family…

LORELAI: (Cuts her off) Mom, they are not getting married. They are two professionals going to Africa with a bunch of other professionals just like them.

EMILY: (Confesses) That's not what I saw the other night.

LORELAI: (Curiously) What do you mean?

EMILY: At the play, that's not what I saw. When she was singing that god-awful song

LORELAI: (Chuckles and tries to brush it off) Oh, you know Rory is terrified of singing in public…

EMILY: (With an eye raised, she glances at her daughter) You know exactly what I mean, Lorelai. Don't play dumb.

LORELAI: (Sighs and shakes her head) Nothing's going to happen there, mom.

EMILY: I think it would be wise of you to find out more about him. Nothing may happen now… but you can't control what happens over four thousand miles away. (Lorelai is attentive)

The waiter returns with a basket of bread.

EMILY: (Looks up at him and politely nods) Thank you.

Scene fades on Lorelai's face as she ponders…



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