No more Miarcles

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It was raining outside, it seemed reasonable for what was happening. Davis walked down the halls of his school to the computer lab with the worse news anyone could ever have. It was almost as bad as when the Digimon emperor had made him choose between his friends. Except this one had no way out of it. As Davis walked into the computer lab with Chibomon in his arms, all he could think of were two things, the face on the digidestined faces when he told them and what they would say.

As soon as Davis entered the computer lab door, all he heard was "Davis can you be slower!"

Davis didn't want to hear this, not today at least.

"Sorry something came up" Davis said with his head low.

"Well were all here now so let's go to the digital-"Izzy said before being cut off by Davis.

"I can't go today, or any day for that matter. I'm moving" As soon as those words came out of Davis's mouth, the room went silent. TK's hat fell on the floor, Cody almost fell to the floor, Yolie dropped her bag of food, and Kari had a shocked look on her face.

"Davis…." Kari said softly.

"I'm sorry guys I have to go pack" Davis said slowly walking to the door. As Davis walked out the door, no one moved except TK who quietly picked up his hat.

"I'll call Tai and the others, maybe they will know what to do" Izzy said pulling out his cellphone.

"Davis………" Kari again softly muttered.


In Davis's apartment, "Chibomon, what's wrong?" Davis said stuffing shirts in his suitcase.

"I'm going to missh everyone, Davish"

"It'll be okay buddy. We'll make new friends" Davis said smiling.

"But what about Kari and Gatomon?"

"We'll find new crushes"

"Ok Davish, if that's what you think. I'll stand by you" Chibomon said smiling. "What's for dinner?" As the blue Digimon jumped on Davis's head neither of them noticed a girl with spiky hair enter the room.

"Davis all packed?" Jun quietly said in his doorway.

"Almost done" Davis said as he took chibomon off his head.

"Remember your plane is a day earlier than ours" Jun said with her arms crossed.

"Ya I know"

"Hey Jun, can I ask you a question?" Davis asked quietly.

"Sure you can as long as it's not about my life"

"How did you get over your crush on Matt?"

"I was wondering when you would ask me that question. I wrote on a piece of paper 'My crush on Matt doesn't exist' and since I believed that, my crush went away" Jun said smiling. "Go to bed when you're done packing". As Jun left the Davis's bedroom, various thoughts ran through Davis's head. But only one made any sense. Miracles is made him a Digidestined, Miracles is what brought him closer to the Digidestined, and Miracles is what he had to make go away if he wanted to have a new life.


Later that night around 10pm, Davis's D3 went off like a wild fire. The D3's annoying beeping woke Davis. Davis grumblingly rolled over and grabbed his D3. '3 messages, what do they want' Davis thought looking at his D3. Davis unhappily opened Ken's message.


Why didn't you tell me you were moving! I got a call from Izzy right before I opened the Digiport, saying you were moving! Davis when's your flight leaving, and don't give me a fake time, I'll find the right one.


P.S.- No matter what happens, you'll always be a digidestined.


He looked at the two remaining messages, one from Kari, and another one from Tai. Davis quietly looked his Digieggs, which were not there. He softly sighed at the Digiegg screen. He closed the D3 and put his head back on the pillow. As he drifted off to sleep, his only thoughts were of his new life.


At the airport, "Davish, I'm hungry!" Demiveemon said on Davis's head.

"Demiveemon, we just ate!"

"But I'm hungry now and I can't find the fridge" Demiveemon said looking around. Davis sighed and gave Demiveemon a candy bar.

After the blue Digimon received the candy bar, he started to talk to himself. As Davis sat in the seats in front of the terminal, thoughts of the Digidestined ran through his mind.


"Go TK!" Kari screamed from the sidelines in the basket ballgame.

"Come on Davis, try and get me" TK said dribbling the basketball.

End Flashback

'I always hated that game' Davis thought to himself with a sleeping Demiveemon on his head. Davis couldn't take the memories anymore. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue iPod and put some music on.

"Flight 1076, nonstop to California, is now boarding" the announcer said.

"Demiveemon, ready to leave our old lives behind?"


"Then let's go" Davis said getting in line to board the plane. As he waited on line he wrote something on a piece of paper. After he finished writing, he crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground.

'Goodbye Japan' Davis thought as he stepped on the plane. As soon as he stepped on the plane the doors closed seperating him from his old life.


"Ken I thought you said the flight was at 3!" Yolie screamed as the digidestined ran through the airport.

"That's what Jun said!" Ken said sprinting to the terminal.

"There's Davis!" Kari said while pointing to a pointy hair boy."DAVIS!" Kari screamed to Davis.

Davis didn't look back nor did Demiveemon. They just continued walking to the plane. Right before they stepped on the plane Davis threw a piece of paper on the floor. After Davis stepped on the plane the door closed.

Kari slowly walked over to the paper and picked it up. She slowly straitened the paper and red it. As soon as she finished reading it she gasped in horror. The paper slowly floated to the ground with the words 'Miracles don't exist' on it.