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A beam of light hit the ground in front of Tai's apartment, as the light cleared a blond haired boy and a similar looking Digimon could be seen. The apartment's door was blown off its hinges and the wall was full of holes made by unfriendly Digimon. Davis and GoldVeedramon slowly crept into Tai's now destroyed apartment, the furniture was tossed around, the ceiling had holes in it, and a familiar looking boy was knocked up against the wall bleeding from his arm. Davis immediately ran over to his friend and kneeled next to him. "Ken! What happened, where's everybody else?" Davis asked hoping his friend could still hear him.

"Millenniummon…Wormmon's gone…Davis he took everyone…It's all gone Davis…MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon couldn't even put a scratch on him…" Ken explained as tears ran down his face like a waterfall.

"Ken…it's going to be ok. Ken!" Davis reassured but quickly realized his friend was dying from blood loss. "Ken hold on!"

Ken groaned and quickly rolled his head over to the other side "Don't worry about me Davis, my music already stopped playing. Go save everyone and the world we loved so much. I'll be fine don't worry, now go" said Ken very slowly with a huff and a puff between breaths. A single tear fell from Davis's face and hit the destroyed ground below him.

"I'll save everyone Ken…I promise" Davis stated as he rose from the ground along with GoldVeedramon. Ken smiled then slowly closed his eyes. Davis turned about face and walked out of the door with GoldVeedramon following him. "We're going to fix this GoldVeedramon and we're going to make Millenniummon pay for what he did"

Davis and GoldVeedramon made their way down the many flights of stairs headed toward the black smoke in the distance where Millenniummon would be waiting for them with their friends next to him. It took two hours for them to get to where the black smoke was residing, during these two hours they ran into many hostile Digimon. GoldVeedramon deleted all of them with no emotion or pity. As soon as they came into sight of the location of black smoke was, they found out there were four mega level Digimon waiting for them. Davis and GoldVeedramon didn't care they walked straight into the trap with no regard for their own lives, all they cared about was that none of their friends got hurt anymore.

"Looks like the fly got caught into the trap" a strange looking Digimon stated as the four Digimon surrounded Davis and GoldVeedramon. Davis knew right off the bat which Digimon had tried to insult him it was a Puppetmon. Davis looked around at the other Digimon; they weren't going to be a problem they looked like they hadn't fought against a strong Digimon in their lives.

"GoldVeedramon use Gold V-Nova Blast on Puppetmon" Davis commanded with little to no emotion in his voice. GoldVeedramon grinned and shot a golden blast of light straight at Puppetmon, as soon as it hit Puppetmon screamed and turned into data that flew off into the wind. The other Digimon all took a step back, it wasn't everyday a mega leveled Digimon was destroyed in one attack. "GoldVeedramon destroy them all" said Davis; his voice had no emotion left in it. GoldVeedramon did as he was told, in an instant three Digimon exploded in data right in front of him. Davis rolled his eyes and slowly made his way over to where some of his friends were being kept, GoldVeedramon followed him wondering how long this war was going to last. Davis opened the door to the prison quickly knowing his friends were in there. As soon as Davis opened the door a Phantomon tried to cut off Davis's head with its scythe but failed, Davis quickly dodged the attack. GoldVeedramon didn't hesitate and sent out his Gold V-Nova blast straight into Phantomon's chest, he exploded into data instantly. A rusty brown key hit the floor after Phantomon had been deleted; Davis quickly picked it up and moved down the rows of cages knowing his friends were in one.

"Davis!" a voice screamed from one of the nearby cadges. Davis turned about face and ran toward the voice. As he got close to where he heard the voice, he saw who was in the cage. Cody, TK, Sora, Joe, and Yolei were all in there with sad and depressed expressions on their faces, their Digimon were nowhere to be seen. Davis quickly moved toward the lock and unlocked it allowing his friends to get to safety.

"Thanks Davis, but where's Ken?" Yolei asked quietly as she looked around hoping Ken was nearby.

Davis didn't respond, he just kept looking at the floor. He didn't want to say that Ken was probably dead but no excuse came to his head. He took a deep breath and prepared to tell them what happened to Izzy and Ken. "Ken and Izzy are dead, Izzy used his last strength to send me here and Ken was dying from blood loss in the apartment. I'm sorry…I couldn't do anything" Davis explained not making eye contact with any of them. As soon as he finished explaining he was struck by the back side of Yolei's hand.

"You bastard! Why did you leave them there to die! They trusted you and you left them there to die! You're a heartless bastard no wonder no one likes you! It's your entire fault we're in this mess! All of your Digimon have been deleted and it's your fault!" Yolei screamed at him while TK and Joe did their best to hold her back from killing Davis. Davis didn't move a muscle knowing she was right it would have been better if he had never become a digidestined.

"I know, but I can't do anything about that right now…just tell me where everyone else is and I'll save them" Davis explained without looking any of them in the eyes. He wanted to roll over and die right now but he knew he couldn't he still had people to save.

"There a mile away from here at the broadcasting station…Davis hurry" Sora answered as tears streamed down his face like a waterfall. With that Davis and GoldVeedramon ran out of the prison and took off toward the broadcasting station, knowing who was going to be there. Only one of them was going to survive this fight and it was going to be them. In less than ten minutes they arrived at the Broadcasting Station where Millenniummon would be waiting for them. Before they could get ten yards away from the station all of the remaining knights fell to the ground around them with their weapons drawn aimed at their necks.

Millenniummon came out of the shadows with a cage in its hands that contained all of the remaining digidestined and Alphamon. "Looks like the hero finally fell into my trap. It took you long enough I thought I might have to kill another one of your friends to make you hurry up" Millenniummon mocked as he held up the cage to his face. "Now to business, Magnamon and Leopardmon delete our little friends once and for all."

"You don't have to kill us!" Davis shouted out as Leopardmon inched his sword closer to Davis's neck. "Help me destroy Millenniummon and save the Digital World! You were once the Royal Knights that stood for honor and peace; look at yourselves. You've killed innocent Digimon that did nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time! Help me defeat Millenniummon and we can restore the world we love so much" Davis pleaded hoping to get at least one of them to agree with him.

Millenniummon laughed. "Don't be stupid, Leopardmon kill him now!" Millenniummon commanded. Leopardmon didn't move. "Leopardmon I won't ask you again! Kill him now!"

"No, he's right we once stood for-"Leopardmon barked back but was interrupted swiftly by Millenniummon's Cannon Fire that deleted Leopardmon instantly. Leopardmon's data flew into the wind like a butterfly flying off to mate.

"Magnamon kill him now or suffer the same fate as Leopardmon" Millenniummon commanded with a stern voice that could make even the toughest flinch in fear.

"Burn in hell" Magnamon responded swiftly without thinking it was obvious Magnamon never really served Millenniummon. Millenniummon cursed and hit Magnamon in the chest with his Cannon Fire attack. Magnamon hit the ground immediately after being hit with Millenniummon's attack. "GoldVeedramon I give you my power…save the world I loved so much" Magnamon said slowly as the last of his energy flew into GoldVeedramon's body. Magnamon smiled one more time then disappeared into light where he could watch over the world he loved so much forever.

"Ignorant fools thinking their sacrifices would stand for anything, I am the ruler of this world and no one can stop me!" Millenniummon roared causing a nearby building to fall down from the sheer power he possessed.

"I get it now…The Royal Knights were never yours! They always followed Alphamon their one true leader! They just followed you to make sure you wouldn't be able to kill me! They sacrificed their lives to save the world they loved so much! GoldVeedramon are you ready for our last fight?" Davis explained as he looked at Millenniummon without fear. GoldVeedramon nodded. "This is our last fight and our last Digi-evolution! Using all the emotions we've gathered during our journey we will beat you Millenniummon and send you back to the hell you came from!" Davis shouted as a rainbow of colors came out of his chest headed straight for GoldVeedramon. GoldVeedramon started to glow brightly as the colors grew brighter showing Davis was putting all his strength into this. "GoldVeedramon!" Davis shouted at the top of his lungs.

GoldVeedramon Miracle Digivolve into…UIforceVeedramon, the last Royal Knight!

A tall Digimon now stood where GoldVeedramon was last seen. He was wearing a bright blue armor and bracelets on his arms that could summon his shield and sword when needed. "Davis thank you" UIforceVeedramon commented without moving his eyes from Millenniummon. "Millenniummon! My name is UIforceVeedramon and I am the last Royal Knight! I will make sure you burn in your hell! You have killed my friends and partners! I will make sure you pay for what you've done!" UIforceVeedramon roared causing two buildings to fall down, letting everyone know UIforceVeedramon was stronger than Millenniummon.

"You think you can stop me! I am a God compared to you!" Millenniummon roared back with the same strength. Alphamon didn't hesitate any longer; he broke the cage with his sword and took everyone to Davis's side. Alphamon had been waiting for Davis to awaken Veemon's true strength. "You rats! Bow down before me!"

"Only when you're dead!" Tai yelled back with a grin on his face.

"Fine, then I'll show you my real strength!" Millenniummon shouted at them with anger in his voice.

Millenniummon digivolve to…Moon=Millenniummon, the evil god Digimon!

Where Millenniummon once stood now contained a small blue crystal that contained a small form of Millenniummon. "UIforceVeedramon use Ray of Victory on Moon=Millenniummon quickly!" Davis shouted out as he climbed on UIforceVeedramon's back.

"Ray of Victory!" UIforceVeedramon shouted out as a V shaped ray of energy came out of the armor on his chest that was headed straight for Moon=Millenniummon.

"Don't forget about me! Digitalize of Soul!" Alphamon shouted out as multiple green beams came out of his palms headed straight for Moon=Millenniummon. Moon=Millenniummon didn't move an inch but actually moved toward the attacks so he could take them head on. The attacks collided with him creating a thick layer of white smoke.

"Direct hit!" Matt shouted out in joy as he watched the attacks hit Moon=Millenniummon.

"He's not done yet! He still isn't in his main form yet!" Alphamon shouted out to everyone.

"You really should know when to shut up Alphamon! Death Crystal!" Moon=Millenniummon roared as a tiny little blue crystal came out of smoke and went straight toward Davis's heart. No one moved and just watched as the tiny little blue crystal flew closer and closer towards Davis's heart where it would kill him instantly when it collided. No one saw Tai run toward Davis, no one saw Tai jump into the air and volt toward Davis, but everybody saw Tai take the little blue crystal to the heart killing him instantly. Tai's limp body fell right in front of Davis; Davis immediately fell to the ground and clutched Tai's body.

"Tai!" Davis shouted out as he clutched Tai's body.

Tai smiled and softly grabbed Davis who was now crying more than a baby who had just been scared half to death. "Davis…save the world you prick" Tai joked as his eyes closed for the last time.

"Moon=Millenniummon you bastard!" Davis roared at him. Kari and Matt were now crying, each for separate reasons. "I'll make you pay!"

"Davis control your anger before it takes you over!" Alphamon shouted at the now red-eyed Davis. UIforceVeedramon's now armor was red, and his eyes were red like Davis's. The anger in Davis was taking over UIforceVeedramon and Davis.

"Who should I kill next? Your little girlfriend or maybe Tai's best friend? Or maybe I'll make you watch as I kill everyone in the world. I think I'll kill your little girlfriend first, she seems like an easy target" Moon=Millenniummon taunted which just made Davis angrier.

"UIforceVeedramon kill Moon=Millenniummon now!" Davis shouted at his now bright red Digimon.

"Davis control your anger!" Alphamon pleaded with the out of control human and partner Digimon.

"Anger…I love it!" Moon=Millenniummon mocked. "I can feel it, can you? It's making me shake in joy! I think it's time for me to show you my real form! Once I'm done with you I'll take over the world!" Moon=Millenniummon shouted in joy. He started to shake and glow brightly; he was about to digivolve to his last form.

Moon=Millenniummon digivolve to…ZeedMillenniummon, the Grim Reaper of the world!

"This is his real form we have to kill him once and for all!" Alphamon shouted at Davis who ignored him.

Where Moon=Millenniummon once stood a two-headed dragon with his bottom portion trapped in a crystal now stood. His body was surrounded in chains of Fractal Code to negate his powers. "As soon as I kill you two the fractal code will break and I will be able to rule over this world as its God!" ZeedMillenniummon roared. "But first I'm going t level this town to the ground!" he shouted as he flew into the sky to destroy the town.

"UIforceVeedramon after him!" Davis shouted as UIforceVeedramon flew into the sky after ZeedMillenniummon who was flying at a pace faster than a bullet train.

"Davis!" Kari shouted to him. Davis ignored it knowing after he saved the world there would be time to make things up to her.

"Stupid fool can't you just die like the rest?" ZeedMillenniummon asked as he sped up toward the sky.

"Only when you're dead!" Davis roared back as UIforceVeedramon sped up after ZeedMillenniummon.

"Fine then, I'll make sure you die first!" ZeedMillenniummon responded and turned about face. He launched toward UIforceVeedramon with his claws ready to tear apart them. UIforceVeedramon pulled out his sword and the sword and claws created sparks when they came together. Each tried to cut the other but they each countered each other with movements in sync like a ballerina. Davis was holding on to dear life, they were up over a hundred feet falling from this height would mean certain death and Davis still had much to do in his life. "I have to admit your good but sadly this is where our symphony ends!" said ZeedMillenniummon slyly as he backed away from UIforceVeedramon and Davis.

"Davis jump!" UIforceVeedramon commanded, his armor was now back to its original blue. Davis nodded then jumped right off of UIforceVeedramon, he was falling faster than a bowling ball would be.

"Time Destroyer!" ZeedMillenniummon roared as he took his hand and crushed UIforceVeedramon's body. UIforceVeedramon started to fall faster than Davis was, UIforceVeedramon hit the ground hard. Davis's eyes widened as he watched his friend struggle to get up to save Davis. He turned around and saw ZeedMillenniummon coming straight toward him with his mouth open. Davis could hear people calling his name and UIforceVeedramon's name telling them not to give up. ZeedMillenniummon was getting closer now; beams of green energy were forming in his mouth. ZeedMillenniummon didn't want to survive and he wasn't going to take any chances. Davis didn't know what would kill him first him colliding with the ground or ZeedMillenniummon's attack, truth was he didn't care everything was going to end. He couldn't protect his friends, his family but worst of all he failed to keep his promise to all the people that sacrificed their lives to save the world they loved so much.

Then something hit him like a bullet train colliding with him. It was his last hope; he prayed UIforceVeedramon could use it. ZeedMillenniummon was coming closer and closer as was the ground. It was everyone's last hope. "UIforceVeedramon use All Delete!" Davis shouted with all his strength. Everything went white and Davis blacked out not knowing what happened.


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