Beaten Affections


Pairing(s): Carlos x Kai

Summary: Set on the second episode after Carlos' defeat against Tyson. Carlos repairs his damaged ego after losing Kai's respect, determined to win it back.


"You're an embarrassment to the Blade Sharks, Carlos."

Those cold, venomous words echoed in his skull, pulsing like a headache and tugging painfully at his heart. He had been so proud when the leader of the Blade Sharks excepted him into their gang. It was one step in completing his life goal; in wooing the said leader, Kai Hiwatari. The next step to out best the many loyal lap dogs at Kai's feet, to shine brighter then the few top bladers who were considered second best to Kai himself.

He had managed to complete that step as well, showing Kai and his three trained pets that he was no blending in the background follower. He had finally achieved his awaited position in the Blade Sharks, but now... Thanks to his graceless defeat by some nobody beyblader punk kid, all his work was now nothing but dirt.

Sighing in defeat, Carlos turned his attention away from his pitiful thoughts and destroyed beyblade that rested in chunks in the palm of his hand. Glancing skywards, to where Kai Hiwatari had stood so proudly not long ago, Carlos' eyes flashed with sudden determination.

'I may of lost his respect,' Carlos thought, his hand, holding his beyblade parts, turning into a sharp fist, clinking the parts hard against one another, 'But I can win it back, if I win against everyone in the beyblade competition coming up.' Smirking devilishly, still facing the invisible image of Kai in his mind's eye, Carlos finished aloud, "Just you wait, Kai. I'll get you to praise me again in no time flat."