Lucky Tiger


Pairing(s): LeeKai, ReiKai, with hints of MariahRei, LeeMariah

Summary: Lee muses on Rei's luck one late night.


Rei always had all the luck.

He had easily won over Mariah's affection, taken the legendary tiger, Drigger, that was suppose to be passed down to Lee, and despite his running away from their homeland, earned the spot in the Blade Breakers and beat the White Tigers, earning their trust once more. Even now, as Lee rethinks of all the happenings in the last few days, its hard to stomach all of Rei's fortune.

It was one thing that Rei had won over Mariah's love, when she was suppose to marry Lee. But to make matters worse, Rei had no interest in returning her affections, as he only felt brotherly affection to a sister. No, instead, Rei's ambers eyes were fixated on the one who had caught Lee's own eyes. A certain aloof, two blue haired, ruby eyed blader who could care less for how you feel about him.

Yes, Lee found himself crushing hard for that exotic team leader of the Blade Breakers. It shamed him how easily his heart swayed from Mariah to Kai, but she was no saint either.

But once again, Rei's luck shown strong. Just like the rest of his life, Lee was forced to watch as Rei wooed Kai, walking shoulder to shoulder late one night out in town of China. Lee could still remember every little detail. On how close Rei leaned in to Kai, one hand placed comfortably on the Russian's slender hip, steering him wherever the neko-jin pleased to head. Oh, how Lee's rage grew with sudden jealousy. Watching Rei flirt shamelessly out in public, whispering sweet nothings into that perfect ear with affectionate purrs and possessive growls, made Lee ready to pounce and rip the two apart. But...

Lee let loose a breath of air, dropping his head so his forehead rested on the cool window glass before him, golden eyes half lidded as he silently watched the night life in his line of view. As much as Lee wanted to win this round with Rei, he couldn't bring himself to ruin that peaceful expression that glowed brightly on Kai's face that night. His pale cheeks had been powder pink in an adorable blush, harsh ruby eyes soft and glimmering beautifully in the nightlight, and the most shockingly, breath taking smile curled gently on his lips. All in all, that one sight had halted Lee's violent nature in taking command and ruining the night for all three of them.


Blinking slowly, Lee turned his attention away from the droll nightlife outside his window, instead taking in the sleepy form of his future wife. Cutely, she rubbed at one of her eyes, obviously just woken up.

"What are you doing up so late?" Mariah asked softly, as not to wake up their other teammates in the next room over.

"Just thinking," Lee responded uninterestedly, slowly pushing himself up from his seat to walk his way over to his bed.

"About what?" Mariah asked, instantly waking up fully to fulfill her sudden curiosity.

"...Nothing important," Lee shrugged, before pulling the covers over his tired boy. As he makes himself comfortable, the lion mumbles, "Just go back to bed, Mariah."

Pouting, the pink haired blader huffed in defeat, too tired herself to pester the other as much as she usually would. Promising herself to bug Lee in the morning, Mariah took her team leader's advice and went back to her own bed, instantly falling back into a dream filled sleep.

The soft intakes of breath reached Lee's sensitive ears, somehow easing the stiffness of his tired body. Even if Rei won both Mariah and Kai's love, Lee knew in the end that his future wife would have to give up her childish crush on the raven haired neko. And as much as Lee wished to have won the phoenix's heart, he knew he too would have to give up that wild goose chase.

'Rei really does have all the luck...' Lee hummed in his mind, humorlessly despite the small smile curling his lips.