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Her body tensed as she sensed her Master, Kalla Pollo, coming around the last corner to the training room

Her body tensed as she sensed her Master, Kalla Pollo (kalla poyo), coming around the last corner to the training room. She had prepared herself mentally and physically for this earlier. Her Master was a hard woman, tough in every aspect, considered one of the best at the Temple. She was respected as one of the best Jedi Masters of the whole bunch. She, however, had only one tiny little problem that only her Padawan knew about: giving way into frustration and anger, which ended up, more often than not, with her beating her Padawan near to death. She, as Master Pollo's obedient Padawan (not that she had any choice!), would put up with the torture, not crying out in the slightest. Once her Master was done, she'd go to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, sneak through an opening behind the climbing rose vines & into the room tucked behind the towering vines. So far, no one except a select few apprentices, initiates, and workers knew about it.

"Are you ready, Ani?" Kalla's voice, edged with a bit of contempt at her, she felt certain, asked her.

"Yes, my Master," she replied softly, getting out her twin lightsabers, a specialty that rarely occurred, if ever. She used one blade to parry and distract while the other was used to sneak up on her Master, to catch her by surprise. However, Master Pollo sensed it in time and used it to Force-knock Ani into the wall behind her, and then into the racks, into the wall over and over again, and onto the floor.

"Get up, sluggard," she hissed as Ani regained her footing, bruises on both arms and legs.

"I'm sorry, Master," she said blankly, using the Force to numb her pain and to help her to not feel anymore. She dogged the orange blade and used some quick footwork to send her Master stumbling on her own feet, while she swung up to grab a support railing, the lowest suspended from the ceiling. She hung in midair for a moment, and then let herself drop silently towards her Master, who raised her lightsaber in time to block Ani's parry. The latter quickly copied a Vaapad maneuver, which managed to unseat her Master, who landed heavily on the floor. Soon, they were done. Kalla had made her Padawan lose her footing, and was now about to beat her, though not as hard as other nights, for which Ani was grateful.

'swish' "I don't know" 'thwack' "how many times" 'slam' "I told you to NOT LOSE YOUR FOOTING!"

"But Master," Ani protested, avoiding the belt with a twist of her flexible body, "I used a Vaapad maneuver. Surely that would be good enough for you." Instantly, she regretted her words as that brought a painful smash up against the wall, opening a gash in her forehead.

"Never contradict me, Padawan," hissed Kalla venomously.

"Y-yes Master Pollo," Ani stuttered, picking herself up from the cold floor only to fall again as her Master sliced a part of her leg open. Concentrating on the Force, she kept the cauterized wound closed long enough to run from the room, close to tears. She heard Kalla's voice yelling, "Come back here, Padawan!" but on she ran till she came to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, parted the vines and climbed on through. She closed them so that she could see others, but they couldn't see her. Ani brought the Force to her entire body as she lay on the soft moss-grass, healing every single injury so that the teachers and instructors wouldn't notice and ask. It was embarrassing for that to happen; it had happened several times in the past, and she wasn't willing for it to happen again, unless she wanted to nearly die by another beating. She relaxed her grip on the Force now; she was healed to the last bruise, and could now relax and get some rest. She lay there for some time, breathing slowly and evenly, until she sensed another person near her.

"Who are you?" she demanded leapign up, only to crash back down.

"Hello, Ani." The shadows seemed to move as Ani gasped. There, sitting cross-legged on the soft grass was Barriss Offee.

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