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"A savage place! as holy and enchanted As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover!"

-Kubla Khan

"Face it, you wench. There's no hope for you anymore. Your life is over, along with that spawn's life inside of you." The older man with those striking green eyes continued to taunt her with sadistic malice.

The indigo-haired woman was restrained against the cold and damp stone wall behind her. Chains and metal clasps were locked around her ankles and wrists, preventing any attempt at movement on her part. Her body slouched forward due to the extra weight in her overgrown stomach. Her head was lowered, allowing for her dark hair to form a curtain around her face, where only her opal downcast eyes shown with a faded glow.

The man chuckled deeply and reached over to grip onto her chin roughly, forcefully directing her gaze towards those glowing green eyes that contained more evil than a human should be allowed to contain. "It's all your fault, you know. If you had been smarter, you wouldn't be in this position. You'd be living peacefully at your little mansion with all your little friends, and not one of us would've cared or minded." He scowled then and sank his nails into her delicate pale skin, leaving engraved crescents lining her jaw.

Hinata whimpered at the pain, but she refused to cry. In any normal circumstance, she would've been bawling her eyes out, but this was different. She couldn't show weakness or vulnerability. She had to be strong…She had to stay strong…for him, because that's what he expected of her during times like these.

His other hand gripped around her neck before slowly trailing down to the exposed valley between her breasts. "I can easily see what that demon saw in you." He smirked and licked his lips hungrily. "You're such a delicacy…" He breathed as his one hand traced the outline of her breast, not noticing the repulsive shudder wracking through the woman's body. "You're such an enticing creature…"

Hinata looked at him through her hooded eyes with a rare feeling of anger in her heart. She watched with labored breaths as the man drew closer and closer to her until his lips were a mere inch away.

He was smirking more maliciously this time as his hand left her breast and began to move past her rounded belly and downward to an area he was not allowed to touch. He glanced back at all the other men in the room, who were watching with a slight envious amusement to their eyes. Turning back to the woman, he continued and moved forward with the clear intention to claim her lips. "You'll be executed for your crimes tomorrow at dawn. Surely, I'm allowed to have a little fun with you before then. It's not like anyone's going to come for you. It's not like they can."

With that, Hinata cringed as she felt his lips crush against hers, and not a second later, his tongue pushed its way into her mouth. Feeling utterly disgusted and even more angry, she bit down on his tongue hard, making him take a sharp step backwards with wide astonished eyes. His hand moved up to his mouth to wipe away the blood that was now leaking from his damaged organ. His eyes glowed with fury. "You little bitch!" He muttered before backhanding her and giving her a solid punch to the jaw with his other hand.

When he finally backed off, Hinata's head was lowered even further as her own blood began to drip from the corners of her mouth. The stinging in her face was nothing compared to the damage that was done to the rest of her body. Everything hurt and her vision was blurring. She was using up so much energy, and it was beginning to cost her greatly.

The man walked back towards her. "What a pathetic little whore you are. No, you're worse than a whore. At least a whore will screw her own kind. You're a traitor to your own species, and soon…you will die as one."

A sharp inward feeling hit her womb, making Hinata gasp and direct her tired eyes toward the only slim window in the entire dark and damp room of the tower. It would seem that she was just looking out at the full moon, but her eyes were looking past it and at something that nobody else in that room would be able to see.

"Give it up, woman." The man continued. "There's no hope left for you now. Just accept your punishment."

A small smile ghosted over her lips as her once tired eyes softened into relief. "You're wrong…" She murmured quietly. "There is hope…"

He snorted and glanced to where she was looking. "What? Do you think your demon is going to come for you? Sorry, but you were only good enough to screw. Demons are just that way. They do nothing but kill humans." Raw bitterness seeped into his every word. "They don't care! So you think that he'd risk his life just to come here for you?"

Her smile stretched a little as she turned back to stare at the man. "He's already here…"

In that next moment, an explosion occurred at the entrance gates to the village.

Not too long after, a familiar voice whispered into Hinata's ear to close her eyes. But even so, she could still hear the gruesome screams of bloodshed enveloping the room. If she were to look, she would see the mutilated body parts of the men who once occupied that room with her.


She would've seen the fierce look of possessiveness engraved into her demon lover's eyes as he slaughtered each one of them for even thinking about bringing harm unto her.

After all…

No one should be fool enough to harm what belongs to a notorious demon.

Especially a demon who went by the name of Itachi.

That's a small part of the actual story that will happen towards the end of the fic. Like I said, it's a teaser to see whether or not you would be interested in it. Well, tell me what you think and remember that the first chapter will get uploaded towards the end of May.