Title: Love Will Find A Way

Title: Love Conquers

Authors: Goldy and Doodle

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon belongs to some Japanese guy. Not us. Just to be clear. As for Buffy and Angel we got upn, wb, Joss, Marti, and all those fun loving people in there.

Synopsis: Serena decides that Buffy and Angel have been separated long enough and needs some help finding each other again.

Timeline: After 'BTVS' S4 and 'Ats' S1

Spoilers: 'IWRY'

Rating: PG

Serena blew out another sobby breath and reached for the tissues.  She then gave another long loud tearful wail.   She vaguely realized that her makeup was running but for once she really didn't care.


            This was how Darien found her.  " Oh my god Serena, what's wrong?"

            "It's just so….happy!  Angel's human and they can finally get naked together!! I'm so very happy right now." Then she sighed and sniffled once again.

            "Women…" Mumbled Darien under his breath.

            "I heard that but I don't care today. Be prepared when tomorrow comes. Oh, be quiet this is my favourite part!"

            "Mint chocolate chip cookie dough. My favourite!" Buffy was saying on the screen.



            A half hour later the show was over and Serena still hadn't regained control of herself, a rare occurrence if there was one.  She was even more out of control than she had been a half hour earlier.

            Darien took a deep breath, re-entered the room and asked hesitantly, "What's wrong *now*?"

            All of a sudden, the tears stopped and he could see the change in her eyes.  She was pissed off at something and he sincerely hoped that it wasn't him.  He'd been in the path of her rage before and he didn't intend to be ever again. 


            "Damn you!" she cried, "Why do you always have to end the same way?  Why did Riley have to be born?  Why can't Angel stay human?  Stupid stupid people!!!"

            She stood there, hands on her hips, smoke pouring from her ears, and eyeing the vase on the table as if debating throwing it at the TV.

            "Are you mad at me….or at Buffy?"  Darien asked sensitively…or at least trying to.  He was having some trouble concealing his laughter at her anger.   That laughter would die in less than an instant if the vase she was eyeing was directed at him.

            Serena turned and nearly pierced a hole in him with her glare.  Then, as if getting control of herself, she grabbed his hand and raced out the door.  Ignoring his protests and pleas she continued running down the hall.

            The last thing that could be heard from the room was a muffled, "Where the hell are we going?"