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Some Things

by green see-through ghosts

Some things are transient. Some are forever. Some things make you want to cry, while others cause laughter of the infectious kind to invade the entire neighborhood. Some things make you angry, others make you sad. Some things are unbearable; others make you stronger.

But some things, Hyuga Hinata reasoned, were never meant to be experienced in the first place.

For an example, take prom. The word itself was a shortened version of promenade. According to Webster, a promenade was a slow and leisurely stroll for pleasure. Hinata stared at the dictionary in blank disagreement. What on earth was slow and leisurely about prom? If it was for pleasure, why did the girls force their feet into ridiculous shoes that were a size and a half too small and had three inches too much heel? And, explain to her this, where did the strolling come in?

"Hinata? Where are you?"

The lavender-eyed Hyuga slid out of her chair and under the table, bringing the dictionary with her. She held her breath for a long moment, but the curtain remained undisturbed. The speaker had continued her search, and for the moment, she was safe. Hiding in the teleconference room, which was curtained off from the rest of the library with a heavy black sheet, had been a good idea.

Though she wasn't normally the kind to attract attention to herself, Hinata would do anything to escape the "getting-ready-for-prom-party" that her classmates Sakura and Ino were throwing, including dodging around the expansive public library to evade their search party. It wasn't that she was afraid, she told herself. It didn't matter that her only crush would be there, probably turning the entire place up-side down with his loud laughter and amusing antics. It didn't matter that Sakura had found her a beautiful dress, all pale lavender silk and lace and pearls. It didn't matter that her cousin had offered to escort her, or that her best friend Kiba had promised to make sure she had fun.

None of it mattered because, when it all came down to Hinata, and just Hinata, the truth of the matter was, she hated people. No, not her friends -- she'd give her life for them. But crowds of teens…bodies thrashing under a strobe light…earsplitting, pulsing music…faces that were as memorable as individual ants…

Hinata shuddered. You love dancing, Kiba had said. You'll have tons of fun! But Kiba didn't really understand how Hinata felt about dancing. She was a gymnast-inspired ballerina. She performed on stage, surrounded by nothing but wide air and the gazes of those watching her. Even in practice, she had a wide space between herself and the other dancers. There was just something about dancing when you were surrounded by complete and utter strangers that revolted her. If she moved -- really moved -- someone would hit her. Or, even worse, she'd hit them.

Hinata shuddered again, hugging the six-inch thick dictionary against her chest. There was something about strangers, period. Not that she was anti-social, or anything. She was just…shy. Painfully shy. And spending four hours shoulder-to-shoulder with someone she didn't know, couldn't know, and never would know was not her idea of fun.

"Hey. Oblivious. You eloping with the dictionary, or something?"

With a gasp that was more of a shriek, Hinata jumped a foot and only made it the three inches that were between her head and the table. The boom resounded through the small room as a sharp wave of pain sunk quickly through the top of her skull, into her spine, and down to the tips of her toes.

A low chuckle sounded in the space underneath the table.

"You really were oblivious." Heat that had nothing to do with the physical pain flooded her body, turning her face as red as the loose scarlet capri pants she wore.

"Ow," she mumbled, lifting a long-fingered hand to rub the top of her head before turning to look at the speaker. "I…I d-didn't s-s-see you," she said softly, simply because she had absolutely nothing else to say. And because, well, it was the truth.

"No duh," the blonde-haired teen said, a sarcastic smile twisting his lips. "I gathered that after about the second minute."

"I'm s-sorry," Hinata added, although what she meant to say was, man, how embarrassing! "I'll just…go-"

"Who are you hiding from?" he asked curiously, his blue eyes glimmering in the dim light of underneath-the-table-land. He was sitting cross-legged a few feet away, slightly hunched to keep his head from knocking against the top of the hard-wood table, papers spread all around him and an open binder in his lap.

"No-no one," Hinata said, immediately on guard. "I'm not hiding." The boy laughed, revealing shiny white teeth and a mischievous smile. Okay, maybe not a teen; he looked to be at least five years older than her, and Hinata turned seventeen in three months.

"Like recognizes like…or something," he reminded her, reaching across his wide lane of papers to grab a sheet covered in mathematic equations. There were shadowed circles under his wide eyes, and the hair that fell from its half-ponytail to cover his left eye was damp. He wore casual clothes -- a pair of blue jeans and a black zipped sweatshirt with a gothic art depiction across the front. An open can of Khaos Monster rested a few feet away from him so as not to be upset by his movement, and he spoke around the stick of a sucker that was poking three inches out of his mouth. "If you're not hiding, then I'm Barbie, or something."

Hinata denied the obvious comeback -- nice to meet you, Barbie -- and looked away. It was something she'd come to accept; no matter how good her comebacks were, they never got the chance to see daylight. She simply didn't have the facilities to express them.

"So tell me," the blonde said as he ran his eyes down the sheet of equations; he switched his sucker to the other side of his mouth, then reached for another page. "If you're not hiding, what the hell are you doing?"

"Um…nothing," Hinata said softly. Before the words could come all the way out, though, she heard Kiba's voice, much closer than she would have desired.

"Hinata? Are you in here?" Hinata froze mid-word, her eyes darting towards the curtain. She could see only the bottom two feet of it, but that was enough to show her the pair of red high-top Converse that looked an awful lot like Kiba's. "Hinata?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow and looked from her to the curtain and back; he opened his mouth as if to speak. Hinata's eyes widened immediately, despite herself, she shook her head vehemently, a lock of her midnight-purple hair falling forward over her lavender eyes. The blonde grinned and shut his mouth, pulling his sucker out to shake it at her in mock disapproval.

"Damn," Kiba hissed. The curtain fell closed again as he said, "Naruto, she's not here." The shoes disappeared.

After a moment, the blonde asked, "Are you still not hiding?" in a humorous stage-whisper. Hinata didn't bother answering; she simply hunched forward over her dictionary with a sigh. "So really," the blonde laughed as he popped the sticky purple sucker back inside his mouth and looked back down at the paper in his hand, "was that your boyfriend, or something?"

"No!" Hinata exclaimed, her face coloring again.

"Is he angry?" the blonde continued, ignoring her denial as he reached for another sheet.


"Then why are you holding the dictionary like it's a shield or something?" he asked, raising an eyebrow without looking at her. Hinata dropped the dictionary on the floor and folded her arms over her form-fitting black hoodie, brushing her hair back from her face with a vicious dash of her head.

"I'm n-not," she said. "And he's not my b-boyfriend."

"Okay," the blonde said easily. "Brother?"


"Okay. So you're hiding from your male friend who is not your boyfriend because…?" After a moment of her silence, he lifted his head. "Look, I'm just bored," he explained. "I'm not trying to be creepy, or something." He turned back to his papers. "I haven't spoken two words to another human for the past three days."


"Cats don't count, Hinata," he said easily. Hinata blushed at the sound of her name coming from this stranger; when she caught sight of him grinning at her from underneath his hair, she looked away.

"What are you studying?" she asked timidly, fingering a drawstring of her hoodie.

"Nuclear Chemistry," the blonde said calmly, shuffling through a set of papers with hardly a glance for each one.

"Oh," Hinata said, surprised. "Is it…interesting?"

"It's a load of shit," he said frankly as he placed the sheath of papers back inside the binder. "But they only way for me to get a real job with explosives is by getting this degree," he explained at her confused expression. "It's a sad world where paper certificates outweigh pure genius, huh?"

"S-sure," Hinata said warily.

"By the way," he continued, glancing up to lock gazes with her, "I'm Deidara."


"So, since I've told you something, does that mean you're going to tell me why you're hiding?" Deidara asked. After a moment, Hinata responded.

"Tonight is prom at my high school," she said simply, hoping he'd understand without her needing to explain.

"And your parents don't want you to go?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"No, my father…was supportive," Hinata corrected, her voice barely audible. The eyebrows went higher.

"You don't have a date?"

"No," Hinata said, remembering how Neji, Kiba, and Shino had all offered. "I had t-too many." The curved arches of short hair over his eyes rose another millimeter.

"Do you dislike your dress, or something?"

"No, it was beautiful," Hinata sighed, thinking of how she looked like a princess in the lacy gown. Deidara's eyebrows went through the roof.

"The why the hell are you hiding because tonight is prom?" he barked. Hinata jerked upright, knocking her head on the top of the table for the second time.

"I…don't like…dancing," she finished lamely, blushing as the words entered the air between them and entwined their fates together.

"Okay," Deidara said after a moment. "I can handle that." He reached for his energy drink and took a swig around his sucker. "I never liked dancing either," he said conversationally, studying the drink can for a moment before setting it down again. "But why don't you just tell your friends that?"

"Well…" Hinata said slowly. "It's…well, they think I'm just shy."

"Which you are," Deidara said firmly. Hinata stared at him. "Um, it's obvious?" he said. "As obvious as the fact that nuclear chemistry is shit?"

"O…okay." Hinata looked down, blushing.

"That's okay, you know," Deidara said. "Being shy isn't necessarily bad." He reached out and raked the expanse of papers into his lap.

"It's not?"

"No," he said plainly. "Not really."

"Then why do-"

"Because they're bastards," Deidara interrupted. Hinata gaped at him. "It's a damn good answer to any question," he explained with a grin before tucking the remainder of his papers inside his binder. "Now come on," he said, setting the binder to the side. The grin still on his face, he unzipped his sweatshirt and shrugged out of it, revealing a tight black tee-shirt and muscular, tan arms. "How many are out there?"

"What…what do you m-mean?"

"How many people are looking for you?"


"Good grief," Deidara laughed as he tossed his sweatshirt at her; Hinata flinched as it landed in her lap. "Got enough friends?"

"What's this for?" she asked, lifting the jacket to look at it skeptically.

"A disguise," he said. Hinata stared at him blankly. "To get you out of here," he continued.


"I told you, I'm bored," he said quickly. "And they're going to find you sooner or later if you don't get out now. So let's go." Without waiting for her to answer, Deidara grabbed his drink, tucked his binder under one arm, and crawled out from underneath the table.

Hinata stared blankly at the place where he had just been sitting. Despite all of the never-go-with-anywhere-with-strangers training she had gone through during her life, the appeal of the situation was still strong. After all, who said she had to go anywhere with him once they left the library? And anyways, hadn't she said she'd do anything to escape having to go to prom?

"Hey, are you planning on camping out here tonight, or something?" Deidara's smiling face appeared under the edge of the table, and, with an inward sigh, Hinata nodded and slid out from under the table. She stood gracefully to her sandaled feet, his sweatshirt clenched in her folded arms.

"Just…out of the library?"

"Sure," Deidara grinned. "Then, we'll see." Hinata looked at him for a long moment, then slid her arms through the jacket sleeves and zipped it up to the neck. "Hood up," Deidara ordered. "We've got to hide that purple hair of yours." Hinata blushed and pulled the black hood up around her head, casting shadows across her wide eyes and pale cheeks. The thick material smelled of cologne and smoke of the non-cigarette kind; when Deidara turned away, Hinata discretely pressed her nose against it, inhaling more sharply. Yes, cologne, smoke, and some sort of harsh chemical scent.

"Okay," Deidara said briskly as he slid the binder inside a nearly empty black book bag that sat on the far end of the table. "You, carry this," he ordered, shoving his energy drink into her hand. Hinata gaped at him, then at the can. "I get the feeling you're not the type for energy drinks," he said with a grin. "That'll throw your friends off."

"Right," Hinata said slowly, still staring at the can.

"It's not poison, you know," Deidara prompted.

"That's a matter of opinion," Hinata said firmly.

"Do you drink coffee?" he asked.


"Well, then, we're at equilibrium," Deidara said cheerfully. "You take your poison, I take mine." He reached forward and pulled the hood further over Hinata's face; she froze at his movement and did not move again until he turned away to sling his book-bag strap over his head and one shoulder. The shadow of the hood hid the deepness of her blush; still, Hinata looked away once he turned back around. "Stay close," he ordered. "We'll leave by the front exit, alright?"

"Al-alright," Hinata said.

"Alright," Deidara repeated. "Here we go."

They left the Webster's on the floor underneath the conference table.

"Head down," Deidara ordered as they walked quickly across the floor. "Hold the can up like you're proud of it." He laughed at her expression of disgust and shoved his hands inside his jean pockets, damp blonde hair blowing over his shoulder in the movement of the air.

As they rounded the corner into a larger room, full of computers and long bookshelves, Hinata caught sight of Sakura, Ino, and Kiba standing with the rest of their group across the room; even Neji was there. Well, she though, at least they were all in one place.

Unconsciously, she moved closer to Deidara, bumping against his side in the jolting movement of their walk. Without hesitation, he slid his arm around her lower waist, pulling her hip against his as they moved.

"So that's them, huh?" he commented, apparently unaware of Hinata's suddenly stiffened body pressed against his. "Preppy looking bunch, aren't they?" He wasn't really expecting an answer; he didn't get one. Hinata was too busy trying to ignore the tingle she felt in her stomach -- the kind she usually got before a big performance, or when her father was evaluating her routine.

They moved through the room quickly, weaving around computer tables and the library patrons easily; Deidara led as if they were one. Bits of the conversation of Hinata's friends drifted to them from across the room: "I don't know where she could have gone!"; "It's not like her to disappear…"; "Man, I thought she'd put up with it, but boy, was I wrong!" The last piece was from Kiba, said in surprise as he rubbed a hand through his tangled brown curls. A moment later, a librarian told the lot of them to quiet down, and then Deidara and Hinata were pushing through the double glass doors and out onto the sunlit street.

"Haha, suckers!" Deidara laughed, stretching both his arms into the air in victory. Hinata immediately stepped away; he was too engrossed in his celebration to notice. "Let's keep moving," he said with a grin. "They might be coming out soon."

"Which way?" Hinata asked shyly, reaching up with both hands to pull the hood away from her face.

"Where do you want to go?" Deidara asked in return.


"Alright, left," he laughed, taking off down the stairs without waiting for her. "Come on, Hinata!"

And, entirely unsure of why, or even how, she followed, Hinata went.

Some things are transient. Some are forever. Some things make you want to cry, while others make laughter of the infectious kind invade the surrounding neighborhood. Some things make you angry, others make you sad. Some things are unbearable, while others make you stronger.

But some things, Hyuga Hinata reasoned, are just meant to be.

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