summary – In which they miss chances over and over but still make it the end.

disclaimer – don't own anything.

author's note – my OTP was been neglected for awhile, shame on me.

Home Is Where You Are

summer: 2009

She moves to Paris.

He thinks about getting on a flight.

He doesn't.

fall: 2009

She almost calls.

He almost calls.

She goes out to a party.

He makes dinner for Jenny.

winter: 2009

He sleeps with Serena.

She calls.

He doesn't pick up.

spring: 2010

They meet once more at Serena's birthday party.

Serena kisses him.

She cries during 'Happy Birthday to You'.

summer: 2010

He sits in the airport for three hours.

"Flight to Paris now boarding."

He still sits.

fall: 2010

She meets some local artist named Pierre.

She smiles after he kisses her.

Pierre is nothing like him.

winter: 2010

He calls.

She answers.

He hangs up.

She cries.

spring: 2011

Nate and Vanessa get engaged.

Vanessa calls him.

Nate calls her.

They smile for Nate and Vanessa, and cry for what could've been.

summer: 2011

They meet at the wedding

He says she looks beautiful.

She smiles.

He kisses her.

They make love later that night.

fall: 2011

She moves back to New York.

winter: 2011

Vanessa's pregnant.

He doesn't think he's ever been this happy for his best friend

She doesn't think she's ever been happy for her ex-boyfriend.

spring: 2012

She moves in with him.

They fight over ramen noodles that night.

He ends up sleeping on the couch.

summer: 2012

Little David Abrams Archibald is born.

She doesn't say anything but he knows she wants one too.

He asks her to marry him.

fall: 2012

She stresses over everything.

Vanessa only laughs when he attempts to help.

He instead settles for sitting in the corner with Nate and David.

winter: 2012

They are man and wife.

She thinks she'll burst with happiness.

spring: 2013

She walks out of the bathroom.

He looks worried.

She holds up the test.

He looks at the pink plus, kisses her and loves her even more.

summer: 2013

She bitches and complains.

He says there's no change in her regular behavior.

He sleeps on the couch that week.

fall: 2013

Audrey Blair Humphrey is born.

Nate jokes that maybe their kids will get married.

She doesn't laugh, just smiles.

Summer: 2033

David Archibald marries Audrey Humphrey.


author's note 2: did anyone notice that Audrey Humphrey sounds a bit like Audrey Hepburn? And since Blair lurves Audrey Hepburn, she might as well get married to Dan already and have cute little sarcastic bitchy babies. lol.