summary -- Mia in three parts. "She knows now that this is where she wants to be."

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kept my mouth shut

(for too long)


She loves the piano and that's half of the reason she stays with Jason's band. She likes Jason too. Some sort of childish infatuation, her mother would say if she found out she thought more about boys than school.

So that's why she stays, why she puts up with his attitude and sometimes less than brilliant songs, why she does anything for the band.

It's because she loves the piano (or just Jason).


Singing, really singing, with piano keys underneath her fingers and Peyton cheering her on is pretty amazing. Peyton, whom she finds is quite cool and so like the sister she's always wanted, tells her she could make it big.

She lets that thought stay in her mind for minutes, then days, then weeks. She likes that thought. It's one of her favorites; it tops kissing Jason (by a million) or even meeting any of The Beatles.

It's now that she starts believing that thought.


She's never felt more nervous in her whole freakin' life. She counts in her head how many seconds it'll take her to chicken out.




Then she hears that oh so familiar voice. Jason, he's actually here, watching her sing and breathe in music. She doesn't think she's ever been more nervous now. Peyton and Haley, another new older 'sister' she could get used to, give her thumbs up.

Breathing in, she lets her fingers strum the guitar and lets her voice filter into the walls of Tric. It isn't long till the crowd's cheering her on and she knows now that this is where she wants to be.

Forever on stage (and a rockstar).