summary -- Hardcore superstar by far. You're the ultimate star. Do you wanna be a superstar? 'Cause that's what you are.

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You're Gonna Be a Star

Boring blonde hair that will never be perfectly brown.

(She's planning on dying it tomorrow.)

Dull blue eyes that will never be cold, harsh brown.

(She's always need contacts, so why not color ones?)

Soft words that will never be cruel or mean.

(She's been practicing her yelling with her father.)

Warm smile that will never be devilish and spiteful.

(She's taken to trying to be more mean, and less nice.)

Sweet love for Nate Archibald that will never be the complicated love he's always known.

(She's already got parents and a brother in messy relationships; surely she can be that difficult.)

Admiration for Serena van der Woodsen that would never become hate and vengeance.

(She's starting to dislike the way Serena's breaking her brother's heart.)

Strong dislike for Chuck Bass that will never turn into casual sex.

(She's gonna close her eyes and picture a sandy haired blonde.)

Jenny Humphrey will never be Blair Waldorf.

(She's never gonna be able to change that fact.)