Loving Billy Kaplan

Summery: Small snips and glances into Billy's and Teddy's relationship.

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Chick Shit?

Billy stared intensely at the large, glowing screen in front of him. His legs pulled up close to him, a pillow hugged tight against his chest, chin buried in it, his slender arms wrapped around his shins, keeping the pillow between his body. His black hair falling around his face, hiding his eyes from view of others. His lower lip sucked in and teeth nibbling. Next to him, Kate and Cassie sat close together, silent tear tracks on their cheeks, smiles on their faces and a bowl of chocolate covered popcorn between them, both their legs curled under them as well.

Music blared from the surround sound system in the Avenger Mansion and the large screen flashed bright colors as two figures danced around each other, singing and smiling. Each time the male would start to sing, loud coos echoed from the theater room from Kate and Cassie.

In which those loud cooing noises brought Teddy to wonder to the room, looking for his boyfriend. He was hoping that Cassie and Kate had seen him and could tell him where the dark-haired teen had run off too. He had already asked Eli and Tommy, having no luck he went down stairs, asking any of the Avengers he ran into. Spending the summer at the Avenger Mansion was a dream come true, but being trained was a nightmare. Neither of the Young Avengers had gotten time off from training until today. Teddy had hoped to spend the day with Billy, but the young witch was nowhere to be found.

Upon entering the large, dark room, Teddy was surprised to see three figures sitting on the couch. He recognized Cassie and Kate at the far right and walked over to that side, looking skeptical at the screen as a young Scottish man sang brokenly at a dying red-haired woman.

"Ahem." Teddy cleared his throat.

Cassie and Kate glanced up at Teddy, tears streaming down their faces. Teddy bit back a comment, it was only a movie. There was no need to get so sappy.

"You guys seen Billy?" Teddy asked.

Cassie glared at Teddy and turned her attention back to the movie. Kate nodded and pointed to the other end of the couch. Teddy frowned at her and looked up, suddenly surprised. Billy's front was washed in the blue glow from the TV, his body tense and perfectly still. Teddy looked closer, noting Billy's teary eyes and shook his head. He nodded at Kate in thanks and left the room, a bit dazed. He never thought he'd get ditched for a chick flick.

Around twenty minutes later Kate, Cassie, and Billy emerged from the theater room. The two girls drying their eyes and sighing with wistfulness. Billy held his head down, oddly quiet. Teddy leaned against the hallway wall, waiting for them to come out. He nodded at Kate and Cassie as they went by.

"Have fun?"

Billy jumped and stopped walking, glancing up at Teddy through his hair. Billy's eyes were rimmed a bit red.

"U-uh…" Billy stuttered, frozen in place.

Teddy snorted down his amused laughter. Billy looked adorable standing in front of him. His lower lip sucked in, his eyes full of guilt at being caught. His left arm cross his stomach, hand rubbing his right arm. His shoulders shrugged up, trying to make himself seem smaller, hiding. Billy glanced down at the floor, a faint pink blush on his cheeks.

Teddy chuckled, walked up to Billy, kissed him, and walked away.

"Argh, seriously, another chick-flick? What the hell is wrong with this place?" Tommy growled, getting up off the couch.

Cassie glared and stuck her tongue out at Tommy's back.


Tommy flipped her off.

Kate snorted.

"He's right," Eli said, getting up as well, "you guys do watch a lot of movies."

"What's your point?" Kate asked, clicking on the TV.

"That you hog the TV."

"Well, we were here first." Cassie defended.

Eli rolled his eyes.

"You've been here all day."

"Yeah," Cassie rolled her eyes at Eli, "it's called a marathon."

"Of Chick Shit." Tommy muttered.

Cassie made a disgusted sound and threw a pillow at Tommy.

"Then leave!"

"I am!" Tommy snapped and left the room.

Eli shook his head and put a hand on Billy's shoulder, who had remained quiet throughout the confusion.

"Come on Billy. Maybe we can talk Cap into scheduling limits on the TV."

Billy smiled softly and shrugged.

"I'm gunna stay."

Eli started at him in disbelief.



Eli shook his head and left, convinced that Billy was staying for his own death. He pasted Teddy in the doorway.

"Another Chick Flick night, I wouldn't go in there."

"Yeah," Tommy said from the hallway, "More shit."

Teddy chuckled and looked past the doorway, spotting Billy.

"Nah, it won't be so bad."

Eli gave Teddy his 'are you kidding' look. Teddy just chuckled and patted Eli's shoulder, motioning for him to come back in the room and just try to watch the movie. Eli sighed and followed Teddy back in.

"Oh, God! Seriously? Is everyone in this place suicidal?" Tommy asked. Annoyed, the speedster continued on his way, far, far away from the theater room.

Teddy jumped over the couch and landed next to Billy, giving his boyfriend a bright smile. Eli took a seat on the floor, in front of Kate, not wanting to sit next to two girls during a Chick Flick.

"Really? You guys are going to watch it with us?"

"Eh, sure, why not." Teddy shrugged, scooting closer to Billy.

Eli just rolled his eyes.

The screen rolled down, the lights dimmed to darkness, and the movie started…with singing. Both Teddy and Eli suddenly realized what they were in for. Teddy though glanced down at Billy and smiled lovingly at his flushed cheeks, head lowered into his shoulders out of shyness. Teddy nearly cooed and leaned down, blocking Billy from view, trapping him in the corner of the couch, and kissed him tenderly. Billy looked into Teddy's eyes and bit his bottom lip before smiling at Teddy and reaching up for another kiss.

Teddy smirked and curled his arms around Billy, making sure that both of them were going to miss the entire movie. Chick Flicks may be shit, but anything that made Billy act so cute was wonderful. In fact, it was the most wonderful shit Teddy had ever seen.

Tommy sat in the kitchen with a bowl of ice-cream, glaring down the hallway.

"Tommy? Not watching the movie?"

Tommy glared at Captain America, stood, took his ice-cream, and went upstairs to his room, muttering as he went,

"Stupid-fucking-chick shit movies-"

Captain America stared after Tommy; he knew he should have forced them to stop being heroes. Teenage superheroes plus summer training equals...


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