Loving Billy Kaplan

Summery: Small snips and glances into Billy's and Teddy's relationship.

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Music Torture

Teddy was bored, really, really bored. It was pouring rain out and Captain America had called off all training for the day for god knows what reason. Tommy and managed to drag Eli, Kate, Cassie, and even Vision off to go do something that didn't involve being inside the Avenger Mansion. Though Teddy wasn't really sure how he convinced them to go, it was really dreadful outside. Tommy had tried to talk him into going as well, but Teddy refused, not wanting to risk the weather. Besides, odds were that Billy had declined as well and that meant that it would only be him and Billy in the mansion.

Seeing as that was an hour ago though, Teddy had no idea what possessed him to stay in his room, all he really wanted was to be alone with Billy, without the risk of an interruption. And so the blond ventured from his room and went looking for his boyfriend. He didn't have to look very hard though; a dull bass was thumping against the walls of the hallway and spiked Teddy's curiosity.

He was about to knock, but thought of a different idea and slowly opened the door, a loud guitar blaring as he did so. A deep, husky voice filled his ears and Teddy recognized it as 'La Grunge' by ZZ Top. But Teddy's ears didn't keep him distracted for too long. Billy swayed into his view, shirt off, black jeans riding low and tight on his hips. His hair slightly mussed and feet bare. Billy was smiling, thrusting his hips a bit at the guitar solo that raged on, very loudly. Teddy smirked and slipped inside, he loved when Billy listened to rock and roll. It was bliss.

Teddy came up behind Billy and slipped his hands around his hips, sliding them to Billy's front, pulling the teen flesh against him.

"You do this on purpose, don't you?"

Billy hummed and chuckled, reaching up and sliding a hand into Teddy's hair.

"Only to draw you out."

Teddy leaned down and nuzzled Billy's shoulder before giving him a gentle nibble.

"Well, it worked."

Billy squirmed and twisted around to face Teddy,


And Billy rose up on his toes and pressed his lips against Teddy's; Teddy always liked to be taller than he was, especially when they made out. Not that he minded, sometimes though Teddy shifted himself to be a bit too tall. Teddy smiled into the kiss and slipped his tongue inside Billy's mouth, needing more. His hands traveled up to the waistband of Billy's jeans and slipped back down to cup his ass, only this time disappearing under the demine wear. Billy's whimper went straight to his groin and Teddy moaned, pulling Billy even tighter against him. It had been awhile, a very long while. They always got interrupted, always, even when Teddy paid his teammates to keep a look out. This time though, this time it was going to happen and damnit if someone walked in, well too damn bad because they were in the privacy of Billy's room.

Teddy pulled his hands out of Billy's jeans, the dark-haired teen whimpered again. Teddy just chuckled into the heated kiss and gripped Billy's thighs, pulling them up. Billy pulled back and let out a yelp as his legs were pulled from under him, Teddy holding him up off the floor. Teddy smiled and leaned into Billy, his lips brushing his ear,

"Help me out here," he whispered.

Billy groaned as he wrapped his legs around Teddy's waist, it felt good to be so closed to him. With a rough grip on Billy's thighs, Teddy turned around, pressing Billy up against the wall, rocking his hips. Billy groaned again, louder, his neck arching back, exposing his creamy flesh. Teddy watched as Billy's adams apple rippled under his skin. His eyes glossed over with lust and suddenly Teddy was furiously attacking Billy. He bit and sucked under Billy's chin; keep the dark-haired teen's neck arched. His hands let go of Billy's trembling thighs and came around to his front, unbuttoning his jeans and zipping down his fly, determined to get his pants off without pulling away from the wall, which was the only thing that was keeping Billy from sliding down.

Billy panted as Teddy's hands cupped him through his boxers, moaning when Teddy started to gently stroke. Billy's hands found their way to Teddy's thick, blond hair and buried them into it, tugging and pulled Teddy close. He arched his back, pressing his stomach against Teddy's chest and closed his eyes. He moaned again, high, whisper-y, and loud. He didn't have to worry about being quit, no one was home.

He sighed though as Teddy pulled his hand out of his pants, encouraging Billy to wiggle out of them. He did so until they were around his thighs tightly, grunting when Teddy kissed him roughly, banging his head against the wall. Teddy's hands returned to his back, running rough fingers down his spine, dipping into his boxers, tracing the crest of his ass.

There was moment of silence as the song ended and Billy was very aware of Teddy's grunting, his own moaning. They were not going to last very long. As another song blared out, Billy yelped as Teddy rocked his hips with his in rhythm to the guitar and slipped a finger inside of him. Though he wasn't really sure how Teddy was managing that, Billy was still trapped between his boyfriend and the wall, with no space for anything. It was interesting, having a shape-shifter as a boyfriend. They lost themselves in the riving guitar and the heat of passion, becoming immune to anything else around them.

"Hey, Billy-Oh God!"

Except for that.

Billy and Teddy froze, glancing over at Billy's doorway, were Cassie stood eyes wide. Why was she the one that always caught them at the wrong moment? She was the youngest on the team too, hell by the time the summer was over, she wouldn't need to take health class next school year.

"Oh god!" she repeated and then fled, her feet thudding against the floor loudly.

Voices indicated that the others were somewhere near and coming closer to see what had Cassie on the run.

Quickly Billy pushed Teddy off of him, landing on the floor with a yelp.

"What was that? Are you ok?" Kate asked before she even reached the doorway, but the worry in her voice vanished the minute she saw Billy on the floor, trying his best to hastily pull his pants back over his hips, Teddy standing near him, fidgeting with his wrinkled shirt.

"What's going on?" Eli asked, coming to stand next to Kate, his lips thinning to a small thin line.

Kate sighed and turned around to leave, bumping into a confused looking Vision,

"The same thing that is always going on."

Eli huffed and followed her, giving Teddy and Billy an odd look.

Billy sighed and looked up at Teddy from the floor.

"Well, that was a mood killer."

Teddy huffed and helped Billy up.

"Might as well go see if Cassie is ok." He said, grabbing a shirt and leaving Teddy to stand in his boyfriend's room, unsatisfied, annoyed, and still aching…hard.

Tommy peaked his head in after seeing Billy leave the room. One look at Teddy and he sighed, walked up to the blond and patted him on the shoulder, a sympathetic look on his face.

"Tough luck, buddy."

And left.

Teddy decided he hated music; all it brought was torture and not the good kind. He turned off Billy's stereo and turned the light off, walking out of them room, with difficulty.

Yep, he really, really hated music.

Vision stood in the hall, still a bit confused and staring after Teddy's retreating back, what was always going on?

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