Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own Twilight or any of its greatness

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own Twilight or any of its greatness. :P

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I looked around at my surroundings. I was the only one alive. Dead bodies surrounded me and made me feel uneasy, so I stumbled outside. I gulped.


I looked up; there were tall, green trees. And it was raining. Hard.

"Edward?!" I shouted.

I looked everywhere else; I was in a rainforest. I could hear the buzzing of a cicada in the distance, and a number of fireflies were flying around, too.

"Edward." I whispered.

And then I finally turned to my left. There was only black—until I looked up at it. It was a huge mountain. It was most likely the thing that separated both the planes in two.

There was no way Edward would be dead. I knew that for sure. He was somewhere, but where? I could already tell that this place I was stuck in was not a very small place, but from the distance, I heard the faintest sound of water rushing around. A waterfall? An ocean? I went with my instincts and walked towards the sound.

I walked for a while, maybe an hour and half, and the sound got louder and louder. I finally pulled away some trees in my way and the image of sand and ocean reached my eyes. But nobody was there, it was all empty.

Thoughts of when Edward left me poured into my mind and I couldn't handle it. I dropped right there, and coiled into a fetal position. I closed my eyes and imagined Edward right there, by my side, smiling that very smile I'd seen hours ago. Pain in my chest came on its way, opening a hole in my heart. I needed Edward to close it. Only he was capable of this.

Edward could be anywhere on this island. But where? Where?! What if I never see him again and I get killed by some animal?

The thoughts were unbearable. What could I do to find him?

What am I doing!? I'm wasting so much time, time I could be able to spend with Edward.

I forced myself to get up, my fist tight against my palm, and I looked up at the mountain we crashed into from a distance. It was all covered in fog, but I could make it out. After standing there, thinking out plans to find Edward, I decided to walk to the mountain, and go the other side of it. No matter how long it would take. I would be bound to find him on the way.

Right? But what if I don't see him? What then?

But I couldn't take a chance and never see my Edward ever again. And so I began walking towards the distant mountain.

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