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Fullmetal Meets Fowl

Chapter One: An Alchemist's Arrival

He put his arms on his chest, covering the array he had drawn there. A soft, electric-blue glow filtered through the cracks in between his fingers; the arrays on his forehead and on the backs of his hands glowed in a similar way, as did the massive, complex circle beneath his feet. The alchemic light rose up from the floor, and his long blond hair rose and swayed. The air crackled and shimmered with pure energy, all concentrated on the blond, shirtless boy standing in the middle of the matrix, its ancient origins seeming to add his own alchemic power. The light continued to grow stronger and brighter, losing its color until it was pure white. It made its way even through his closed eyelids, and a small, sad smile made its way on his face.

'Alphonse…' he thought. 'You won't disappear.' The light filled the room, and when it faded, the boy was gone.

Artemis Fowl the Second frowned as he glared at the screen of his laptop, the glowing screen casting an electric blue light that was reflected in the youth's piercing, equally blue eyes.

"Butler," the pale youth said flatly. His slim fingers quickly tapped at the sleek black keys of his laptop with the ease of long practice. A new window opened on the screen even as Artemis kept typing. He had pale skin, like a vampire; his hair was coal black and swept back from his brow in a dignified, aristocratic manner. His electric blue eyes were narrowed at the screen, and his lips were carved into a slight expression of displeasure along with his thin, dark eyebrows that arched gracefully above his cerulean eyes. He wore an expensive, well-tailored suit along with Armani loafers. He sat regally in a swivel chair in front of a large, mahogany desk.

"Would you please go the top shelf on the end of that book case and get me the book Last Generation?" Artemis said is his soft, smooth voice.

"Of course, Master Artemis." The speaker was a giant of man, the type you'd expect to get charged by a rhinoceros and merely stand there, punching it in the face and sending it skidding back at the last possible moment. He was the type you'd expect to pull a shotgun out of his jacket, use it up, and bring out hand-cannon. He was the type you'd expect to step on a plane only to find the poor metal craft couldn't support his weight. He was clean-shaven on both his face and his head, and was dressed smartly in a dark black suit.

Butler stepped away from his post by the doorframe and strode over to the bookcase, the distance being eaten up quickly by a few enormous strides. Butler ran his finger along the bookshelf, gently pulling out the chosen book as his eyes rested on the title on its spine printed in faded gold leaf. He placed the book in Artemis' waiting hand before ­­­reclaiming his place by the door.

A loud thump and the slight tremor that followed provoked no immediate action other than a pause in Artemis' typing. "Butler?" One word was all that was needed. The large man reached into his jacket and pulled out a pistol that was dwarfed by his large hands. Butler quickly walked over the desk and stood a little behind his young charge, leaning over slightly to look at the new screen the youth had brought up on the screen. It was divided into several sections, showing live video feed from all over Fowl Manor. Two sets of eyes scanned the screen, before the blue eyes landed on an irregularity. A single pale finger pointing to the spot drew the bodyguard's eyes as well. A small, unmoving figure was lying on its side in a room that was—conveniently?—just a few doors down the hall from the room they were currently in. It was shirtless, and one arm seemed to be…possibly metal. The—obviously male, despite the long hair—was blond, and wearing black pants, black boots, and a wide brown belt.

When a thorough examination of the screen revealed no other intruders or irregularities, Artemis rose from his chair.

"Let's pay our new guest a little visit, shall we?"