Summary: Nejiten. AU. Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Tenten are a regular 20-year-old married couple by day… nemesis superheroes who loathe each other by night.

Other pairings: JirTsu, NaruHina, SasuSaku, AsuKure, PeinKonan, Gaamatsu, Konohanabi, and UdonMoegi. Undecided Rin, Anko, Temari, Ino, Tayuya, Karin, Kin, Hana, and Shizune pairings. High T for implied… stuff. NO LEMON though.

Started writing this to get over writers block for 100 O/S Nejiten Collection.

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Oh yes, this started out as a oneshot but I thought it was too long.

But I like the idea, so I'm posting it. This is also practice for me to write longer chapters.

Tsunade and Jiraiya looked at each other.

"So that's it, huh?" Jiraiya had asked.

Tsunade nodded, "Our superhero corporation is now two… 'ANBU' is now 'ANBU Shinobi' and 'ANBU Kunoichi'…"

Jiraiya laughed, "I just can't believe Orochimaru left us…"

Tsunade sighed, "Yeah…"

Jiraiya turned to Tsunade, "You know, Tsun…?"

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya, who said, "You know, we're rivals now… but Shinobi will get more business than ANBU Kunoichi!"
Tsunade stiffened, "No way… the new individuals for Kunoichi are girls who KICK ASS!"

Jiraiya laughed, "But I bet I chose better for Shinobi."
Jiraiya took the last of the paperwork, "Well, I guess this is where we depart…"

Tsunade grumbled, "You'll be right next door…"
Jiraiya turned to Tsunade, "Ya, but we are separate organizations…"
Tsunade grumbled, "Bye, Jiraiya…"
Jiraiya laughed, "See you later, Tsunade…"

A woman wearing the ANBU Kunoichi uniform sped through Konoha's streets, her steady breathing slowly increasing as she accelerated.

She had to catch up to Orochimaru's cohort and kill him or…

She stopped and looked towards Orochimaru's man. Then she glanced towards the ANBU Shinobi fighting Orochimaru's guy. She took a glance at the mask he wore. Canary. She smirked, as the mask identified him as her longtime rival. Canary was a man in ANBU Shinobi, ANBU Kunoichi's rival superhero group. Kunoichi and Shinobi were often assigned many of the same missions with the one to successfully complete it be the one that gets paid. Canary and she often had the same mission. And she knew just what to do to piss him off…

She took out a kunai and aimed at an angle, thanking Kami-sama they hadn't noticed her yet. The kunai whizzed through the night air, being thrown with all her might.

The man was fighting Orochimaru's guy when suddenly a kunai flew through the air and it hit at Orochimaru's cohort's neck, killing him in an instant as he collapsed to the ground. The man sighed. That tricky, tricky kunoichi rival of his.

He looked to see a woman with brown hair in buns, standard ANBU uniform and a mask on.
"Canary…" she said emotionlessly.

The man flipped his long black-brown hair in a low ponytail and said, in the same tone of voice, "Dragon…"

"He was mine…" Canary told her, "My mission".

Dragon chuckled, "No way, Canary. He was mine. Now Kunoichi gets the pay Sandaime had offered up".

"You can be so cunning sometimes…" Canary muttered bitterly.

Dragon rolled her eyes, even though he couldn't see them through the mask.

"Hey! How about I get you a coffee to make up for it?" she asked friendly.

After all, Canary was strong. And if he held a grudge against her, If she was against him next time, fighting for a mission, he might be motivated enough to win.

Canary emotionlessly spoke, "I have a wife…"

Dragon replied, "And I have a husband. But that doesn't mean we can't be friends".

"Yes it does…" Canary chuckled.

"Pfft…" she said childishly, walking away.

Canary noticed and thought, "Uh oh. Tenten will have a fit if I'm late one more time. He started making his way through Konoha's streets, plotting his route to Shinobi Headquarters.

Tenten ran out of Kunoichi Headquarters faster, on her way back home.

'If Neji got home early…' she shrugged the matter off and continued home.

Neji smiled. 'Tenten…' he always wondered if he should tell his wife about him in ANBU Shinobi but, like all the others, voted on not telling their lovers such things. He sighed, moving his way through the streets until his house came into view.

Tenten slipped through the bathroom window, stripping herself of her dragon mask and ANBU Kunoichi Uniform, storing them in under the loose floorboard behind the toilet, ripping out her hair ties, and putting on her regular nightgown, taking a glance at her watch.

'Damn, 8:30. I must have overestimated the time it would take. Oh well, Neji won't mind.'

Hyuuga Neji slipped his mask in the bush and sighed. Thank God he kept his ANBU uniform back at headquarters. He sighed a sigh of relief. The bathroom light was on. Sure, Tenten was an hour early for bed, but both Hyuugas liked early sleep and early rise.

Orochimaru was angry. No. Anger was an extreme understatement. He was furious.

"Kabuto, that Yuura was supposed to have gotten information on Uchiha Itachi from Akatsuki. How could he let himself get killed by an ANBU Shinobi?"
Kabuto sighed, "It wasn't an ANBU Shinobi that killed him. Yuura was fighting Canary of ANBU Shinobi when an ANBU Kunoichi did a surprise attack. Kunai right to the neck. Dragon, I believe."
Orochimaru clenched his fists. Dragon. He had a few scores to settle with that one. And the worst part was, he didn't have even that much information on her. 20 years old. Weapons Mistress. ANBU Kunoichi member of 4 years. Genius of weapons. Tricky. Canary's rival. He also had a score to settle with Canary as well. And he would do it. He would avenge them. All he needed… was time…

"Neji-kun!" Hyuuga Tenten cried, leaping into her husband's arms, "How was work?"
Neji groaned, "Today I was training Hanabi. After all, if I die, she gets Hyuuga Corp. All she did was yell at people to bring her coffee…"
His wife giggled, "She's only 14, Neji…"

Suddenly, Neji noticed a cut on Tenten's arm and reached out gently to touch it.
"Tenten? What is this?" he asked.

"Work. Scratched myself on a knife," Tenten stated.

'Liar,' her inner self chimed, 'More like you, Hinata, and Sakura were fighting over who got to interrogate one of Orochimaru's test subjects and stupid Fox and Crow won.'

"Really?" Neji's eyebrow raised, "Hinata should be more careful where she puts her baking supplies."
Tenten's inner self grumbled, 'Now he's suspicious. Great going, Tenten. Let's just tell him we're in ANBU Kunoichi…'

'No,' Tenten thought back, almost immediately, 'He'd think less of us…'

Hinata sighed, setting down the pen. Between her upcoming wedding, running a cake decorating shop, and ANBU Kunoichi, the stress was definitely getting to her. She watched Naruto-kun across the room of their apartment, glanced down at her engagement ring and fiddling with the mask in the pocket of her jacket. How much harder would it be keeping the ANBU Kunoichi a secret while married?
Well… if Tenten-nee-san could do it, so could she, right?

I need suggestions as to what Temari's, Shikamaru's, Konohamaru's, Hanabi's, Gaara's, Matsuri's, Udon's, Moegi's, Shizune's, Obito's, Rin's, Kakashi's and Hana's masks should be.

All the pairings… Nejiten, NaruHina, SasuSaku, PeinKonan, JirTsu, Konohanabi, Gaamatsu, AsuKure, and UdonMoegi are DECIDED.

However… I have a few undecided pairings.










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