Mamoru no Uchiha

Mamoru no Uchiha

Prologue – Konoha's Little Mother

Somewhere during the entire Leaf-Sound Conflict – which had dragged on for longer than anybody, even Orochimaru, had expected – Sakura had decided that she wanted a baby. This had horrified civilians and shinobi alike (especially her teammates) for two reasons: one, she wasn't even seeing anybody, let alone married (although that part only really concerned the civilians, who didn't understand the shinobi precept of taking love where and when you could, and her parents), and two, she was far too valuable to lose to a pregnancy, war or no. In a rare case of agreement by all three sides of the Council, she was unequivocally forbidden to get herself with child. Somehow, everyone forgot that they were dealing with the woman who had, at twelve years of age, forcibly broken the Yamanaka's prized Shintenshin no jutsu.

Within six months, Sakura had not only duplicated Orochimaru's research on artificial births, but built the equivalent of an artificial womb as well. She then presented her research to the Council, and told them that Sasuke had already agreed to donate his sperm for her child. Given the prospect of another Uchiha, the Council had no choice but to accept what Sakura had done, especially as it seemed increasingly unlikely that the last Uchiha would sire a child otherwise. His devotion to Naruto was practically legendary, after all.

Had Sakura's teammates been present, they would have noted the tiny smirk on Sakura's face as the Council yielded to the stubborn medic and gave her full control over the project.

Of course, as Sakura's teammates had a certain interest in the project, and generally weren't fond of the Council anyway, it wasn't likely that they would have brought their attention to it.

Thus, when nearly a year later, not one but eleven children were 'born', the Council was helpless, despite the outrage that roared through its civilian half.

The shinobi half, on the other hand, was enchanted with the possibilities that the 'womb' presented. To their credit, only a very few were interested in its potential for breeding bloodlines, and most were interested simply because the dream of a family became a great deal closer for many. Having a child traditionally signaled the end of a kunoichi's active career, as the nine months of no jutsu were enough for them to grow rusty and few were able to find the time or desire to recapture their former skill after the birth. With Sakura's 'womb', not only was it much easier for a pair to create a child, there was little fear of miscarriage and it was guaranteed that the mother would survive as well, to say nothing of remaining on active duty as well. It seemed that the situation was a win all around and Sakura, quickly bombarded with requests, set up a system of matching donors with the aid of Tsunade and Iruka.

Meanwhile, the Uchiha compound was turned into a communal crèche for the children of the now infamous Rookies. This was partly to protect the children from any repercussions and partly because four of the twelve donors were already living there.

Three years later, with almost all of Sakura's 'children' (though not all actually shared her genes) living at the compound on a semi-regular basis, it was a fairly common sight to see off-duty jounin and ANBU spending time at the compound, lending an extra pair of hands to care for the decidedly precocious youngsters. Whether it was simply refreshing for the battle-weary ninja to see the innocent cheer on the young faces or because they instinctively understood that this was Konoha's future and were subconsciously protecting it was less important to the 'parents' than the unofficial adoption of the ninja as honorary uncles and aunts by the children who enjoyed the extra attention. Kakashi's eldest son especially was known to weasel extra training from his 'uncles' and many of his womb-siblings were not far behind.

Therefore, when a fifteen-month-old boy with black hair and intense green eyes appeared in the compound, no one thought a great deal of it, except to heal up the nasty scar on his forehead and tuck him into bed with all the other children with a goodnight kiss.


A/N: Some background explanation. Sasuke never left Konoha, but came very close with Naruto preventing him at the last minute. Tsunade is still Hokage during these events, with Naruto as heir-apparent, as he's proven himself against Sound and Akatsuki. More on that will be given later. At the moment, the only definite pairing, by which I mean they are in a permanent relationship, is Sasuke/Naruto. All of Team 7 is living in the Uchiha compound, as are all the children that they are parents of (though not all of their children have two Team 7 parents). The Rookies, including Team Gai, are around 21-22 years old when the children are 'born'.

Bonus points if you get the 'Little Mother' reference.

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