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Mamoru stood as his sister had shown him, shoulders back, chest out, and head held proudly. Part of him wanted to clutch Mikoto-nee-san's arm for reassurance, but she had told him that today was important, and that they had to look strong for Naru-tou-san. Jade eyes slanted down at him, showing a hint of approval before she returned her attention to the Tower. Beside her stood Obito, Taka and Renjiro, with Arashi and Minato on Mamoru's left. The other crèche-children in her age group were lined up behind the Team 7 children, silently making a statement of their unity.

Most of this was lost on the younger Mamoru, who only knew that today was important and that he had to make his papas and mama proud.

A cheer went up from the crowd as Tsunade stepped onto the balcony, and Mamoru smiled and waved for Tsunade-obaa-chan. His smile grew even wider as his mama and papas followed her; Sasu-tou-san wearing his funny, scrunched up face and Naru-tou-san and Saku-kaa-chan practically glowing.

"Konoha!" Tsunade said, voice carrying easily over the crowd's excitement. "Today is a day for celebration! Today I introduce to you one of the most amazing ninja I have ever known – a ninja whose determination and strength are demonstrated not only by his prowess on the battlefield but by his ability to change even the most stubborn of hearts. I am proud to have known him as a boy and a man, and I am even prouder to introduce him to you as your new Hokage! Konohagakure – I give you – Rokudaime Uzumaki Naruto!"

There was a brief shocked silence from the older civilians, but the shinobi, led by the Rookie Nine (Twelve, really, but shinobi nicknames are damnably difficult to ditch) and the crèche-children immediately burst into a loud roar.

Obito smirked smugly at Mikoto. "Knew those ol' goats couldn't keep him out," he murmured quietly to her.

"Now we'll be able to show them what we're really capable of," she smiled back.