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10 : Itchy

Rating : PG-13

Theme : 03. Itchy

June 15, 2008

"You can be straight with me," his little sister started. "That wasn't entirely a disaster, was it?" She looked gorgeous in her light blue dress, her chocolate brown hair up with little pieces coming down to accent her features. She was beautiful, and she was glowing; having just married the Avatar that ended the hundred-year-long-war would do that to a woman.

"No," Sokka replied, smiling. "Bodyguard Toph had that down, and Momo almost eating the flowers was probably the most of your problems. You're just imagining things."

"Sokka," she said slowly, shooting him a glare.

"I promise you," he said sincerely. "That went surprisingly well for a wedding that huge. I'm going to be surprised if you finish going through the gifts before next week." He pouted, "When I get married, I'm not going to get as many presents."

"Oh, stop being jealous. We'll probably give you some of our stuff anyway, knowing us. Especially knowing Aang, who asked for 'no presents' in the first place. I'm keeping the pretty things," she smiled. She stood back and gave him a watery smile before lunging at him, hugging him tightly. "I love you, big brother. Thank you for everything you've done, especially in watching out for me."

The lump in his throat he had been trying to push down for the entire day rose again, and he held her just as tightly. "Don't make me get all emotional," he said softly. "I love you, too, and I couldn't be happier for you and Aang. I'm glad it's him."

"Me too," she smiled, then kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going to go talk to as many of the guests as I can before jumping off a cliff. Save some of that alcohol I know you've been hoarding over at the table for me, all right? I feel like I'm going to need it, for once."

"I may or may not, but you can always try your luck with Toph. She produces it, I swear," he chuckled, kissing her on the cheek. "Go get 'em."

"Oh, speaking of that, we found you a little treat that should bring back memories–or not. Have fun!"

After watching his sister walk away to her new husband, her pride and joy, he decided to look around for his, which he hadn't seen in a while–at least, since the ceremony. Spotting her sitting with Toph, nursing a drink of her own, he headed over in that direction. They were over at the main table, due to being so important and all, and were at the head of everyone.

"Sokka!" Suki leaped out of her chair at seeing him, grinning. "Hey you," she pulled him into a tight hug, pressing herself up against him.

"Uh, hi," he glanced at Toph, then over at what she was drinking. "How much has she had?"

"Actually, that's not what everyone else is drinking," Toph chuckled nervously. "That was supposed to be yours."

"Mine? Oh, so you guys were going to drug me and let me be the life of the party, I see?"

"No, it's cactus juice. We thought it would be funny, seeing as what happened the first time, but I didn't notice Suki had downed the entire glass in one sip, so... honest, we didn't think it would do much damage to you since your tolerance has gone up! But she's... well, she's small and I doubt she drinks that often."


"Sokka," Suki singsonged, swaying back and forth, moving to the tune of the music playing. "That stuff really quenches your thirst!" she giggled, kissing the underside of his jaw. "Don't you think?"

He glanced down at her with a coy smile, "Yeah. Yeah, I think so."

"I feel like I'm floating," she laughed again, then ran a hand through her short hair. "You should float with me!" Looking around, she noticed Toph, "Oh! Toph, you should float, too! You look bored!"

"I am bored, but," she laughed, "I'll catch up to you in a while when I'm good and ready."

"Oh! Toph," she pulled away from Sokka and sat back down next to her. "Remember that time... you know, when we first met each other? You didn't like me, did you? But you kissed me!"

"She did what now?" Sokka asked, his eyebrows raised high. "You guys kissed? No, you didn't. I would've been there."

Suki waved away Sokka's babble and looked at Toph as if she could look right back into her eyes. "Remember? When I saved you? You thought I was–"

"Okay!" Toph cut her off, putting a hand over her mouth. "You stop there."

"No!" she pulled her hand away. "I wanted to pay you back! Hold on," she got up, kissed Sokka, and then went to Toph to kiss her on the cheek. "There you go!"

"What in the hell was that?" Sokka asked, his eyebrow raised as he glanced back and forth between the two women.

Toph tried to keep her embarrassment under wraps. "I have no idea. She must be delusional."

"Hmm," Sokka responded, looking at where Suki would've been but somehow disappeared. "Hey, where'd she go?"

"Like I can see where she went?"

"Sorry. Be right back," he said before taking off in a random direction to try and find his drunk fiancée. He had seen her tipsy before, off of wine, but nothing this serious. He could barely remember himself after he drank that cactus juice, but he figured she wasn't feeling as oddly as he was after that disgusting honey. Stupid curiosity.

When he spotted her, he couldn't help but laugh. Katara was looking on skeptically as Suki rubbed Aang's head.

"For good luck!" Suki beamed, giggling. "You're so cute, you guys!" Leaning in, she whispered something that Sokka could only guess, and by the priceless look on the young Avatar's face, it was something good.

"She had the cactus juice, didn't she?" he asked, blushing, as he spotted Sokka.

"Oh yeah. Grande Master Toph did nothing to stop it, but I got some amusement out of it on her part. I guess she and Suki kissed a while ago?"

"On the cheek!" Suki countered, rolling her eyes. Before leaving Aang's side, she pressed a kiss to his own cheek, and headed over to Sokka. "She thought I was you, when she was drowning at the Serpent's Pass way back when and I saved her."

"Oh. I follow that, now."

"I'm thirsty. Any more juice?"

Three "no's" rung out, and she frowned in response. "Or water? I don't care."

"Yeah, come with me and I'll get you water, hopefully this buzz will wear off soon," he smirked, pulling her away with a casual wave to the newlyweds.

After she received her water, and fielded a couple people she knew in the process with large hugs and kisses–equally weirding out Zuko and Mai–she began to tug at her clothes.

"Sokka, I'm hot," she complained. "These clothes are so itchy. I hate wearing them."

"They're... they're silk, Suki, they're the least itchiest material there is, right?" he asked, confused.

"Well, maybe, but I'd rather be naked," she started tugging at the tie of her top, prompting Sokka to jump in front of her and block her from doing such a thing.

"Suki, are you crazy? We're at the Avatar and my sister's wedding reception, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but could you please keep your clothes on? At least until we leave?" he pleaded, hoping to appeal to her senses.

She huffed a sigh, taking another sip of her water before shaking her head and trying to snap herself out of the stupor she had fallen into. "I'm so sorry that I've been acting like this. It's not like me at all."

"I know, Suki," he responded, smiling. "Don't worry about it. I'm secretly amused by this entire thing. They were trying to get me for having drunk cactus juice when we were lost in the desert and I was definitely feeling what you've been feeling, if not more so."

Taking a step forward, he walked into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his torso and placing her head on his shoulder, facing his neck. "I have an idea," she spoke in low tones so only he would be able to hear her.

"Oh yeah?" he responded, tilting his head to meet her eyes.

"I say we grab some more of that cactus juice or some wine and head back to the house to have our own celebration party with the works."

"The works?"

"Yeah, you know what you've been trying to get me to do, but I keep saying that–"

"You don't mean..."

She nodded, giving him a sultry look. "That's exactly what I mean."

"Yeah, I know what you mean; my clothes are feeling pretty itchy, too. We should get changed into something more comfortable," he spoke, glancing around to see if his sister was around before grabbing Suki's hand and a couple of unmarked bottles on the table. "They won't miss us too much."

"I knew I was heels over head for you," she cooed, grinning at him as she wiggled her eyebrows, a definitely Sokka-esque gesture that had rubbed off during their years of being together.

"That's heads over heels, I thought?" he asked, chuckling, while tugging her hand to follow him in the direction of the exit.

"Whichever works, but I have a feeling I'm going to be more heels over head."

"Have I mentioned that I love you today?"