The Wound

A Reveal Story


I of course do not own Superman or anything associated with it.

This is another reveal story. I have written another two. This is not a sequel. I wrote this story after I started reading the fanfic "The Day After" by D. Tania, a while ago. Thanks to that story I got the inspiration to write this fanfic. I finished it before D. Tania finished her own story, so it turned out completely different. I hope you still enjoy it. Thank you D. Tania!

The events take place right after Lois talks with Superman in the hospital…

Chapter 1

Jason is your son. Our son.

Those were the only words he could hear. Everything else was black and silent. Somehow, Lois' voice had managed to come through the darkness and he had heard it clearer than light. It couldn't have been a dream or a hallucination, somehow he just knew.

Clark Kent was lying in the hospital bed wearing only a pair of scrubs, covered by a warm white hospital blanket. He had been sleeping ever since he had pushed the island Lex Luthor had created into space, and he hadn't found any rush in waking up.

But those words… those words: Jason is your son. It had been all he had needed. Even when hours passed after Lois and Jason had left his side, he hadn't felt that time pass at all. For all he cared, his eyes had opened wide immediately.

The room in which he woke up was silent and smelled like any other hospital room. He'd been in hospitals before; he knew what they smelled like; only he had never been a patient in any of them. He had never been treated by a doctor either.

Now he woke up in this strange room, with Lois' last words still playing inside his brain. He sat up, and the pain on his back was a clear reminder of what had happened before. The stabbing with that large kryptonite knife was something he would never forget, and it looked like his body wasn't about to let go that quickly either.

He knew he was weak, but Clark still stood up and touched the hard cold floor with his bare feet. He walked to the chair in front of the bed, where his suit was carefully laid. When he turned around he saw the door's glass, allowing everybody to see he was awake. But no one was watching, so he quickly took his suit to one corner of the room where prying eyes would not see him get dressed.

Jason. All he wanted to do was see Jason. He had seen him before, sure, but never as his son. He was sure that the next time he saw him would be the greatest experience of his life. Cursing the pain in his body when he put the suit slowly, Clark finally finished and was ready to go.

Walking hurt, flying would too, but he didn't care.

He opened the window and slowly lifted into the air, testing if he would be able to stand the pain. Fortunately the pain wasn't excruciating, so he ventured out the window and into the night. It took longer than expected to get to Lois' house, he had to rise up high into the sky first, to avoid been seen. It would have been an easy task if it weren't for that uncomfortable feeling his back produced. Of one thing he was sure Luthor would pay for what he did to him. He would make sure of that.

When he opened Jason's window, he almost felt healed. An extra flow of energy came to him as he stood there, staring at his son. His own flesh and blood. How magnificent he felt, knowing that part of the little boy had come from him and Lois, the woman he so desperately loved.

Jason slept soundly in bed; it was probably close to midnight, though he wasn't sure. The thought of scanning the house to see where Lois was didn't even cross his mind, and the presence of Richard there wasn't even close to important at that moment, either.

All he cared about was Jason. His son.

He knelt down beside him and smiled. He was the most perfect thing he had ever beheld, why hadn't he noticed that before?

"You'll be different." He began, thinking of himself when he was his age. Knowing what would come after realizing what it meant to be his son. "Sometimes, you'll feel like an outcast. But you will never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine." Was this what his father, Jor-El, had felt when he let him got so many years ago. "The son becomes the father, and the father… the son."

He touched his hair, kneeling in silence with him. The boy finally moved and Clark realized he couldn't take his eyes off of him. Tears wanted to come down, but he did his best to hold them back. He had never known he could be this happy. Until then, the only one that made him whole had been Lois… but now, there was something more, someone larger than both of them…. Their son.

Nevertheless right now he felt tired, and he knew he had to go… back to the hospital maybe. No. He didn't want to go back there, what would the doctors say or ask of him now that he was awake? He couldn't risk that. He would have to go someplace else.

He stepped out of the window, taking flight again. For a moment the pain had been forgotten, but he felt it coming back. If it hadn't been for Lois standing there, he would have touched the grass below him and simply walked away; he was that tired. But Lois was there, the mother of his child, and he was dressed as Superman. He just couldn't let her know his pain. She didn't deserve the weight of his problems, not after what she probably had gone through when he had left her alone with his child in her womb.

He heard Jason call out to him, and Lois turned around. He was glad to see her smile when she took a look at him. Maybe there was a chance she really still loved him after all. Maybe there was still hope for…

Those thoughts couldn't come now, it was all too painful and he was too tired to even think about his situation. Their situation.

"I…" Began Lois, but stopped, not able to say more. He hovered in front of her and smiled at her warmly, trying to make her understand he had heard the message she had delivered. Lois smiled back, and said in turn: "Will we see you… around?"

"I'm always around." Clark replied, the same words he had uttered before when there was nothing else to say and yet so much. Nothing else but his own feelings. "Good night, Lois."

She smiled and he flew away, happy. He flew up into the sky as fast as his body could carry him. The pain in his back reminding him that he still needed to heal. He couldn't understand why his body was taking so long to heal now, but there was only one thing he could think of to help himself. The sun. He had to fly to meet the sun. He flew around the Earth until he found it. Its rays were comforting, but the healing came slowly and he was tired.

After what seemed forever, Clark decided it was time to rest in a bed someplace. After a good night's rest, he would be able to come back to the sun again. Probably a few more days, or a week, whatever it took to make him feel well again.

It was late and he had truly no place to go but to the office. All of his things were there. He headed that way, entering through the hole he had made on the roof as he had rushed to help Lois when she had faxed them for help.

His clothes where there, still waiting for him. Taking them in his arm, he got in the elevator and walked silently to the closet in the newsroom, where he had his suitcase. He changed clothes there and quickly placed his suit inside. It was time to look for a place to sleep. He couldn't believe how tired he was.

Taking the elevator downstairs, he was surprised to find a guard on the main floor. The man stared at him suspiciously, Clark saw him reach for his gun.

"Sorry if I startled you," Clark began, "I'm Clark Kent, I work here."

"Can I see some ID?"


Clark reached for his wallet and noticed the guard tense, probably fearing he would take out something else. But his heartbeat began to slow down when Clark indeed showed him a wallet, taking out his Daily Planet badge.

"Working late, Mr. Kent?"

Clark nodded. "Yes. Time to get some rest."

The guard smiled and nodded in return, watching Clark limp a little as he walked out of the building.

Outside, the streets were almost empty; it must have been easy after midnight. He took his watch out of his coat's pocket and read the time. It was almost two in the morning. He had to find a place to sleep as fast as he could because he had no intention of missing work the next day.

Walking a few blocks, he saw his salvation in a cheap motel. He was so tired, he even had trouble breathing. Everything hurt, not just his back. Feeling a little light headed, he went straight to the lobby and rented a room.

The room they gave him was small, but at least it looked clean. He put his suitcase in the closet and took his clothes off to take a shower. Feeling the scalding hot water on his skin was a nice feeling. He washed his hair and sat down on the shower for a while.

He fell asleep there.

To be continued…