It's an animal thing

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Sakura mentally promised herself that when she got out of here that she was going to rip Naruto into tiny, bite-sized shreds and feed him to Pakkun. She didn't care if she had to carve out his flesh with a spoon until the Kyuubi stopped healing him – she would have her revenge. Almost dreamily, she envisioned how pleasant it would be, why she could practically hear his screams of pain already.

She frowned and her daydream vanished. She wasn't just imagining those screams. Naruto was actually screaming. A bright orange blur whizzed by her, followed shortly by a massive brown… creature that stopped as it caught sight of Sakura.

A deep growl echoed from its throat as it stepped forward menacingly.

Sakura's frown deepened into a scowl as anger rippled through her. She didn't take kindly to anything threatening Naruto. He was hers to abuse dammit!


Naruto quivered in terror, curled up into a tiny ball where that… thing couldn't reach him.

"You all right, kid?" another prisoner asked, sounding almost sympathetic.

"Fine!" Naruto squeaked unconvincingly.

"Had an encounter with one of the Beasts, huh?" the man chuckled. "You must be pretty fast to outrun one of them." He eyed the orange-clad ninja curiously. "What did a kid like you do to get thrown in here anyway?"

"Ikilledaguywithateacup," Naruto mumbled sheepishly.

The prisoner blinked, certain he hadn't heard correctly. "You what?"

"I killed a guy with a teacup," Naruto repeated, pouting. "I was trying to protect Hana-chan…" He jumped to his feet, cursing briefly as he hit his head on the low ceiling. "Hana-chan!" He'd forgotten all about her! "Sorry!" he yelled, racing off to find Sakura, wherever she was.


"Sa-Hana-chan!" Naruto shouted as he spotted the kunoichi. "You're all right!"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Sakura replied sweetly.

Actually, it was a little too sweetly, and Naruto stepped back nervously, recognizing the signs of an impending cataclysm a la Sakura.

"After all, here I am, sitting in a prison with some of the worst criminals in the history of the Shinobi nations, and all because you felt like killing someone with a teacup!" Her green eyes blazed, and Naruto felt compelled to further distance himself from the tempermental girl.

Then a massive glob of drool landed on his head and he looked upwards – right into the eyes of one of the Beasts.

"Leave some for me, Fang," Sakura instructed the Beast in a friendly tone.

Naruto had time to ask one question before vicious jaws enveloped him. "How?"

Sakura smirked and flipped her hair. "You of all people should know, Naruto. It's an animal thing."


A/N: How many thought that Naruto was going to win the Beast? :evil grin: