This story takes place during the Revenge of the Sith.

Disclaimer: I do not own star wars, I am just a fan.

Chapter 1- Protect the Chancellor at All Cost

"Stephanie, the Council wants to see you. Now, it's important!" exclaimed Jaina, a woman in her late forties with brown hair and washer former master. Stephanie instantly snapped out of her daydream. "Ok, I am going. Just give me time to stretch." she replied while she yawned.

"The intelligence we are collecting states that the droid army might attack here," stated Mace Windu, "and we what you to do is to protect the Chancellor at all times until we call you back from this mission. Also you will be working with Stass Allie and Shaak Ti."

"Impossible to understand the Sith are. Be careful and May the Force be with you," said Yoda.

"Thank you, master Yoda, and the Force be with you also," she said, bowed, and left the council chambers. She ran into her best friend, Jenn, a brown haired blue eyed, five foot five Jedi, who grew up in the Temple along with Steph.

"I heard that the council wanted you, so tell me what did they want?" questioned Jenn while trying to catch her breath.

"They requested that I guard my father if the Separatist decide to attack Coruscant," she answered. "By the way did you hear anything about the Outer Rim Sieges?" she asked.

"They are doing fine and the Separatist don't stand much of a chance out there anyway because that is where Anakin is." answered Jenn smiling.

"Well, Jenn, But Stass Allie and Shaak Ti are waiting for me to pack and move in the senatorial apartment building with them." she finally said and rushed to her quarters.

She finally finished packing and turned to her door to see Stass Allie in your doorway. "First mission on your own I see. I also see your mistress is not there to back you up," she said with a joking laugh.

"And I see you have good sense of humor, and yes this is my first mission after my Jedi trials," she answered back.

"Let's leave and get to Chancellor Palpatine's apartment before he leaves for the offices of the senate," she suggested.

They got to the apartments and move in all before seven a.m. Their appartments were spacious and were very near the Chancellor's very own quarters. After they moved in they entered the spacious, grandly decorated, Chancellor Quarters.

"Glad to see you, alive and well, Stephanie." said Palpatine.

"Glad to see you too, Chancellor" she stated respectfully.

"Being respectful to your own father now are we? Shaak Ti already filled my in on the situation so you don't have to say why you are here, and please call me dad because I do not like to hear my own daughter call me by my title." said Palpatine.

They got into the senatorial building and then a General came up and exclaimed, "Sorry to interrupt you, Chancellor, but we are under invasion!"