Trying something a little new. This whole thing is between Dawn and Faith, but you'll catch on the F/B easy. You'll have to read the next chapter to see where this is going.

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"Wait, you're leaving? But...but you can't!"

Faith sighs and turns from her duffel bag.

"Dawn. Squirt. I love you, kid, but you know what I can't do?" She brushes an impatient hand through her hair.

"I can't do this...this bullshit anymore. God knows I love you guys. All of you, but everybody knows I've waited long enough and I can't live like this anymore. I'm done waiting, and I'm done-" She flings her arms out and lets them fall against her legs with a slap.

"-living in her fucking shadow." Picking up her bag, she grabs her jacket and kisses Dawn on the forehead lightly.

"Believe me, Bitesize. They won't even notice that I'm gone."

"They will, Faith. They will, they've just been-"

"Busy?" She laughs.

"Christ, if that was the truth, they've 'been busy' ever since the day I met them."

"But you love them." Dawn protests.

"I do."

"You love her." The younger Summers whispers. Faith can only reveal a grim smile, but says nothing.

Gazing about the empty room, watching the L.A. sun slowly set over the horizon from her dirty window, she reaches for the handle and opened the door. Turning back slightly, she lets her eyes linger on Dawn for a moment.

"Take care of yourself, Dawn. I told you that you wouldn't need me forever. That I wasn't forever. But you'll be okay now. I made sure you would be before I left."

Dawn makes a small whimper in the back of her throat.

"You'll write?"

"Only to you, Squirt." With that, Faith leaves Dawn standing there, eyes brimming with tears and searching hopelessly at the door.

"Bye, Faith."

Then Dawn leaves.