I looked up at the clock. It would still be another hour before my parents came home. I stood up picking up the two empty cans of soda sitting next to me. I really should lay off the pop a little…. I walked into the kitchen putting the cans on the counter and deciding I was still thirsty pulled out the ice cream, milk, and strawberry syrup.

I was about halfway through stirring the ice cream, syrup, and milk mixture together to the perfect consistency when a knock came at the door. I half heartedly shoved the spoon in my mouth and walked over to the door. I figured one of my parents had come home early or that maybe one of my friends was bored enough to come over…either way I opened the door.

A blond haired woman stood in my door way, she was a bit taller than I was with icy blue eyes and a pair of round glasses covering them. She wore a dark green suit and a blue cravat with a silver cross attached to it.

I looked down and noticed that the spoon that was once stuck in my mouth had fallen to the floor. I gave a nervous cough before picking back up the utensil.

"S-sorry about that. Now then, if you are in anyway shape or form a cool person you will tell me that you are NOT Integral Hellsing." because chances are I would end up killing Evi and Rie for fooling around with my manga books…again.

She raised an eyebrow. "Well then I'm sorry to disappoint you but that is exactly who I am."

I sighed wiping the spoon on my pants…but it was too late the cat hair and anything else that resides on my floor had already covered it. "Come on in then." I said walking into the kitchen and tossing the spoon in the sink. I quickly gulped down my unfinished drink -better than wasting it right?- and walked back into the living room.

"I would offer you something…but we have no tea." Integra gave me a weird look, it was apparent I had said too much.

Integra clasped her hands in front of her face. "Either you're making fun of me being British…" She started. "Or you know quite a bit about me."

I sweat dropped. She was right, I knew a lot, and for someone from a manga book…I'd have to assume this revelation came as quite a shock.

"Yeah…well…funny story." I said scratching at the back of my head. "This is about where one of my friends run in shout 'Obsession!' and burst out laughing at my expense." I said sarcastically…and trust me, they would!

Alucard phased through the wall behind Integra. "Obsession?" He laughed.

I sighed "You brought him along too? Couldn't you have brought Seras in his stead?" I covered my eyes with my hand.

Alucard stopped laughing. I dared not look at their faces, I knew I had said too much, again.

Integra broke the silence "So how much do you know?"

I hesitated. "Know? I know nothing…nothing at all." I smiled hoping that my poor excuse for a ruse would work…it didn't.

"She's lying." Alucard smirked his evil smirk at me. Let it be known that I will kill him for that.

Alucard's smirk grew bigger.

AUGH I forgot he could read minds! I despaired.

"She knows I can read minds." He calmly told Integra whose face became more serious.

"Yes, well I originally came here to borrow a phone…" She started.

"A phone?" I interupted rummaging through my pockets finding 3 packs of gum, my keys…er…key anyway, 2 dollars, and a hand full of change before I found my cell. I looked at the time on it, I had wasted thirty minutes with this whole affair, that and my battery was dying…not that I cared anyhow.

"Here, there should be enough power for you to call whom ever you wish, sorry about the low battery…I hate the bloody thing." I sighed handing it to the woman. She thanked me and dialed on the phone.

I slumped into the nearest chair and took up a staring contest with Alucard…I lost all 3 so I changed the game to intimidate the other…I shocked him…but still lost…So I went to making weird faces until Integra was done with the phone. She caught me making a weird face and gave me a WTF look…so I stopped.

"So…" I started nonchalantly, trying not to look at Alucard who was about to crack up laughing. "It seems my parents will be home soon, it's been nice seeing you, forgive me for my bad hospitality but I don't need them coming home and chewing me out for having weird people in the house, saying things like why did you let pedophiles/kidnappers/weirdoes what ever you choose in the house etc. Be seeing you! So long! I'm tired blah blah blah BYE!" I said shoving them out the door as quickly as I could. My parents would be back fairly soon and I seriously didn't need them accusing me of letting people dressed up as fake people, which they weren't, in the house, I don't care what you say.

And then I remembered. "ALUCARD! NO PHASING INTO MY HOUSE!" I called through the door.

I looked out the window and saw the two leaving. I sighed, my chance to be with my favorite Hellsing characters ruined. I tried to make myself feel better the rest of the night…partly by looking at the rest of my manga collection…being wary of the Fruits Basket ones…I wasn't sure if they had been de-Evi-and-Rie-ified or not.

Wake up.

I rolled over mumbling something along the lines of "Shut up it's Saturday I'm sleeping don't make me flip you off or hurt you." Along with some other random threats.

Wake up

"Okay…(mumble) buddy you asked for it!" I rolled over balling my hand into a fist and opened my eyes staring into a pair of blood red ones.

"WHAAA!" I fell out of my bed. I was a little shocked and out of reflex picked up the closest thing nearby and threw it at my antagonizer…sadly…my only weapon was a comb.

Alucard laughed and stood up allowing me to see Sir Integra at the door way and my parents behind her. I glanced at the clock…It was 5 AM.

"Don't you ever sleep?" I asked Sir Integra groggly, a little over my shock.

Integra smirked. "Yes of course I do. But down to business, you will be coming with us to England." If I wasn't awake before I certainly was now. I looked at my parents…surely they wouldn't allow it right?

"They're from a school in England." My mother said happily. School my arse…I rolled my eyes, could they seriously be this gullible?

"Yes," My father chimed in "They got an application from your school and thought it would be excellent if you went there a while. Like a foreign exchange program."

Yep, they where that gullible. I sighed. "So, tell me, what is this school called?" I prodded my parents…maybe if they couldn't answer this question they would realize their mistake. Even if these people where Alucard and Integra Hellsing.

"They're from Hellsing. It's a great school in England." Said my mother. If there's ever a gullible award remind me to enter my parents into it.

Alucard gave a small laugh which caused me to cover my head with my arms and give him a 'stop reading my mind glare.' "So, why so early" I asked tilting my head towards the clock. This one Integra answered.

"So that you can get there with plenty of preparation time for your first day." She said calmly. Now that I think about it…my parents probably wouldn't believe such tripe. I looked at Alucard who grinned…yeah he had something to do with it alright, and I knew he wasn't above messing with my mind either.

"Well. I guess I have to pack then." Being as there's no talking to my parents now, Alucard. I said the last bit under my breath, knowing full well that he still heard me.

So there I was, sitting in an airplane, an insane vampire across from me messing up the words in my book, and a British woman behind me who I knew better than to mess with.

Eventually I gave up reading…stupid thing kept changing languages. "Bored Alucard?" I asked closing my book and trying to blank my mind of my plan.

"Of course. Wouldn't you be if you where over 500 years old?"

I turned away from the vampire as if I was going to ask Integra a question, then threw my book at Alucard's head. "Say Integra? Please tell me we're almost there, your pet is getting on my nerves." As if on cue a voice came over the intercom saying we where landing. Thank heavens! I don't think I could last another minute with that egotistical jerk.

He laughed. "What you don't like me." He said in mock disappointment.

I grumbled as we got off the plane, me carrying, well rolling, my little suitcase. I pulled out my cell, curious of the time. "2PM?! I've lost time! NOOOOOOOOO" I despaired almost falling over on the pavement for dramatic effect. I didn't…partly because I was to tired to put on a scene. Oh how I wish I where a vampi-- I caught myself mid thought and looked at Alucard who was grinning, very evilly. "Shut up Alucard." I said catching up with Integra and climbing into the back seat of the car she had ready. To my despair…yet again… Alucard ended up sitting next to me. What ever. I thought, I was too tired to complain anyway. And so, of course, I fell asleep.

Maybe it was all a dream after all. One can hope right?

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