"Hermione?" Fred whispered in the darkness, hoping he didn't wake his sister. She was getting married tomorrow and it would be death to anyone who ruined her beauty sleep. Hermione stirred in her sleep and Fred clamped a precautionary hand over her mouth. Her scared eyes flew open but as she stared up into Fred's face she relaxed slightly. He kept his hand in place, feeling her warm lips press against the palm of his hand.

"I was, uh, just wondering, do you want to have the first dance with me?"

Hermione's eyes showed confusion for a moment before she nodded silently. Fred broke out into a grin and removed his hand.

"Right, well, I'll just be going."

Hermione shook with silent laughter as he stumbled out of the room.

A giggle emanated from the other bed, more specifically Ginny's supposedly sleeping form. "I told you he liked you."